PS3 Exclusive JRPG The Witch and the Hundred Knights Gets New Trailer, Bromides and Coasters

It's still not precisely known when NIS America will bring the upcoming action JRPG The Witch and the Hundred Knights to the western shores (it's just known that they will), but in the meanwhile the Japanese mother company Nippon Ichi Software is continuing the promotion of the game towards its release scheduled for July the 25th.

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CalibriSerif1557d ago

this is the reason why japan loves ps3; the constant stream of titles; big or small.

Abriael1557d ago

I wouldn't even call this a "small" title, maybe people wouldn't consider it AAA or a new final fantasy, but from what we know so far it's definitely very extensive, and N1 is pushing it rather hard.

RiPPn1557d ago

This is the reason I love the PS3.

miyamoto1557d ago

Finally some new stuff about this game. This is why I love my PS3 it is the most balanced platform this generation much like the PS2 and PS1 and PSP and PSV. LOL!

The best of East and West only on PlayStation.

j-blaze1557d ago

ps3 is balanced? like 80% western games and the rest from japan that most of them of which Sony doesn't even care about..very balanced /s

Shane Kim1557d ago

I freaking hate that these games never get released in EU. All that comes out nowadays are crappy western RPG games. I can't stand them!

Hanso1557d ago

This is from Nippon Ichi the same devs of Disgaea
I say this has a high chance for coming to EU
fall 2013 the soonest

Kennytaur1557d ago

Well, as long as it gets a US release you can just import it. There's no region lock on PS3 or Vita.

Abriael1557d ago

It's actually already confirmed for a 2013 western release.

Hadoukameha1557d ago

NIS is not my style but I respect them. This looks alright.

Zichu1557d ago

Really hope it's being released in the UK. I know ShopTo have it on there site for 06/09/2013 or for you Americans, 09/06/2013.

I've been wanting this since like last year.

Sharius1557d ago

through E3 it's the nice party but my heart still bet on TGS, bring me more JRPG please

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