1UP previews Soul Calibur IV - Exclusive new screens

As the summertime launch of Soul Calibur IV draws ever closer, Namco Bandai's hitherto steady trickle of roster info has morphed into a full-on character deluge. It's only been two weeks since the first glimpse of SC4's revamped versions of series regulars Kilik, Seong Mina, Maxi, Yun Seong, Xianghua, and Lizardman, along with Scheherazade, an all-new hottie designed by renowned anime illustrator Yutaka Izubuchi (Patlabor, RahXephon). 1UP had heard rumors that other famous Japanese artists would be contributing newcomers to the fold, and the second one has already appeared -- this month's Shonen Age manga anthology debuts Angol Fia, a female fighter contributed by Mine Yoshizaki (Sgt. Frog). Angol Fia assuredly breaks from the series' historically based norm with her spiked bustier, creepy third eye, and rainbow-hued lance... this chick is straight out of the "magical girl" anime canon. If Sailor Moon shows up next, consider yourself warned.

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