Tragedy: 15-Year-Old Killed For Not Passing Game

When 15-year-old Olivier Baptiste refused to hand over the video game he was playing to his 18-year-old friend William Suarez, Suarez pulled out a .32-caliber Smith and Wesson from his waistband and shot Baptiste in the head. This according to police, who have charged the alleged killer with manslaughter, illegal possession of a firearm, assault with a dangerous weapon, and discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling.

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HighDefinition3767d ago

That is one of the most ridiculous things i`ve ever heard.

So So sad.

BeaArthur3767d ago

haha, check it out we agree. What kind of person kills a friend because they wouldn't give them a video game. I'm sure they will find a way to blame GTA for this.

ionace3767d ago

Yes, unfortunetly you're probably right. But to do something like this you have to be royally f***ed in the head to begin with, there's no way a normal person kills anyone, let alone a kid, for not passing the game over. This is truly tragic .. aweful, hope that ass rots in hell.

BeaArthur3767d ago

ionace...yeah really. Someone like that just needs the death sentence and then we can just not have to worry about him ever again. If you would kill someone over a video game then you will most likely never contribute anything of value to society and the world would be a better place without them.

Bleucrunch3767d ago

WOW and the police charge him with Manslaughter....this guy was reckless because to pull out a .38 and shot the boy in the head. Someone like this doesn't deserve to be in with society and therefore needs to be put in prison for a very long time. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of both boys. I hope they don't try to blame video games on this tragedy. NO game can make you do anything.

BrianC62343767d ago

What's with the manslaughter charge? That's what you get when you're drunk and kill someone in a drunk driving case. This case is murder.

HighDefinition3767d ago

if you disargee just because i`m saying it, that`s sick.

BeaArthur3767d ago

Dora The Explorer...if that was at me it was a joke. If that's the case you might want to lighten up a little bit.

BrianC62343767d ago

Some idiot must be going around clicking on disagree for every post. All I said was this isn't manslaughter, it's murder. What's to disagree? I think this site needs a feature that shows who disagrees. Then at least I can go click disagree on every post this idiot makes.

Suki033767d ago

I didn't disagree but I think to qualify for murder one or murder two you have to have premeditation - meaning you had prior plan to kill the victim, and not just pulling the gun out at the heat of the moment.

MorganX3767d ago

Manslaughter, manslaughter? I understand heat of the moment. It usually involves a romantic involvement. Give me your game, no, bang? Is armed robbery and murder.

Heat of the moment is taking the game from the kid and kicking his arse. Shooting him in the head with a .38 is just murder. Not premeditate murder, just murder.

I have a feeling coming over to a kids house with a .38 is planning something unsavory. Maybe he planned on shooting the Xbox if it RRoD'd. Somehow I think not...

Alcaponeyou3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

grizzly bear arms, not illiterate can people be.

VigorousApathy3767d ago

Bear arms are also dangerous, but it's harder to get a license for them.

Daewoodrow3766d ago

I have to agree. They were too easy on him with the charge. Manslaughter? It doesn't get much more premeditated than that. Sure, not getting your turn makes you angry, but not angry enough to cloud your judgement.
I am utterly speechless. What kind of a man would shoot someone in the head for not giving him a control pad. He's a psychopath and should never walk free again.

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sonarus3767d ago

wtf is up with these video game related deaths

fenderputty3767d ago

A. How the hell did this little douche get a gun and ammo?

Not only will this be a criminal case but, the parents of that little asshat could and should be liable for damages since the boy is still a dependent.

This question should trump all other questions. Video games had nothing to do with it. They could have been fighting over a piece of candy, a comic book, a porno mag, a movie or baseball card. The situation would still be the same.

I hope video games don't detract from the actual case at hand. The boy is sick in the head and, the parents are just as responsible and should be punished with him.

sonarus3767d ago

the real issue is american gun control. But the NRA will be pointing fingers in all other directions

fenderputty3767d ago

and grew up around guns. Gun control isn't the issue. It's a matter of educating people on the seriousness at hand and, continuing to hold the person liable for either criminal or civil actions. There's no way a parent should have guns that are accessible to youth, let alone access to a gun and ammo.

Most crimes that involve guns (gang violence, drugs, etc etc), don't actually involve registered legal weapons. Why punish the people that behave because a few can't pull their heads from their arss.

Following your gun control logic of "guns cause people to die, not people causing people to die" you can then apply it to porn causes rape and violent video games cause mass crazed school murders. It's a risky area to tread water in.

ban fans3767d ago

You pass as many laws as you want to ban firearms, but do you honestly think this kid applied for and bought this gun at his local gun shop? No, he purchased it illegally off the street.

Think of it this way, we have some very strict drug enforcement laws, does that prevent people in America form buying, selling and using drugs. No. The same can be said about an all out ban on guns. If a gun ban went into effect, gun trafficing would become the most profitable criminal activities in the nation. Two types of people would then own guns, criminals and law enforcement. I'm not sure I want to get caught in that cross fire!

sonarus3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

I have nothing against guns but when it seems every kid in America can get a handle on guns with such ease i think it is safe to say it is a problem. I am not looking for a ban on guns but the govt needs to go to greater lengths to keep such things from happening.

The Killer3767d ago

but i didnt kill any body!! and it was very safe area where i lived.
so what the hell is wrong with US teenage citizens??

kosha3766d ago

Maybe america should clamp down on people that are allowded to use guns. Personally i think that no one should be allowded a gun and it should only be the army and the police that are allowded to have them (even though in the uk the police dont even carry guns only the swat teams)

It is a very sad story though and i do agree that games are not to blame. That guy was just sick

EDF 20173766d ago

What happens if they ban guns, then the government can run all over us. And when the citizens want to stand up against a totalitarian government or dictatorship, the citizens would just have to live with it. I don't think so, the right to have guns in the United States is for that reason, in case the government tries to do what Stalin or Adolf Hitler or the numerous other lunatics that run these other countries over seas.

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decapitator3767d ago

Sick sick people. Why do people always do things that will give critics power just to blame video games again ? God man..

TriggerHappy3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

It's sad really. Jack Thompson is probably sitting somewhere rubbing his hands right now.

The gaming GOD3767d ago

And the worst part is, these things are happening more and more by the day.