The Last Of Us Actress Ashley Johnson Talks Performance Capture At E3 2013 - Gamerhubtv

At E3 2013, actress Ashley Johnson discusses bringing Ellie to life in Naughty Dog's PS3 exclusive The Last of Us in this exclusive interview.

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Thatguy-3101621d ago

Playable older Ellie in part 2 anyone? If they continue the story with her and Joel I honesty see her being the next Jill Valentine.

plaZeHD1621d ago

Amazing voice actor. Loved her as Ellie in The Last Of Us.

Virtual_Reality1621d ago

Pretty much she hinted there might a sequel. And the other Devs response were pretty much the same.

vlonjati77vlonjati1620d ago

there is gonna be a sequel definetly.Its stupid not to.

fsfsxii1621d ago

TLOU voice acting was definitely Top-notch, it can't be for nothing

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