The Last of Us – Survivor Mode Detailed

In The Last of Us, there are four difficulty modes that you can take on at the beginning of the game. Those who have been playing shooter games for a while and think they can handle the onslaught of the infected in the game, hard mode will be the best choice. However, those who are seeking for an ultimate challenge, there's one mode waiting for you - that's the Survivor mode.

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dedicatedtogamers1499d ago

I'm currently doing my 2nd playthrough on Survival. It strikes the perfect balance between desperate struggle and fair gameplay. The article left out a very important one: Survival mode takes away Joel's "listen" ability that highlights enemies. From time to time, Ellie will say "on your left" which highlights an enemy but peeking through walls.

MonChiChi1499d ago

I cannot wait to replay. Will most likely start it up this weekend in survivor.

MestreRothN4G1499d ago

Awesome! So there is a trophy for playing the game without the listen mode.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1499d ago

Yeah I'm about halfway done Survivor. It's fun, really fun. I found hard mode way too easy personally.

MastaMold1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Joel's "listen" ability can be turned off in the options even on your first playthrough, thats how I have been playing it.

P.S. Great game just wow.

mep691499d ago

Yep same here, when I started the game I looked in the options and saw it could be turned off. Not a second thought, insta-turned off :)

Hate these stupid game mechanics trying to make the game easier to play. Hardness FTW.

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mep691499d ago

Do headshots count as an instant death on the enemies. Would be kind of stupid if it didn't.

famoussasjohn1499d ago

On clickers, two shot kill with headshots with revolver, maybe 3-4 with the first pistol you get. human enemies are insta-kill with headshots, a few shots with enemies with armor. You may find easier ways of killing clickers and humans with armor, but I don't want to spoil any boss fights until you start getting the new equipment and such. Send PM if you want to know about additional equipment though.

mep691498d ago

Ok, thanks for the info. I've killed the 1st boss. Which was awesome, but I started it with low hp and ammo. Was quite a challenge :P

famoussasjohn1498d ago

mep69 - lol enjoy your adventure, make sure to look for letters and audio tapes through each section. Some great content there as well. The game strikes a great balance of fairness when it comes to the enemies. Definitely take the stealth approach with everything lol.