Former Xbox hackers announce UMEMD - store four PSP memory sticks at once

Former Xbox hackers Team Xecuter has announced their latest product - the UMEMD for the PSP 1000 series. It is a UMD shaped sevice that can hold up to 4 memory sticks - you just slot the product into the PSP as you would with any normal UMD disc and you conveniently have access to your 4 memory sticks.

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KYU21303675d ago

now why won't this work on the new PSP..

travelguy2k3674d ago

from what i can tell this is just to hold and store the memory sticks, there is no way to access them while in the umd slot.

CAPS LOCK3674d ago

i think its because of the way the umd door is in the psp fat, there is more space and looser hinge than the slim model...

BlackCountryBob3674d ago

I am no expert but as the UMD is the same on the PSP 1000 and 2000 I can't see why this little bit of plastic would not fit in the slim and lite too.

Seems an interesting idea for some but I only have 1 memory stick for my PSP so kinda useless for me! Interesting idea and I am sure there are plenty of folks out there who will find this to be a god send.

xplosneer3674d ago

I think it splits in half, and so if you put in in the PSP2000 it could possibly fall apart when in use on the lens etc...BAD.

PikkonX3674d ago

So this is just a glorified memory stick holder? Why not just put your four memory sticks in your pocket for free?

Skerj3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Because this lets you access all 4 simultaneously in the system.

Nevermind, I read it wrong you're correct sir. I guess it'd be cool to not have to worry about losing one or something. ..yeah.

f7897903674d ago

With 4 8GB sticks. I know its ridiculous but you could have a giant movie collection, ps1 games, and all your psp games loaded onto the memory stick. Wow.