8Bitfix E3 2013: Hands On (or is it Hands Off?) Impressions with the Kinect One

Is the Kinect One worth the extra $100 on the Xbox One's asking price? Find out as we analyze what the Next Gen Kinect One is capable of with a video demonstration that was recorded live at Mirosoft's E3 booth.

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Neoninja1772d ago

I'm happy to see a preview about the new kinect, I'm a bit skeptical on it as most are. The first one was okay, but not as good as it should have been. It's looking like this one will be leaps better. I would like to see a few games with some kinect integration to see just how much better it is than the original.

Foxgod1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Yeah me2, despite al the negative concensus, i am actually curious about kinect2.
Didnt care so much about kinect1 as it didnt offer too much to me, but the improved and new features sound fun.

For the rest i dont care about having yet another camera in my house, i own so many devices with camera's. or that do data mining, what gives to add another one.


I don't think anyone at Microsoft ever read the book "1984" by George Orwell.

Foxgod1772d ago

Whether or not you believe the scenario of that book.
its not something that started with kinect, you are already surrounded by camera's (tablets, phone's, laptops, 3Ds, Vita, etch).

Its really strange that people freak out all of a sudden about something that is already all around us, namely, data mining.
Every device we use that has the least amount of internet capabilities mines data, from our phone, to our pc.

ShwankyShpanky1772d ago

Please familiarize yourself with the concept of "false equivalency."

There are a couple other logical fallacies in your brief "argument," but the above referenced is obnoxiously common.

slapedurmomsace1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

@ Fox And what do all of those devices have in common? You can turn them off. Granted you could unplug the console from the wall every time you were done playing..but that...if anyone finds that acceptable in this day in age, than more power to them.

Foxgod1772d ago

Kinect can be turned off,

it has a power button, and kinect can be disabled, but then you can only turn it on using the buttons.

besides, does it matter, whenever you use your device (camera, laptop etch) the camera's are on as well, so info is gathered, its nothing new, and it remains bull to attack the XB1 on something everybody already uses.

falviousuk1772d ago

@fox why do you even bother arguinf with them, they are blinded to things like facts, and only regurtitate the negative falswhoods propagated on here.

Its almost as if there was a full on campaign by a certain company to apply as much pressure on negativity towards the xbox one as possible in the run up to launch.

When you actually stop and thing about the features that the xbox one is pushing, there is more to the box and service that what people on here would have you believe.

Yes you can turn off kinect (this sentence will appear blurred to the ps fanboy brigade)

As someone else pointed out elsewhere, what has the PS4 brought to the table, other than more powerful hardware over the PS3. And since when did more power equal better games. State of decay on the 360 is an excellent example of gameplay over graphics.

But again its pointless posting this up as the usual brigade fanboys will continue to pollute these forums, xbox posts in particular.

If they are so disinterested in the system, why do they continue to post time and time again. Makes you wonder what there motives are. paid ?

ShwankyShpanky1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

"Kinect can be turned off ... it has a power button"

No, the Xbone has a power button. The Kinect can only be shut "off" via software settings. Software settings can be remotely overridden.

Remote activation doesn't even necessarily need to enter into it. I've got a Samsung DLP HDTV from 2008, and recently it's been a bit buggy, with settings repeatedly reverting themselves to defaults. Hell, when I plug my Win7 laptop into my docking station at work, I often have to re-do the display settings to get the proper dual-monitor and display rotation settings back.

As has been asked over and over (and I'll ask it again over and over)...

If it can be "turned off," why can't it be disconnected?
If it can be "turned off," why can't it be disconnected?
If it can be "turned off," why can't it be disconnected?

Consumer: "I'm not too crazy about this always-online camera and microphone."
MS: "That's okay, you can turn it off."
Consumer: "Great! So if I can turn it off, that means that the system can operate without it, so I'll just unplug it and put it away. One less piece of clutter in my entertainment center."
MS: "Oh no, you can't unplug it."
Consumer: "Why not?"
MS: ... <crickets> ...

P.S. Again: False equivalency. Your comparison is unsound.

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Dr Pepper1772d ago

The only thing I've really seen demoed with the new Kinect (besides when people have just stood in front of it and watched themselves be turned into block figures) was the Fantasia demo at E3. The lag was quite noticeable. I'm not exactly sure what the person playing was doing besides making fireworks appear, but there was such noticeable lag that it seemed like it would affect the experience negatively.

I'm not sure why they would show the game in that state. Either they weren't ready to reveal it, or there are problems with the product on a more fundamental level. Other people can continue to be amazed by seeing the machine recognize a smile, but I have plenty of doubts that have yet to be alleviated. So far, it seems like nothing more than a less convenient way to move slides on the X1 menu and provide a way to use Skype (which doesn't exactly scream gamer-centric, or, for me, justify the added 100 dollar price tag).

badkolo1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

listen at this point we should really wait, they are adding it to the system so they are bankking on kinect v2 to work as advertised, i mean lets be real here, if this thing launches and kinect 2 doesnt work as advertised, you can kiss the xbox good bye so lets just wait, either kinect is usefull and works extremly well or they dug themselves a grave they cant fix since the whole system is pretty much based on having kinect work with it, thats what the whole reveal was about. I doubt they would commit suicide like that . kinect v1 didnt need to be perfect, it just needed to work ok and bring something new to garner the wii style audience, it was coming out years after the launch and isnt the same as kinect 2 . lets wait before we get our pitchforks ready

Dr Pepper1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

I just feel that MS, to really sell the device, should've come out of the gates with something amazing. As an example, an RTS game utilizing fluid motion controls could've been really interesting. Hell, they owned Ensemble. What if they had kept the studio and released an amazing Age of Empires game in the launch window to sell the concept? Just throwin' out an idea.

Instead, gamers are shown a delayed firework simulator with a Disney name slapped onto it. I just don't understand how they are trying to sell this idea with an extra 100 dollars attached to the console. I can skye, but I can do that on a laptop, or on my phone. And even if they did something more hardcore, there are still fundamental problems with using that type of motion control system. I think there is a reason why a game like Ryse abandoned the idea and is using it as support, or a game like Dead Rising 3 says "the zombies can hear you in your room", and doesn't go much further.

These aren't fundamental to the gameplay, and in some ways just detract from it. Therefore, the lack of fundamental benefits make me wary of throwing in an extra 100 dollars for something that isn't necessary. Seems like a weird thing to base your video game console around.

It isn't my goal to bash the X1 for the hell of it. I've been a customer for a long time now, with the original xbox and xbox 360. But I've grown so weary of this game they play.

Shadonic1772d ago

Im going PS4 as well but lets be realistic here Technically you can still play online with Xbox one you just need to have connected to the internet in that 24 hour time-frame which kind of makes online the 24 hour connection stupid. You can trade games as they said you can trade a Code specifically for playing on other consoles with your friend which is a huge hassle in my book and yes you cant play without the camera but you can turn it off while your playing or cover it up if your not using it for gesture specific operations.

fsfsxii1772d ago

I'm going PS4 too but let's be realistic.
Xbox One SHITS on your rights. Is that clear??!

badkolo1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

It was easy to hate on kinect and I do agree on the why, it was pushed hard to capitalize on the motion fad and while it worked better then previous cameras and while the mic part worked decently it still had many drawbacks and wasnt fully reliable for gaming and was limited in many aspects, and in the end we got no core games for it, we got crap kiddie kinect games shoved down our throats when they could have been giving us more games and exclusives, so it was easy to hate on it. The kinect 2 though, if finally it lives up to its potential and it actually seems like it might then for once i can be excited about it, it looks like it will be an additional thing to use during games with some kinect games versus it being a motion camera with forced games that dont work well and only focus on the wii style audience while ignoring the core, it looks like they are making the proper changes as we only heard about 1 kinect game and you can actually use it for many other purposes and use it successfully

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