Special MGS4 Pre-order Bonus From Gamestop

From IGN Boards via GAF:

"If you preordered MGS4, there is a bonus disc that includes a code for entering the MGO beta and a few special features. Call your local Gamestop. According to this post, they should be getting them in about now."

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Massacre3615d ago

It actually began a while ago but ok.

Violater3615d ago

Dammit I called just now and they haven't unpacked as yet.
ill be bugging those annoying Eb guys every day now

gambare3615d ago

It looks like MGS4 will sell 1 million games in the first day after all

MikeGdaGod3615d ago

on my way to Gamestop right now

MikeGdaGod3615d ago

and they don't have any info on any of the beta details. they didn't even know there was a beta coming next month.

does anyone know if only certain Gamestops have this promotion or will we just get our beta details in the mail?

i put $20 on it anyway, so i'll be bugging them every few days or so until i find out something. i'm just wondering if i need to tranfer my preorder to another store or what.

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games4fun3615d ago

i have to run down to gamestop and preorder right now!! (later today anyway) i hope they give it to me lol

Skerj3615d ago

They better have mine soon.

The Closing3615d ago

Does anyone know if eb/gamestop are the only chains getting this bonus dvd? I have mine pre ordered at gamecrazy.

tosh613615d ago

i also preordered mgs4 at gamecrazy last friday. the guy at the desk didnt give me the package so i asked about it. he said he heard about it and they will get it whenever it is available to them.

but do i have to go get it when they have it? will it be mailed to me? do i have to call? will they call me?

xXbebofisherXx3614d ago

im a former gamecrazy employee and ill tell ur ight now u have to go personally and get ur stuff becuase they wont call u at all for preorder material. also if u seene thing that says special preorder stuff u have to ask for it becuase those people that work there arent the brightest cookies and will forget. also they like to hog everything. i have 45 dmc4 beenies and 3 lost odessy preorder bonuses becuase my coworkers forgot to give them out. so bug the mess outta them becuase u wont get it ne other way

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The story is too old to be commented.