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Yet another conspiracy theory for Metal Gear Solid V and Hayter

This shit’s getting way too complicated, man. Another conspiracy theory for Metal Gear Solid V and Hayter has emerged in the form of a 10-minute video. According to this one, both Kiefer Sutherland and David Hayter will be in the game! How f.....d up is that? Not much, actually. With Kojima’s mind fuck this could very well be true, and besides, the guy has some great points. (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Next-Gen, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Donnieboi  +   803d ago
How is it such a profound epiphany for one to consider the possibility of Sutherland and Hayter BOTH being in the same game? Many people have thrown around that theorie. It is one where we can hope for Hayter's return, in light of the slap in the face we got from Kojima's apparently abrupt and aloof severing of all ties with Hayter.

But this theory isn't new. With Solidus, a teen Solid Snake, etc, there's always the possibility. But if it's true, then Kojima's one hell of a trickster. I don't even see the point of all this confusion.
aiBreeze  +   802d ago
After Hayter's twitter comments, I think it's fairly obvious he won't be returning. Comparing Keifer to new coke was quite a statement.

I'll accept Kiefer in the role but if he says "we're running out of time" even once, I'm going to seriously facepalm. He's perfect for the gruff voice but he has to remind us all of Snake and not of Jack Bauer.
morganfell  +   802d ago
I agree aiBreeze regarding the Twitter comments of Hayter. It's amazing that people cannot accept this decision for what it is. Whether they agree with the decision is a different matter altogether.

Having gamed MG since the very first title it is amazing that people always concentrate on Kojima's attempts to fool us yet ignore the more numerous times he is straightforward.

People ignore the fact that Hayter himself pretends is not true. That truth is that Kojima rather than Hayter makes this series memorable.

Had Sutherland been the actor from the beginning people would be outraged that he was replaced. hayter? Who is that?

Had someone else evolved the idea of Metal Gear it is highly unlikely the series would have survived. At the vvery most it would have been one of the titles we are now seeing pulled from the nether to be designated for a remake by uncreative developers.
Deadpool616  +   802d ago
The confusion is the fun part. It helps the audience gets invested in the world Kojima constructs. Through all the confusion and hidden messages, we've already started playing part of his game without even buying a copy of it yet.
ZBlacktt  +   803d ago
With Hayter = blockbuster.

Without = ok sells, many will pick it up used.

MGS has a strong loyal cult following.
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Batzi  +   803d ago

With Kojima = Blockbuster.
Without Kojima = meh

The man is a genius in the industry. Trust him.
ZBlacktt  +   803d ago

Go do some reading out there.
Hellsvacancy  +   802d ago
Im with Batzi on this, I trust Kojima, Kiefer Sutherland wasnt a bad choice to voice Snake at all

I LOVE Hayters voice, and im EXTREMELY annoyed he got dropped from the series, but like I said "I trust Kojima" and a like Kiefer Sutherland
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Firan  +   802d ago
If MGS fans follow a voice actor rather than the game itself then I don't want to be a MGS fan anymore. You guys are ridiculous.
j-blaze  +   802d ago
they're not worth calling MGS/Kojima fans...more like sad Hayter fans, like what Imalwaysright below said.. they play MGS to hear Hayter's voice lol
ZBlacktt  +   802d ago
That's because 15 years later we have us MGS diehards mixed with just video gamers. You don't care if the main actor who brought the character to life is just simply replaced. You don't have a connection at all. Just wait for your next video game to come out. Play it and move on to the next....

Like this j-blaze guy above me. You can tell he wasn't playing MGS 15 years ago. He acts like that's about the time he was born...
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Firan  +   802d ago
MGS diehards? Oh god. You 'diehards' seem to value Hayter more than the rich universe Metal Gear games have. What a fan you are.

For your knowledge I've bought every Metal Gear game there is since MGS. Including spinoffs and remakes.

Yours truly
'just a video gamer'
ZBlacktt  +   802d ago
Sure buddy sure. On here, everyone was there day one. Post your original MGS1 game right now and I'll post mine. Along with VR Missions, 2,3, 3 LE and 4 from day one launch. I have all the strategy guide books as well, even MGS1.
FriedGoat  +   801d ago
So true ZBlacktt.
Imalwaysright  +   802d ago
You played MGS to hear Hayter's voice?
FriedGoat  +   801d ago
When I think MGS I think Hayters voice.
j-blaze  +   802d ago
"MGS has a strong loyal cult following"

Hayter has a strong loyal cult following..fixed for you
wishingW3L  +   803d ago
the Snake we see on the trailers is one of the failed clones, I bet Hayter will voice the real Big Boss or older Solid Snake at some point.
BABY-JEDI  +   802d ago
What do you expect from a game full of conspiracies?
Foxgod  +   802d ago
The most tragic clone of them all.
Deadpool616  +   802d ago
This is what I like about Kojima. He knows how to keep his projects interesting with these fun conspiracies.
coolasj  +   802d ago
I'm going to hold to the the theory that the game is going to end by redoing Metal Gear 1. And Solid Snake is going to appear and so is David Hayter.
axerated  +   802d ago
That would be awesome
Kennytaur  +   802d ago
Is it just me that thinks Hayter isn't that good a voice actor? His Snake-voice sounds so forced.
j-blaze  +   802d ago
forced, not showing any emotions and always one-toned.. that what i felt in MGS4 and PW, he did a good job in the first 3 MGS games tho, but now he just need to retire MGS because his voice isn't as good as when he was younger
ZBlacktt  +   802d ago
PerryCaravello  +   802d ago
Listen to the guy talking on the video lol...

Erghhhh Kiefer Sutherland...erghhhh, nerdy voice erghhhh.
PerryCaravello  +   802d ago
David Hayter is great though. You KNOW the guy is coming back to voice snake. He's messing with people on twitter. I love it!

PerryCaravello  +   802d ago
Triple Post:

Woah... I had NO IDEA decoy Octupus had THAT MUCH of a background story. He was an actor in LA? Jesus lol..

that's kinda cool actually
FriendX  +   802d ago
1:03 Hayter in the background?

Big Boss: David Hayter
"Snake": Kiefer Sutherland
Melankolis  +   802d ago
Sutherland is ok...
But who is the cast for Kazuhira Miller? "What took you so long...", quite a powerful voice acting...
e-p-ayeaH  +   802d ago
I think its the same guy that voiced Liquid snake.

btw Liquid Snake is also present in MGS5 alongside with Phyco Mantis and probably others.
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Dead_by_Dawn  +   802d ago
Kojima is a man of mystery. I wouldn't be surprised if the tweets hayter put up weren't of kojimas doing just to keep people in the dark.
braydox21  +   801d ago
well if liquid snake is going to be in the phantom pain (aka Eli) it would make sense to see snake there as well except he would be 12 years old so having that kind of voice would be funny, but also weird. check the extended trailer review by Yong Yea, for more information.
Railgun-9X  +   801d ago
Is there still a chance David will play big boss. Is kojimas minds trick

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