Xbox One Day One Pre-Orders Hold Strong as Amazon PS4 Bundles Flourish

TheHDRoom: "There seems to be steady interest in Microsoft's Xbox One Day One Edition console pre-orders despite Sony's PlayStation 4 holding four of the top ten slots on's video game bestsellers chart. I expect both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to be sold out by the time their launch days arrive in November. For right now, PS4 is riding a wave of positive buzz off E3 to be the stronger performer when it comes to pre-orders at Amazon."

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zeee1769d ago

I would be worried if it weren't that way. Xbox One is after all a next-gen console and people spend way more on much less.

Yes, PS4 will probably outsell Xbox One on launch (heck the PS4 launch edition on Amazon was out of stock with in few hours) but that doesn't mean that Xbox One will just fall off the planet earth.

HammadTheBeast1769d ago

Just pointing out that 6 separate PS4 bundles are in the top 10. Meanwhile One One bundle is in the top 10.

xursz1769d ago

True. I saw Battlefield 4 bundle, Watchdogs, Killzone, Launch Bundle, Standard (and another?) in the top 10 sellers. Getting one this holiday will prove difficult for some, and that's not for lack of supply.

Dlacy13g1769d ago

It is interesting that PS4 on Amazon has a bunch of bundles and MS is only offering 1 bundle. I wonder if this is due to Sony pushing more consoles allocation for the US. Would be interesting to see what the make up looked like if they both had multiple bundles.

UNGR1769d ago

This is also Amazon, not every other retailer hosting pre-orders. I want them both to do well, competition brings out the best games.

T21769d ago

@xursz - they have a ps4 , bf4 bundle ?... Damn and I thought I could wait a bit to buy it ...

JhawkFootball061768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


Not to say the PS4 isn't outselling the Xbox One (Because it is immensely), but the reason there are 6 seperate PS4 bundles and only one Xbox One bundle in the top 10 is because simply there is only one Xbox one bundle on Amazon. It would have been nice to include that in your comment.

HammadTheBeast1768d ago


Logically, that one bundle should be completely wiping out PS4 considering PS4 pre orders are spread over 6 consoles. Instead its second.

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imdaboss11769d ago

eventually the xbone will fall of the earth..the average consumer will buy it but then take it back after finding out about all the restriction that comes with know how many kids be like i cant play my games cuz of no internet and cant sell it? their parent will just trade it in for the PS4..

Nocando1769d ago

Once the bullshit that was Sony's presentation wears off consumers will start to come around.

1769d ago
LastDance1769d ago

who the fuck reads instruction manuals for consoles?

What world do you live in.

WorldGamer1769d ago

Wow @ imaboss1, seems like you really hit a nerve with that comment man. Lol. Be careful sir.

rainslacker1769d ago

Yeah Edonus, I believe they don't. Most people don't read the instructions of something until they've brought it, if at all.

For a $500 device, given today's internet, many people before spending that kind of money will look into it though.

So perhaps the argument is stupid. People probably would never get a chance to read the manual, because they won't bother to buy it given current trends and the literal destruction that the press is giving the X1 right now, and likely all the way up till launch day, and probably after once the less informed start bitching about it too.

I can tell you, most people ears perk up when the words consumer rights get thrown around without hesitation. Games may not be as important to them as their freedom to do what they want with those purchases.

sourav931769d ago

Wasn't there an article a couple of days ago stating that you might not be able to sell your Xbox One used?

Dynasty20211768d ago

One look at the inevitable 1-star rating for Xbox One on Amazon vs the 2 or 3 star for PS4 will sway many people away from Xbox One.

There will be massive, desperately-pathetic trolling reviews for both systems, but because more will buy the PS4, I'd suspect the PS4's star-rating to be higher.

Believe me, PLENTY of people read reviews before buying things, and a 1-star is hard to ignore.

unicron71768d ago

#Nocando- "Once the bullshit that was Sony's presentation wears off consumers will start to come around." Not really sure what bullshit you are referring to. If anything, look at MS and it's never-ending stream of question dodging and half ass answers. Sony is delivering a system to it's fans with features that they WANT and has answered every question truthfully. Unlike MS, they aren't forcing anything on you as a consumer. Choices are an awesome thing to have.

@edonus- Don't delude yourself into thinking that everyone in the world has internet access. A good majority of the US still doesn't have access to broadband. It get's worse as you get out of the US, aside from a few places such as South Korea and Japan. This move by MS is about 20 years early and they will pay dearly for it.

Blaze9291768d ago

you see I wonder about that. I thought when you break the seal of a brand new console, you can't return it. Only exchange for the same item.

When I used to work at hhgregg, the managers never allowed us to return open videogame hardware or software. Only exchange if theres a fault. I wonder how the Xbox One will be treated.

rainslacker1768d ago


Most places have policies like that. However, all a customer has to do is say it doesn't work. Would be partially accurate if they don't have a net connection. Kind of depends on the retailer though. Most places aren't willing to piss off a customer when they can just RMA the console back to the distributor.

Amazon I'm wondering about. They gave refunds for SimCity. If MS has a strict no return policy, and people want to return this thing in droves, Amazon will likely accept them. Amazon has enough retail muscle to force the distributor to accept the RMA.

If it gets bad enough before, or after launch I'm wondering if more stores will disclose all the details to the customer beforehand. I know most bigger stores allow you to sign an agreement at time of purchase, that could be extended to something like, "You know and understand the limitations of the console".

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hellzsupernova1769d ago

The damn playstation camera is in the top 20 lol
Sny is smashing Microsoft at the moment! Hoe the momentum continues
Love live play

NameRemoved00171769d ago

Wait for the real sales data to come out after the consoles launch, PS4 will obliterate the xbone in sales.

TMRBac1769d ago

Most of the general public probably isn't even aware of the new consoles yet. When Christmas shopping time rolls around, they won't care about DRM, used games policy or online check-in. They will see next Xbox and whip out the credit card.

manman61769d ago

You would be surprises how many people know about the new console. Xbox and PlayStation are household names now.

CGI-Quality1769d ago

Why would they "whip out the credit card" for the more expensive console faster than the cheaper one? The PlayStation brand was FAR stronger than the Xbox brand @ the launch of the PS3. How did that turn out?

punisher991769d ago

The general public? If thats the case then they will buy the cheaper PS4.

LondonMediaOS1769d ago

I disagree never disregard the power of social media. All the DRM, used game policies and online checks are all over the place. And for a place like tumblr, to have 1000+ notes on any subject is eye catching and I have seen personally numerous post regarding Xbox One, thats not even mentioning twitter.

Akuma2K1769d ago

And once they found out first hand about the DRM, used games policy and online check in (the things that you say they won't care about) believe the Xbone is getting returned back to the store to get a PS4 or WiiU.

mistertwoturbo1769d ago

Actually that's funny, most of the standard consumers probably "whipped out the credit card" for the XBOX360 is because it was cheaper.

Now they will "whip out the credit card" for the PS4 because it's cheaper. And good thing too since they will get the better console for a better price.

rainhell771769d ago

I will be buying both! No reason for me to lose out on any game!

TMRBac1769d ago

@punisher99 I don't remember the PS1 launch off the top of my head, but PS2 and PS3 were damn near impossible to get at launch, even with the PS3's then $600 price tag. PS4 will sell at launch regardless. How Sony supports it into 2014 and beyond will be the real test.

Microsoft could still turn around and launch a $399 model if they absolutely had to.

The war won't be won this holiday season, and I'm not picking sides just yet.

horndog1769d ago

That is the truth. Consumers dont know about "better graphics card" and they wont sit playing games day in and day out They will see that the xbox comes with features that arent offered with the ps4 and will see that they are getting more for their buck. They dont care about being always on line because chances are they might already have cable boxes and other devices that require "always on" internet connections so it will be normal to them. Xboxone wont come flying out of the gates like ps4 will but it wont fai like the fanboys here would love to see. Its MS, the company with tge deep pockets who buy everything they need to make things happen unlike sony who's trying to recover from the red and were even considering splitting the company up. Sony NEEDS for the ps4 to succeed.

Btw no positive xbox articles on n4g please! You should know better

unicron71768d ago

and I will be out there telling as many average joe shoppers possible about these restrictions and the harm it can cause.

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ElementX1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Sony doesn't release real numbers. MS does however

*EDIT* Sony gives out numbers during investor meetings however they don't give out monthly numbers.

*EDIT* why so many disagrees? When has Sony ever released NPD numbers? I know they don't give numbers in Europe, either.

NameRemoved00171769d ago

Just because Sony won't report it doesn't stop Gamestop or Amazon from saying how many PS4's they sell.

ElementX1769d ago

Amazon doesn't give out numbers, either

sashimi1769d ago

Well while we're on the topic of real numbers, can you find some official RROD numbers lol. The only real thing coming from M$ are their greed.

NameRemoved00171769d ago


The estimate is 25%-50% of the xboxs that were around during the RROD period got it.

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ShadesMoolah1769d ago

The general public, or the Average Joe consumer will likely be confused by the name alone - Xbox One, that right there will be a stumbling block for an uninformed parent looking for the next console for Christmas, and I think the Kinect 2.0 ramping up the price is a factor for many, especially those who have played much of the crap released on Xbox 360 Kinect, though there were a handful of decent titles.

And when they enquire in-store about Xbox One, I believe every retailer will be obligated to inform the buyer of the always-on nature, the fact that games become unplayable after 24hrs without being connected -- However, recent news suggests that Microsoft are now looking at letting games be played Offline by temporarily disabling the Shared Games associated with any account that has been offline for more than 24hrs, so it might be a bit more approachable after all.

Nik_P7571769d ago

As far as general public not knowing that is absurd. These announcements make primetime national news and they discuss the market and things like xbox drm. What planet do you live on; or do you not watch the news?

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FrigidDARKNESS1769d ago

When folks finally realise that the xb1 does allow you to trade games with retailers and also allow you to play them the pre orders will sotay strong.

TMRBac1769d ago

6 disagrees. There is a much larger world that hasn't voted with their wallets yet. Xbox as a brand is still very strong. Xbone is far from dead on arrival.

M-M1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Well, those people will most likely be the clueless parents that buy it for their kids, not knowing what it's actually capable of. A lot of my "bro dude" friends who pretty much only had the Xbox 360 and are looking into getting a PS4 over the Xbox One. The Xbox One's policy buzz is spreading further than just online retail stores and game sites, some of the stuff was even on Yahoo's front page.

killacal131769d ago

I just realised there are more xbox people now than a few weeks ago, I wonder how many are on microsucks payroll.

Narutone661769d ago

A lot of the hardcore 360 gamers are switching to PS next generations. If you take into consideration, the fact that a lot of regions will not be able to play the XB1 when in comes out this year. While PS4 can be played in any regions.

erngoods1768d ago

lets not forget that u can no longer trade games with or lend games to friends without being xbox friends for 30 days. Or that if ur only a casual gamer u still need to subscribe to xbox live just to use netflix and the like...

GraveLord1769d ago

Well the Wii U sold well at launch too. Both PS4 and Xbox One have their fans that will buy the console no matter what. It's the months after launch that will really tell us how this war will go. PS4 is winning so far and if I were a betting man, I'd bet on PS4 for the long run as well.

NameRemoved00171769d ago

Sony has been winning the console sales war for 3 years in a row even if the xbox didn't have all its restrictions and kinect it would still lose to Sony in worldwide sales.

Bigpappy1769d ago

May be so. But Sony wants The Americas and U.K back badly. That's where the big money is. Even though PS3 was making a big push after being behind a year, 360 continued to sell more games per console and overall.

Parapraxis1769d ago

" 360 continued to sell more games per console and overall."
You got a source for that?

doublebear1769d ago

I think Sony will have sold more consoles by the time this generation is over.

But it's clear from the pay for online move that they covet Microsoft's subscription money.

Bigpappy1769d ago

Where ever you find "Sony has been winning the console sales war for 3 years" you will also find software sales and attached rates. I have been reading many sources over the years and 360 always lead in software sales and attached rate.

NewZealander1769d ago

seriously who cares what company sells the most consoles! oh yeah fanboys do!

i couldn't give a flying f*ck if sony or microsoft sells more, thats on them not me! i dont kick back playing halo or uncharted and think OMG this game would be WAYYYY better if X company sold more consoles!

people on here need to grow the F up and learn to just enjoy games rather then constantly bitching at each other over console sales!

i will get both consoles, because i love games, always have always will! by being so brand loyal and one sided people only stop themselves from enjoying the thing they claim to enjoy, play the games not the console!

LastDance1769d ago

and what will you say if the console doesn't release a game in AUST/NZ because it's sales are down and it can't afford to.

Oh if it's region-locked X1, you're screwed..I bet you'd have something to say then.

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M-M1769d ago

I'm worried that it's still up there, people really want to buy that restrictive thing?

Xaphy1769d ago

Most people still don't know whats going on. Who would think microsoft is implementing DRM and always online all of a sudden?Not everyone visits gaming sites everyday. Eventually the truth will come out and people will opt for the better ie ps4.

Narutone661769d ago

You would be surprised how some people are so clueless. I had a friend who thought the PS4 was the one implementing the 24h online check o_O
I told her that it's the XB1 who is implementing it.