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"20 years ago a parasitic fungal infection spread throughout America, decimating the human race, turning millions into infected monsters."

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dontbhatin1738d ago

Just beat this 2 hours ago. took me 18 hours to beat and i rushed through some parts. Best game i have played this generation!!!

Riderz13371738d ago

Which season was your favorite? I think Winter was by far the best section of the game. So emotional and epic.

Ezz20131738d ago

spoiler man...alot of ppl didn't play it yet

NeXXXuS1738d ago

the first 10 minutes got me teary eyed.
you know what i'm talking about.

Riderz13371738d ago

I didn't spoil anything? You didn't know there was a winter section in the game? It's in the trailers...

Ezz20131738d ago

some ppl didn't watch any trailers because they didn't want to spoil the game

ECWSandman1738d ago

I have to agree. Had the best moments in the game. Won't spoil anything though. Can't wait to get up to it again in NG+

dontbhatin1737d ago

its between winter and spring

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akaihana86plus1738d ago

I'm so getting this game next week, right now i'm like super broke and i can't afford to buy anything! :(

xPhearR3dx1738d ago

I'm going to most likely trade in my 360 + all my games for a PS3 and this game. I still prefer 360 over PS3 for many reasons aside from the exclusives, but with having a gaming rig now, kinda pointless having a 360 since nothing else is coming out that I can't find on PC. Plus, I don't want to miss out on Beyond Two Souls. Heavy Rain was the reason I once had a PS3, so I'm sure I'll benefit getting one now before I get the PS4.

akaihana86plus1738d ago

you won't regret it, PS3 is an awesome system, tons of great exclusives plus online is free! :)!!!, i hope you enjoy it!

creatchee1738d ago

I've played about 2/3 through on campaign. Trying to savor it. I've been blown away by how much attention to detail and emotion has been put in this game. I'll withhold final verdict until completion, but this is already one of the finest single player experiences I've ever had.

The multiplayer is a pleasant surprise. I haven't played such a tactical game since my old SOCOM 2 and Rainbow Six 3 days. For some reason, people that I play in matchmaking seem to get it and aren't running off like one man armies for the most part. I'm also pleased at the amount of headset users. You have to communicate to win, and it seems like a great community can come from this game. Highly impressed.

Also, I'm digging the metagame. I've been doing well enough to keep my survivors intact for the most part, and the challenges get tougher so you can't rely on doing the same ones over and over again. It's a really well thought out system that actually makes you approach the game with a different mentality depending on what's going on with your survivors.

This game has lived up to the hype and has even gone beyond it for me.

ltachiUchiha1738d ago

Well said brother & u totally nailed it on the head with the multiplayer aspects of the game. Really its brutal as hell but really tactical at the same time. Rarely see anyone run off on their own like rambo because they know if u run in like that, a good team will pick your azz apart before u can even get close. I usually will let someone engage with the opponent & try an flank them. Love the tactics & stradegy to kill your opponents. Solid game all around. My favorite game of all time now.

creatchee1738d ago

Truth! The only thing that annoys me are the enhanced melee kills. It's like, ugggggh - I'm shooting you and I get charged and die in one hit. But on a bright note, they usually go down right afterward by somebody else in the group. ALWAYS run in a group!

Inception1738d ago


Lucky you that your team mates not running off like a rambo. Some of my team mates in matchmaking are crazy. They just running off alone and gun blazing on the open area without collecting resources. It's a big headache when they need our help to revive, because enemies can use them as a trap :(

But me & my friends can organize preety well and had a lot of fun ^^ Even though we don't use headset.

MonChiChi1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Just finished earlier today. I been waiting for this game for so long, I waited no time in starting the game on normal (usually on hardest difficulty) because I wanted to be able to explore and admire my surroundings without stress. I still missed a lot but to rush this game would be a crime. This game is a true piece of ART! It was actually the first game this "gen" that actually had my jaw drop and say "wow" out loud. Even if the genre is not your type of game, you are truly missing out on a wonderful experience by not playing this.

Riderz13371738d ago

I did it on normal as well just so I would get the chance to explore the surroundings and such. Doing it again on survival mode and oh's VERY difficult. The AI is much smarter and more tactical.

On normal playthrough I died 7 times and beat the game in 12 hours.

So far on survival I've played for 4 hours and died 15 times.

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