Switched On: The five P's of the PS4

Throughout the history of home game consoles, it's been notoriously difficult for a leader in one generation to maintain its leadership in the next generation. Sony, for example, went from dominance of the sixth-generation console market, knocking Sega out of the hardware business as Microsoft was gearing up for the original Xbox, to a third-place finish in terms of installed base with its seventh-generation entry, the PlayStation 3. Last November, Switched On discussed how Nintendo turned its back on much of what made the Wii a success, at least in that console's early days. Sony, though, seems to have carefully studied the lessons of the PlayStation 3 and has made many changes in the PlayStation 4 to address that console's challenges.

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GreenRanger1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

There's one more P: PWNAGE!

zeee1616d ago

THE PURCHASE...... Check
THE PRICE......... Check
THE POLICIES...... Check


NameRemoved00171616d ago

Ehhh I would say no the cpu its not powerful at all sadly. its better than the current consoles by a large amount but not even close to a desktop cpu.

tarbis1616d ago

And a pctard elitist really needs to make the pc more important than it already is.
What's next? The video card coming out next week, or the coming months that you're gonna keep purchasing is more powerful than the current console?

Virtual_Reality1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

What kind of Desktop?

Example: A basic desktop it wouldn't run Planetside 2 with all maxed out.

They will optimize all the cores of the CPU for the game on PS4 (something that they didn't do it and have struggles with AMD CPU's on PC with PS2) to run the game with everything maxed out on PS4


This means 1080p, at least with 30FPS with details in high on PS4, which is something great from a game like PS2 which consumes a lot of CPU and GPU performance.

With a proper optimization in the APU, I don't see a problem of it.

JarqueMcLark1616d ago

PS4 must have the most impressive pre-launch confirmed games list of any console in history?

jaredhart1616d ago

Why do articles keep saying the PS3 finished in 3rd? They finished 2nd.

SoapShoes1616d ago

Yeah they are ahead of the 360... I know a lot of fanboys would argue it doesn't matter anymore but it does. If you please the people who are buying PS3s now, you'll have them satisfied enough to buy a PS4 later when they can afford one.

Virtual_Reality1616d ago

But this gen is not over yet. When they cancel the production, manufacturing and support for the last console, such as PS2, it will end.

SpinalRemains1616d ago

Stopped reading after "3rd place finish in terms of installed base"

Pittoo1616d ago

*Points finger at Microsoft* PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW

Geovanny1616d ago

Do you know your username means d*ck in spanish?

teo721616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Ehm, the processor inside the Ps4 is NOT a CPU, it is an APU. The CPU part inside the APU may not be that powerful, but the APU as a whole is the most powerful APU AMD has EVER produced, and most likely the most powerful APU in the entire world.

Then again, neighter the Ps4 nor the Xbox one have a dedicated GPU. They do however both have a GPU inside their respective APU's.

So judging the processor's strenght depends highly on your point of view. And time will tell if they really are powerful or not.

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