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"Uncharted 2 is one of my favorite games this generation. It’s an adventurous shooter with sarcastic characters and bombastic setpiece moments; most of all, it felt like watching a fun summer movie. But Naughty Dog was also critiqued for the ludonarrative dissonance of the series: Nathan Drake will murder vast quantities of people then turn to the camera with a wink and a smile, the way only a likeable action hero can. The Last of Us throws that entire formula out the window and creates something uniquely different, but not always successful."

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Valorous1827d ago

Great review. I'm happy to see unbiased remarks on this game as everyone else seems to give it an automatic 10/10. Cheers.

CGI-Quality1827d ago

So every 10/10 is biased? OK. Not sure how that thinking works.

xHeavYx1827d ago

New troll account spotted. His brain is probably infected

Valorous1827d ago

when did I say that every 10/10 is biased? I think you're twisting my words around here a bit. :P

HeavenlySnipes1827d ago

His problem was that the game was too gory and that it followed "typical third person shooter scenarios" that he didn't care to elaborate on

He also said the AI is dumb and easy to kill. He must not be playing on a hard difficulty (which I think is the best way to play) because you can very easily die fighting only 3 enemies as they quickly try to surround you to take away any possible tactical maneuvers

TKCMuzzer1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Follows your typical third person scenarios? Really, can't remember playing much like this, I mean it's not Uncharted or Tomb Raider or Gears of War, heck, it even puts the recent resident evils to shame.
I agree, he really should elaborate on a comment like that.

shammgod1827d ago

Yeah, he is playing it on easy. Normal can even get difficult when you turn off listen mode. I started on hard and haven't used listen mode and this game is a beast. Easily the best game this gen. [email protected]$& whoever wrote this review.

ginsunuva1827d ago

Even on normal I'm struggling

supersonicjerry1827d ago

Thats the thing most reviews are done on easy to hurry and beat the game as fast as possible to review it.

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TKCMuzzer1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

What's your review of it? Do you think it's a 10/10? Or can you not answer that?

You can only say it's unbiased and not a 10 if you have played and completed the game.

It's worth more than a 3/5 as it does so many good things on different levels.

The problem is with some of today's gun happy, head shooting, aim assisting hold your hand crap gamers a game like this will not appeal, unfortunately they will miss out on something that's very different from the mainstream and a bloody welcome addition to every churn out the same crap every year market.

You can't please everyone but I'm sure many like me are more than happy, in fact I think it's pretty damn good.

MrDead1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

it gets 10/10s because it's earned 10/10.

s8anicslayer1827d ago

Why is it unbiased? Because it got a low score? I played the game and its fantastic I'm sure not to everyone's liking but I don't think you should be making a comment like that especially if you have not played the game.

Grave1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

I agree. For starters it is one of my favorite games on the PS3, but when I was playing a lot of the puzzles seemed repetitive, it's linear, and I agree with the writer on the NPC AI while sneaking. Good design choice but when you see it in action your like "wait ... why cant the enemy see or hear them?" Overall it's easy to overlook, which I think a lot of reviewers are doing. Despite these tiny flaws I would still give it a 9/10 because for me it's hard to think of another game that's as visceral or emotionally engaging as The Last of Us. For that alone a 60% is way too low in my opinion.

GasClown1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

I agree - it doesn't deserve an automatic 10/10, it deserves an 11/10... the best game I've played this generation!!! Nothing comes close to how good it is. Naughty Dog are untouchable.

brodychet1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

@valorous lmao, hating on generally liked games. probably hasn't even played it. Best game I've ever played.

Valorous1827d ago

No one is hating, I thought he brought up some good points in the review. Calm down, fanboy.

brodychet1827d ago

Not my point, have you beaten the game? I honestly doubt it.

CGI-Quality1827d ago

Judging by your massive disagrees, I wasn't the only one. ;)

Valorous1826d ago

Well, popular opinion isn't always right, now is it?

Steelmanner1826d ago

I agree, it seems that everyone is quick to give it a perfect score without realizing what is implied by doing so. By giving it a perfect score, reviewers and then claiming it is better than all the games that were given a 9.5 meaning this game is better than Skyrim, Walking Dead, etc. I feel they are jumping the gun and and are unwilling to see the flaws, and every single game has them.

grailly1826d ago

it IS better than the walking dead and skyrim, though. I prefer skyrim, but I think that the last of us is just a better crafted game.

CGI-Quality1826d ago

Sure, but your viewpoint isn't right as it is. Thus, no difference.

Bhuahahaha1826d ago

okaaaaay now go back play and fable

hulk_bash19871826d ago


Trolling pretty hard there buddy. Please play the game before saying a review score is justified or not. But then again that is completely against your troll nature.

Valorous1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Just because I don't absolutely adore the game means I'm trolling? Oh, ok. My mistake, next time I post anything on this site I'll make sure that my opinions exactly match the rest of the community on here because we all have to be the exact same and no one with a different opinion is allowed to express it. Give me a break, make sure you never go outside again because you might run into someone who thinks differently than you, or even worse, someone who disagrees with you entirely. I'm trolling? I think you're the one who is getting trolled by the entire world living in a fake reality where everyone fits a certain mold.

hulk_bash19871826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

The simple fact that u seem to agree with a review without even having played the game is what calls your opinion invalid and troll like. I understand that everyone has different opinions and we don't share all the same tastes, that is not the issue. And what can also be called troll-like behaviour is that you assume giving a perfect score to this game is somehow being biased.

SheenuTheLegend1826d ago

the buses don't go where u live kid....

JoGam1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

What you said makes no sense. Oh and after reading your comments you apparently are a joke. First of all, you call TLOU reviews that scored perfect biased but then in ur comments further down where someone called you a troll, you defended yourself saying you have a right to your own opinion? Lol a fucking joke. So if you have your opinion wouldn't those perfect reviews be someone else opinion but then u called them bias. You ARE obviously a troll. You show all the symptoms as a troll. You been affected with trollism.

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TwilightSparkle1827d ago

This game is great just sad its not on the vita

BuffMordecai1827d ago

Hopefully there is hope for a Last of Us spin-off title for the Vita.

ApolloTheBoss1827d ago

Not every game is better on Vita. Personally I'd rather play TLOU on a 50 in. Flatscreen.

LackTrue4K1827d ago

agree!!! the story pulls you in hard and never lets go!!!
i beat the game in 2 days...i just could not stop playing it.
this games story is better then most movies!! :D

Gran Touring1827d ago

Who or what is "error! not found" ??

Conzul1827d ago

It's the name of this crappy review website.

Myles_C1826d ago

It's a media coverage website run by a few people who like games and stuff. Along with reviews they do videos and podcasts.

WeAreLegion1827d ago

It's easy to call this an unbiased review until you actually read the review. Doesn't sound like the reviewer wanted this to get anything higher than a 3/5, no matter what.

Reverent1827d ago

That's exactly how I felt reading it. It's like his mind was set before even playing it. Must have been hard to push through such an amazing game, trying to find faults with it.

Williamson1827d ago

After playing only 2 hours of the game Im convinced it deserves all the 10/10 it got. You can feel the passion that went in to this game whenever you play it.

ltachiUchiha1827d ago

The disagrees are ppl who are mad that a masterpiece like this isnt on their system of choice lol. Too bad they are that ignorant to not buy a ps3 because they sure are missing out on games that set the standard in their genre. Hate all u want but its FACT. =]