Fallout 4 Shown Behind Closed Doors at E3?

If there is one game people wanted to see at this years E3, it was Fallout 4. A while ago, there were rumors that it would be showcased at E3 2013 and that it could even be an Xbox One exclusive, but now E3 is over and nothing has been mentioned about Fallout 4...except for these these tweets that may hint at a behind closed doors showing of Fallout 4.

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Kanzes1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

That's great to hear something about Fallout 4.. but, Xbox One exclusive???

Excalibur1639d ago

It won't be an Exclusive, Bethesda is smarter than that.

zeee1639d ago

I would absolutely LOVE to play Fallout 4. No seriouslY, I loved Fallout 3 and also loved New Vegas. Huge fan here. But, if Fallout 4 were to have same problems like Skyrim did on PS3 then no, I really don't care then.

I'd rather Bathesda take all the time that they want but please, for the love of God, please don't release a broken, half-baked product.

Mr_Nuts1639d ago

Yeah don't they have a new partnership with Sony after the Elder Scrolls Online PS4 version...I'm not saying it's going to be a PS4 exclusive but I doubt it will be a MS exclusive

animegamingnerd1639d ago

i imagine that bethsda's games sell best on PC unless if M$ paid them a lot of money i doubt they make it a exclusive

ApolloTheBoss1639d ago

Money can make you pretty stupid actually.

LackTrue4K1639d ago

Bethesda is smarter...thats why they have yet game that runs good on the ps3.

gamertk4211639d ago

@nuts you do realize ESO is on xb1 also, right?

0ut1awed1639d ago

This article is already flawed...

"The developers of Fallout 3 and NEW VEGAS." They were the publishers of vegas not the developers and boy did it show.

Rhaigun1639d ago


By "it really showed", you mean the story and dlc was better in every way, right? Because it was.

Kevlar0091639d ago

They owe PlayStation fans a full working game with DLC that comes out on time

0ut1awed1639d ago


To each their own.

I think they made it way too complicated to support a enjoyable story personally. Now I am all for an intricate plot but you have to be able to pull it off. There were so many factions and alliances that you almost always ended up pissing them all off at any given moment, no matter your choices.

Not to mention I put 150+ hours in fallout 3. I grew pretty tired of vegas after about 30 hours. I don't know, just too much of the same. It was a fun game and all but they should have just made it like $30 dlc to fallout 3. That is essentially what it was.

Basically fallout 3 was like COD4 and new vegas was like any COD sequel afterwards. I was really expecting it to be a new game and it wasn't. That's probably one of the main reasons I was disappointed in it.

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Stallion1639d ago

If Fallout 4 were an Xbox One exclusive, they would have announced it at E3. That would've been an unprecedented game changer. No way its exclusive.

JsonHenry1639d ago

There is no way Fallout will be exclusive to a console.

Zeniix1639d ago

I would riot if it was a xbox exclusive

YNWA961639d ago

Now, no Bethesda game is really exclusive. Timed DLC or something else. Also, I must say PS4 is great, got banned for 3 days, basically because I do not want just 1 console in the market, and responded back at people who were nasty at me... so againe, PS4 is great... :)

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megaworm251639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

i hope this is true!!!!

Campy da Camper1639d ago

Ditto. Problem for me is do I get it for ps4 or wiiu? Graphically they will be very similar as fallout games do not push graphics very hard but the wiiu controller will be awesome as an always open pip boy.

ErcsYou1639d ago

With the PS4 you might have the option to use a Vita or a Tab/Pad as a always open Pip boy. Either way sounds pretty awesome to me..

FrigidDARKNESS1639d ago

Im thinking why this game may be an xbox one exclusive because this could be a cloud title.

NameRemoved00171639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

That would be the stupidest thing they could possibly do. Why do people think the xbox one is the only thing that can use the cloud. Sim City is a "cloud title" and its a pc exclusive.

flyingmunky1639d ago

I think it would more likely be a ps4 exclusive. After Bethesda sees how low x1's sales are they probably won't bother to port it over.

SolidGear31639d ago

^_^ What hdshatter said.

zeroskie1639d ago

This is vaporous at best, it could be anything from Bethesda. Zenimax is a huge company.

kwyjibo1639d ago

I would not consider getting a Bethesda game on a system that doesn't support mods.

flyingmunky1639d ago

They may support mods in some way on consoles this time. They tried it with unreal tournament 3 with ps3.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1639d ago

They did. And it was cool. Kinda irritating to use a usb key though every time you wanted to use a new mod. But eh. Still existed.

Personally, after PS3 Skyrim, I think I'll just get Bethesda games on PC from now on.

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