Sony won the PR war, but it lost the E3 battle

Ninemsn games writes: I spent quite some time playing PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games at E3, and I feel that when it comes to demonstrating each console's capabilities and power, Microsoft wins E3 hands down.

Sony, on the other hand, won the PR battle. Gamers have been fooled.

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NatureOfLogic1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

"Gamers have been fooled." Says the Xbox one supporter. Gamers have been "fooled" for enjoying their rights to trade their games, sell their games and play their games without being checked on every 24 hours./s

a_bro1771d ago

Exactly. Fooled is when they talk a out their games to mask the biggest drawback of the console.

Abash1771d ago

It's ironic how the article writer is the one who's been fooled and he's writing an article attacking the people who can see through Microsoft's ploy with the Xbox One.

zeee1771d ago

I think the only fool here is the person who wrote this article. Lol. I mean, are you serious Sir?

I mean, I understand if the author likes Xbox One better than PS4 but even the most hardcore MS and PC fanboys would agree that Sony will always have more exclusives.

I remember how so many titles were exclusive to Xbox eight years ago but it just died. The only major exclusive that MS had was the rinse-and-repeat formula of Halo, Gears, Forza.

I own both consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360) and I know which console gets most exclusive titles. You'd only have to be a fool to say otherwise or doubt Sony in this department.

MS will probably repeat history. Buy timed exclusive games (TITANFALL anyone?), try to woo the gamers and then it's all Kinect later down the road which wouldn't be bad only if Kinect games were worth playing.

TotalHitman1771d ago

Why are people still willing to give up their human rights, to give up their freedom all in the defense of Microsoft?

zeroskie1771d ago

Microsoft is like Lex Luthor

ThatsGaming1771d ago

To me, it is bad when gamers talk more about DRM than about games.

Reverent1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Microsoft isn't like Lex Luther. Lex is the most badass villain in the DC universe. There's nothing badass about Microsoft.

JokesOnYou1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

I thought Microsoft easily had a better GAMES presentation than sony. The writer said afterward on the show floor there was a lot of buzz for X1 games. PR is one thing but I know X1 will do well because despite drm, the game sharing is cool but more importantly they have a great console and some awesome games coming.

badz1491771d ago

"most badass villain"

suits M$ quite well IMO seeing how they are BAD and their heads are too deep inside their ASS to actually listen to what gamers want and don't want!

Narutone661771d ago

The link says it all, Notice the "msn" behind the "nine".

Kevin ButIer1771d ago

MSN site defending xbone... surprise surprise

malokevi1771d ago

I agree with the article

I have been saying all along, its about the games. Nothing else matters. I am glad to hear that people agree MS has the edge in terms of games. Reassuring that my faith is well placed... Not to say that I don't have plenty of faith in Sony.

Digital will offer its own benefits with regards to sharing/selling/buying. People are making a mountain out of a molehill... and the argument will fizzle over time. The future is digital, all arguments aside.

The way I see it, once people get their hands on it they won't be abel to stay away. Its going to be that good. Mark my words.

For me DR3 + Titanfall + BF4 + Watchdogs + KI = launch satisfaction

LackTrue4K1771d ago

i find it some what irritating working in an area that has cameras....
now to have one in my house, in my most comfortable area in my house (living room/bed room) and have a camera?!?! unless im making a porno, i dont want xboxOne!!!

NewMonday1771d ago Show
Army_of_Darkness1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Anyone that owns a PS1,PS2 or PS3 already know that Sony will deliver the exclusive games 110% which is why we don't need to worry about that topic...
And Like always, Sony will get nearly all of MS's 3rd party timed-exclusive games, plus more.
If you think anything coming from EA or activision would stay exclusive to one console, then you clearly are in denial and need to get smacked by a wegman's 14" sub with all the toppings!

malokevi1771d ago


"Titanfall + BF4 + Watchdogs = all multi-platform "


I will enjoy! :)

DragonKnight1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Let's say for the sake of argument that this article is right, that MS had a better "games" presentation than Sony (complete B.S. but I digress).

Why do you think that is? I have an answer for you. It's not that Sony didn't have the games, it's not that Sony didn't want to show games. It's just another symptom of MS' previous screw up forcing Sony to focus on aspects they should never have had to focus on in the first place.

Sony made their stance about used games and DRM PERFECTLY CLEAR in February, but NOOOOO, Microsoft comes out with their B.S. restrictions and suddenly morons who own gaming news websites jump on Sony as though they were grouped together with Microsoft and absolutely HAD to answer what Microsoft did. It didn't matter that Sony provided the answer well before Microsoft's policies were announced, B.S. excuses like "they weren't clear" and "we have sources" started coming up. Everyone demanded Sony answer questions they already answered, and they had to do it at E3 or else no one would have been satisfied (they still weren't.)

Even now after Sony announced their policies people STILL think that the PS4 will have the same policies as the X1 thanks to the phrase "up to publishers." Sorry folks, publishers can only dictate how their game works, they can't dictate how the console works. Without the same hardware/software hooks in the PS4 that the X1 has, that kind of DRM simply won't work and the worst you MIGHT see is a lockout of online content until an authentication is made, but single player content can't be locked out.

Anyway, the point is that Microsoft's idiocy and the refusal of the fanboys and moronic "journalists" to accept Sony's answer from February meant that Sony had to devote time at their E3 press conference to discussing something that shouldn't have ever been an issue to begin with. Sony showed more overall games than Microsoft at their presser, they announced a higher number of in-development games than Microsoft, and unlike most of MS' games, Sony's games are of course multiplat, or straight out exclusive and not timed-exclusive.

Whether you think Sony or Microsoft had the better games event, there can be no argument that refutes the fact that Microsoft forced Sony to talk about things they shouldn't have needed to talk about instead of more games.

GrandTheftZamboni1771d ago

"Microsoft easily had a better GAMES presentation than sony."
Nope. They didn't have inFAMOUS.

abzdine1771d ago

sony won everything this time and we can see the effect of this with the pre-orders.
GamesCom will be the best place to show what Sony's european studios have been up to while MS will have nothing to show.

Greatness awaits

Ritsujun1770d ago

MS lost everything.


FrostyZipper1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Aw God wrong comment, how embarrassing.

Denethor_II1770d ago

@TotalHitman "Why are people still willing to give up their human rights, to give up their freedom all in the defense of Microsoft?"

According to the person who wrote this opinion piece, we're 'entitled' for wanting rights.

Ares84HU1770d ago

@JokesOnYou and malokevi,

You are both idiots. Simple as that. Only an idiot would say the things you said. Despite all the restrictions that MS is putting on you with the X1 and Sony showing you in the past years how much more exclusives they put out as opposed to MS you still try to spin things in MS's favour. Why do both of you insist to piss against the wind?? Both of you remind me of that old mole from Ice Age 2 where the young ones are trying to get it out of it's hole because he will die when the flood is coming but the old mole insits on staying and sais; "I was born in this hole and I will die in this hole."

Well keep insisting on your stupidity. Stay with MS and enjoy the 1-2 exclusives you might get each year while people who have a quarter of brain left and a basic understanding of consumer rights will choose the PS4 and enjoy 5-10exclusives a year esily.

It amazes me how insanely dumb some people are. I just hope that whoever these guys are, work for MS and it is their job to go on message boards and bullshit. Otherwise, they have a serious brain problem.

malokevi1770d ago


Whooaaa there, boy, eaaassssyyy now.

I know it may come as a surprise to you, but we don't all agree on everything. I know... silly, right?

When I see this:

I don't really see much that I'm interested in. However, to me, the Xbox launch titles look great. As stated... DR3 + Titanfall + BF4 + Watchdogs + KI = launch satisfaction!

I never have and never will be interested in arguing about what I consider non-issues (all-digital, being on the internet, Kinect... ect ect.)

If that makes me "stupid", well... that's great! Being stupid will free up more time fie me to enjoy my new consoles!

Clearly that irks you... but that's alright, too. :)

1Victor1770d ago

hey bungie = joke on you I see you're working hard on that MS reputation management job you have. Nothing new to see here in this article its just another rep manager doing his work trying to make Microsoft look good online wile failing badly

Anon19741770d ago

This article fails right from the headline and doesn't stop with the suck.

"Sony won the PR battle but lost E3"?

E3 IS a PR battle. That's kinda the point.

The nonsense continued on through to the "confidence in Microsoft hardware" part. I pretty sure that's the first time ever that statement has been uttered without the words "no" or "lack of" preceding the statement.

And the anti-Microsoft sentiment is unfair and just based on "poor communication" on Microsoft's part? Again, the author clearly shows how out of touch he is with the gaming world. While there was a fair amount of confusion leading into E3, Microsoft confirmed everyone's fears just prior to E3. That's why gamers are upset.

Vote down for this article and this site from me. Just nonsense.

thechosenone1770d ago

Just about everyone has said that Sony won E3 including Michael Pachter. But if this is what it looks like to lose then I'm perfectly ok with it.

gaffyh1770d ago

Wars are made up of small battles, so if Sony won the war, then who cares about the E3 battle?


Seafort1770d ago

"Gamers have been fooled." - really? The Xbone games were being played on a PC with a more powerful nvidia card than xbone has. Now who's been fooled?

@malokevi Just wondering if the digital era is a bit early for consoles atm. I mean I can't imagine downloading 25GB+ of data just for one game on xbone or ps4 and that is if your ISP allows such downloads.

It's all well saying how the digital age is going to be great and all but once you are exclusively downloading these AAA games at 25-50GB+ at a time you might just change your mind.
The ISPs aren't exactly moving forwards and letting their customers download unlimited GBs anytime soon.

Be careful what you wish for. It might come back to bite you in the ass :P

SecondSon1770d ago

Guys please rate down articles that are just flamebait. These writers know what they are doing just look at the heat this article received just for being controversial.

N4G is a goldmine for these type of writers that make a living by embarrassing themselves and shaming honest journalism.

By voting them down we can help make N4G a better source of accurate information.

hay1770d ago

Dear author of the article.


1770d ago
pixelsword1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

@ gaffyh

Wars are made up of small battles, so if Sony won the war, then who cares about the E3 battle?


You have it.


About the story:

I don't see how multiplatform games constitute a "victory" only in that Microsoft made the public aware that they also have these games.

No offense to Microsoft fans, but the XboxOne lost on all possible fronts:

1. lack of exclusives
2. higher price
3. more restrictive platform (for both companies and consumers)
4. lack of technological gaming innovation (a great T.V. remote, though)
5. lack of proof/confidence of hardware functionality

There's more problems if you split hairs, but calling the "presentation" of games a victory is a moot point at best considering all they did was show great games that will be on both consoles.

sinjonezp1770d ago

Games? What games? Outside of Titan fall, Forza, and Dead rising, what games? Killer Instinct? The game is only 720p in a generation where games should all be 1080p. I am sorry but they did not have enough games to make me accept the bar of entry. Who let these people sound off? The sega dreamcast had great games and look what happen to that system. Bottom line, with all the bs they are doing, no matter how many games they buy up won't save that disgrace of a betamax box. I am not saying sony has the best line up in the world, but at least they care about gamers and that will solidify the system in the long run.

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BozoLoco1771d ago

Well, the author did write a piece on privacy about Xbox One that attacked Microsoft directly, so I think their coverage generally has been balanced.

NatureOfLogic1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )


"All of this represents a growing anti-Xbox One sentiment that is unfair, even in the face of Sony subtly saying gamers now need to pay to play PlayStation 4 games online. Once one of the most appealing aspects of Sony's online service, free online gaming is now a thing of the past. Yet barely a word has been spoken, probably because Sony managed to so well smudgily attack its closest competitor with opposing features that had neither been confirmed nor denied for Xbox One. It was all just a product of Microsoft's miscommunication."

That's some deep denial and bias. They attempted to make PS+ seem like an major negative and failed to mention the benefits. They also failed to mention that PSN is still free to play with f2p games, messaging and sharing. All in a attempt to make their console of choice look good. Not balanced at all.

HammadTheBeast1771d ago

According to them Forza 5 is "brilliant and poetic" while Knack plays out like a PS2 game, and DriveClub is lame.

Yeah, credibility at its finest.

badz1491771d ago

how can you expect any credibility from a site named games.nine"MSN".com. au? it's a M$ infested site and guess what is at the top right corner...a bing search! so...of course they are going to defend M$ at all cost!

FrostyZipper1770d ago

I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head there. That the PS4 will allow consumers to play used games without a fee and not be required to be connected to the internet every 24 hours should not have had to be advertised as a feature when so many of us would have expected this to begin with.

hakis861770d ago

What a complete 100% flamebait headline - not even clicking it to read.

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Donnieboi1771d ago

Microsoft paid all of those 3rd party companies to show off their games at e3. But they were multiplatform games lololol.

Tctczach1771d ago

Lol Because All Those arcade Games That Are Timed Exclusives And Watch Dogs, Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny, Final Fantasy And Kingdom Hearts Are All Exclusives? Someone Needs To Watch That E3 Conference Again.

S2Killinit1771d ago

Can you count? Should I really write the games down for you so you can count them? Sony has more exclusives. Also I think we all know by now who brings more exclusives over each generation and let me tell you, its not Microsoft.

Reverent1771d ago

@Tctczach, why are you typing like that? I read that as if you were some sort of monotonous robot.

BABYLEG1771d ago

I would like you to lust all the ps4 games and I guarantee I dont like any of them besides infamous. 8gigs my ass. First Sony fooled gamers with the gigs talk, now its the restrictions talk. Sony has effectively removed Games from the discussion

rainslacker1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Huh? The PS4 doesn't have 8 Gigs of memory? Do you know something the rest of the game sites don't know?

Also, it's MS who removed games from the discussion. They wanted people to focus on the games, people were wanting to know what they hell kind of abomination the X1 was with it's restrictive policies. Because of MS, this is the first E3 where most people went in wondering about something other than the games, and even now, it seems the games mostly don't matter.

fsfsxii1770d ago

MS paid Geoff Keighly to say this: "People think that Sony is the white knight of gaming"
And turns out Sony IS the white knight of gaming. Really wanted to see the look on Geoff's face after Sony's E3

malokevi1770d ago

"and even now, it seems the games mostly don't matter. "

and that's where I disagree with... all of you.

PFFT1770d ago

lol funny thing is that most if not all of those said PS4 "EXCLUSIVES" were nothing more than indie titles. Yay for you. All else will too come to the XBO.

waltercross1770d ago


It was MS Talking about TV/SPORTS/Kinect....even now, Sony did talk quite a bit about games, at the REVEAL to!.

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dedicatedtogamers1771d ago

The amount of goalpost-moving I've seen in defense of the Xbox One is truly staggering.

jmc88881771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

What's really funny is he says he saw both consoles goods'.

No the author hasn't. He's seen PC games and PS4 games.

Thus he is comparing a high end PC to yes, PS4 doesn't look as good as those.

The key thing to remember is, how much worse will Xbox One look like compared to what you saw from the PS4? Because that is what will happen. How big a gap will it be between E3 and what the console struggles to put out? That will be his first comparison.

Xbox is clearly behind, and the rumor says about 6 months in game development, and nothing that we've seen goes against that assessment, even if it may not quite be like that.

Looks like their cloud service isn't going to be as good or as available to other regions. Not a big surprise.

Also what Microsoft did isn't a misdemeanor, it's felonious.

People do realize that here in America we got Nixon to resign before impeachment over something less significant to what a single Xbox One with Kinect 2 sensor does and will be exploited against its users.

I'd say my opinions are quite based off numerous facts that the author haven't caught. Thus he wishes to pause before allowing people to have conclusions, when if the person has been paying attention they know there is already quite enough information to make a legitimate determination.

S2Killinit1771d ago

lol true that. Didn't we just see the pictures of PC's in the Microsoft booths? I've always trusted in Playstation to bring the games, and they have never failed to do so. Every generation, PS delivers and not just at the beginning of the generation (like some others). Playstation has games to the very end and they support their consoles for longer than any other company. To deny this, or to fail to credit them for this, is to betray gaming.

jmac531771d ago

A year or two from now we will really see the difference that the GDDR5 RAM and the better GPU can do in multiplatform games. The cloud won't save MS then.

JsonHenry1771d ago

I simply can't wait for the PS4. I won't be buying an X1 unless MS reverses policy/terms of use.

But if I had to pick a "winner" at E3 it would be Ubisoft. They showed the most "next gen" looking games that are not rehashes with better graphics (Watchdogs, The Division!!) and they seem to be setting the bar for what next gen hardware will be capable of.

I just choose to have my pick of Ubisoft being played on the (better!!!) PS4 than the offerings from MS or Nintendo.

WolfOfDarkness1771d ago

Lets just look at the FACTs and happening now , Almost %75 of the polls all over the net is about purchasing PS4 , the guy who wrote the article might Be drank , What does he mean when he quoted " Xbox one won the capabilities and power ?! "

aceitman1771d ago

But they are just games,comment had me laughing isn't that what its about and having the power to make games run 1080p 60 fps more detail . and here we go again an article with some jokester defending the wrongs of ms , why is anyone bringing up ps + for ps4 online pay , ms still has it and still are going to charge for x1 so , y bash it its still free on ps3 and always will be . so they start with ps4 with a low price and charge for online play only , not to do everything else is which it should be on live. they have nothing they can say about ps4 to bash but the ps+ online games thing , pathetic fools . hell they bash ps3 for being to high now ps4 is to cheap if they took a hit on the console and need to make up for it on online ps+ eat it up at least u get free games out of it , if sony can take a hit to keep gamers happy , we can do the same and support sony and pay for online gaming .

jmac531771d ago

What do you expect from a fool writing on a website sponsored by MSN.

wastedcells1771d ago

Websites looking for hits.... Nothing to see here folks. Just desperation.

imdaboss11771d ago

come on now Sony have a lot of exclusive games ..Last gen PS3 murder the 360 with exclusive games..Sony will show more exclusive game this year and next..they have plenty no one have to worry about it..just check their track record last gen..

MRMagoo1231771d ago

Nothing to see here its a site run by MS lmao the guys not going to say yeh the ps4 is better. The ps4 is outselling the Xbone in preorders by a large margin here in Australia, you can go into any EB games or JB hifi and its the same story its at least 3 to 1 sony to MS.

rainslacker1771d ago

lol, kind of hard to take the article seriously when they say they wouldn't be surprised if Knack ends up an downloadable only title. Ignoring the fact that you can already preorder it at retail.

Zool 081770d ago

And another thing M$ used a PC with the top of the range NVIDIA graphics cards to show off their games, so so it was the idiot who wrote this article that was fooled, not us.

Jazz41081770d ago

Thats a huge lie. I was at e3 and thdy both had dev kits hooked to pcs. People lucky enough to get private demos played rigbt from the xboxone. Unless you were there you would know all dev kits use a pc.Just some stupid Fanboy shot a pic of a pc and u can see the dev kit rigbt next to it. I guess its okah touse psmaina site as proof of the best controller. Cant wajt for both consolss to come outas e3 was a lot of fun wjthout all this whose betterr they leave that for hits on there sites. Have fun arguing or bashing ms jf thats your thing.

showtimefolks1770d ago

Yeh I rather let Sony fool me instead of MS lying to me

Don't forget MS have us on its core base for last 3 years to chase kinect casual gamers. So now all of the sudden we are important again. Nintendo and Sony have a long history of supporting gamers while MS have a 10 years trak reord of giving up on its console when a new one gets releases

But it's ok Xbox defense force is out to defend MS even though MS is out to fool people like them into buying their system

Ps4 is more powerful yet cheaper but Xbox one costs more

Sony from day one with ps3 wifi,built In hard drive in every system and bluray now ms is trying to join in to say we are making a true next gen system when it's Sony actually making a more powerful machine

chuckyj11770d ago

Well of course the Xbox One will cost more... Because, every box includes an extra piece of Hardware... The Kinect 2.0

If you bought the PlayStation Eye toy and the 2 or whatever controllers you need to play it. The cost would be roughly the same.

showtimefolks1770d ago

I am glad we are given a choice on whether we want it or not, ms on the other hand is banking on kinect 2

Phoenix761770d ago

@chuckyj1 The PS Move controllers that you are referring to are no longer an essential part (or parts). As now the Dualshock 4 pad has built in move features.

itBourne1770d ago

My biggest thing is the games, and Sony always has and always will win on that. M$ throws out tons of money to buy games for the first 2 years, but they have no studios. Case and point, the Last of Us, OMG maybe the best game ever, and its the end of the ps3 life cycle. Because Sony has the best, and some of the best devs int he business.

dale_denton1770d ago

of course this idiot would bash sony, he works for MSN... microsh!t