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Sony won the PR war, but it lost the E3 battle

Ninemsn games writes: I spent quite some time playing PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games at E3, and I feel that when it comes to demonstrating each console's capabilities and power, Microsoft wins E3 hands down.

Sony, on the other hand, won the PR battle. Gamers have been fooled. (E3, PS4, Xbox One)

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NatureOfLogic  +   654d ago
"Gamers have been fooled." Says the Xbox one supporter. Gamers have been "fooled" for enjoying their rights to trade their games, sell their games and play their games without being checked on every 24 hours./s
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a_bro  +   654d ago
Exactly. Fooled is when they talk a out their games to mask the biggest drawback of the console.
Abash  +   654d ago
It's ironic how the article writer is the one who's been fooled and he's writing an article attacking the people who can see through Microsoft's ploy with the Xbox One.
zeee  +   654d ago
I think the only fool here is the person who wrote this article. Lol. I mean, are you serious Sir?

I mean, I understand if the author likes Xbox One better than PS4 but even the most hardcore MS and PC fanboys would agree that Sony will always have more exclusives.

I remember how so many titles were exclusive to Xbox eight years ago but it just died. The only major exclusive that MS had was the rinse-and-repeat formula of Halo, Gears, Forza.

I own both consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360) and I know which console gets most exclusive titles. You'd only have to be a fool to say otherwise or doubt Sony in this department.

MS will probably repeat history. Buy timed exclusive games (TITANFALL anyone?), try to woo the gamers and then it's all Kinect later down the road which wouldn't be bad only if Kinect games were worth playing.
TotalHitman  +   654d ago
Why are people still willing to give up their human rights, to give up their freedom all in the defense of Microsoft?
zeroskie  +   654d ago
Microsoft is like Lex Luthor
ThatsGaming  +   654d ago
To me, it is bad when gamers talk more about DRM than about games.
Reverent  +   654d ago
Microsoft isn't like Lex Luther. Lex is the most badass villain in the DC universe. There's nothing badass about Microsoft.
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JokesOnYou  +   654d ago
I thought Microsoft easily had a better GAMES presentation than sony. The writer said afterward on the show floor there was a lot of buzz for X1 games. PR is one thing but I know X1 will do well because despite drm, the game sharing is cool but more importantly they have a great console and some awesome games coming.
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badz149  +   654d ago
"most badass villain"

suits M$ quite well IMO seeing how they are BAD and their heads are too deep inside their ASS to actually listen to what gamers want and don't want!
Narutone66  +   654d ago
The link says it all, games.ninemsn.com.au. Notice the "msn" behind the "nine".
Kevin ButIer  +   654d ago
MSN site defending xbone... surprise surprise
malokevi  +   654d ago
I agree with the article

I have been saying all along, its about the games. Nothing else matters. I am glad to hear that people agree MS has the edge in terms of games. Reassuring that my faith is well placed... Not to say that I don't have plenty of faith in Sony.

Digital will offer its own benefits with regards to sharing/selling/buying. People are making a mountain out of a molehill... and the argument will fizzle over time. The future is digital, all arguments aside.

The way I see it, once people get their hands on it they won't be abel to stay away. Its going to be that good. Mark my words.

For me DR3 + Titanfall + BF4 + Watchdogs + KI = launch satisfaction
onyoursistersback  +   654d ago
i find it some what irritating working in an area that has cameras....
now to have one in my house, in my most comfortable area in my house (living room/bed room) and have a camera?!?! unless im making a porno, i dont want xboxOne!!!
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Army_of_Darkness  +   654d ago
We talk about the restrictions more because..
Anyone that owns a PS1,PS2 or PS3 already know that Sony will deliver the exclusive games 110% which is why we don't need to worry about that topic...
And Like always, Sony will get nearly all of MS's 3rd party timed-exclusive games, plus more.
If you think anything coming from EA or activision would stay exclusive to one console, then you clearly are in denial and need to get smacked by a wegman's 14" sub with all the toppings!
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malokevi  +   654d ago

"Titanfall + BF4 + Watchdogs = all multi-platform "


I will enjoy! :)
DragonKnight  +   654d ago | Well said
Let's say for the sake of argument that this article is right, that MS had a better "games" presentation than Sony (complete B.S. but I digress).

Why do you think that is? I have an answer for you. It's not that Sony didn't have the games, it's not that Sony didn't want to show games. It's just another symptom of MS' previous screw up forcing Sony to focus on aspects they should never have had to focus on in the first place.

Sony made their stance about used games and DRM PERFECTLY CLEAR in February, but NOOOOO, Microsoft comes out with their B.S. restrictions and suddenly morons who own gaming news websites jump on Sony as though they were grouped together with Microsoft and absolutely HAD to answer what Microsoft did. It didn't matter that Sony provided the answer well before Microsoft's policies were announced, B.S. excuses like "they weren't clear" and "we have sources" started coming up. Everyone demanded Sony answer questions they already answered, and they had to do it at E3 or else no one would have been satisfied (they still weren't.)

Even now after Sony announced their policies people STILL think that the PS4 will have the same policies as the X1 thanks to the phrase "up to publishers." Sorry folks, publishers can only dictate how their game works, they can't dictate how the console works. Without the same hardware/software hooks in the PS4 that the X1 has, that kind of DRM simply won't work and the worst you MIGHT see is a lockout of online content until an authentication is made, but single player content can't be locked out.

Anyway, the point is that Microsoft's idiocy and the refusal of the fanboys and moronic "journalists" to accept Sony's answer from February meant that Sony had to devote time at their E3 press conference to discussing something that shouldn't have ever been an issue to begin with. Sony showed more overall games than Microsoft at their presser, they announced a higher number of in-development games than Microsoft, and unlike most of MS' games, Sony's games are of course multiplat, or straight out exclusive and not timed-exclusive.

Whether you think Sony or Microsoft had the better games event, there can be no argument that refutes the fact that Microsoft forced Sony to talk about things they shouldn't have needed to talk about instead of more games.
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GrandTheftZamboni  +   654d ago
"Microsoft easily had a better GAMES presentation than sony."
Nope. They didn't have inFAMOUS.
abzdine  +   654d ago
sony won everything this time and we can see the effect of this with the pre-orders.
GamesCom will be the best place to show what Sony's european studios have been up to while MS will have nothing to show.

Greatness awaits
Ritsujun  +   654d ago
MS lost everything.

FrostyZipper  +   653d ago
Aw God wrong comment, how embarrassing.
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Denethor_II  +   653d ago
@TotalHitman "Why are people still willing to give up their human rights, to give up their freedom all in the defense of Microsoft?"

According to the person who wrote this opinion piece, we're 'entitled' for wanting rights.
Ares84HU  +   653d ago
@JokesOnYou and malokevi,

You are both idiots. Simple as that. Only an idiot would say the things you said. Despite all the restrictions that MS is putting on you with the X1 and Sony showing you in the past years how much more exclusives they put out as opposed to MS you still try to spin things in MS's favour. Why do both of you insist to piss against the wind?? Both of you remind me of that old mole from Ice Age 2 where the young ones are trying to get it out of it's hole because he will die when the flood is coming but the old mole insits on staying and sais; "I was born in this hole and I will die in this hole."

Well keep insisting on your stupidity. Stay with MS and enjoy the 1-2 exclusives you might get each year while people who have a quarter of brain left and a basic understanding of consumer rights will choose the PS4 and enjoy 5-10exclusives a year esily.

It amazes me how insanely dumb some people are. I just hope that whoever these guys are, work for MS and it is their job to go on message boards and bullshit. Otherwise, they have a serious brain problem.
malokevi  +   653d ago

Whooaaa there, boy, eaaassssyyy now.

I know it may come as a surprise to you, but we don't all agree on everything. I know... silly, right?

When I see this:

I don't really see much that I'm interested in. However, to me, the Xbox launch titles look great. As stated... DR3 + Titanfall + BF4 + Watchdogs + KI = launch satisfaction!

I never have and never will be interested in arguing about what I consider non-issues (all-digital, being on the internet, Kinect... ect ect.)

If that makes me "stupid", well... that's great! Being stupid will free up more time fie me to enjoy my new consoles!

Clearly that irks you... but that's alright, too. :)
1Victor  +   653d ago
hey bungie = joke on you I see you're working hard on that MS reputation management job you have. Nothing new to see here in this article its just another rep manager doing his work trying to make Microsoft look good online wile failing badly
Anon1974  +   653d ago
This article fails right from the headline and doesn't stop with the suck.

"Sony won the PR battle but lost E3"?

E3 IS a PR battle. That's kinda the point.

The nonsense continued on through to the "confidence in Microsoft hardware" part. I pretty sure that's the first time ever that statement has been uttered without the words "no" or "lack of" preceding the statement.

And the anti-Microsoft sentiment is unfair and just based on "poor communication" on Microsoft's part? Again, the author clearly shows how out of touch he is with the gaming world. While there was a fair amount of confusion leading into E3, Microsoft confirmed everyone's fears just prior to E3. That's why gamers are upset.

Vote down for this article and this site from me. Just nonsense.
thechosenone  +   653d ago
Just about everyone has said that Sony won E3 including Michael Pachter. But if this is what it looks like to lose then I'm perfectly ok with it.
gaffyh  +   653d ago
Wars are made up of small battles, so if Sony won the war, then who cares about the E3 battle?

Seafort  +   653d ago
"Gamers have been fooled." - really? The Xbone games were being played on a PC with a more powerful nvidia card than xbone has. Now who's been fooled?

@malokevi Just wondering if the digital era is a bit early for consoles atm. I mean I can't imagine downloading 25GB+ of data just for one game on xbone or ps4 and that is if your ISP allows such downloads.

It's all well saying how the digital age is going to be great and all but once you are exclusively downloading these AAA games at 25-50GB+ at a time you might just change your mind.
The ISPs aren't exactly moving forwards and letting their customers download unlimited GBs anytime soon.

Be careful what you wish for. It might come back to bite you in the ass :P
SecondSon  +   653d ago
Guys please rate down articles that are just flamebait. These writers know what they are doing just look at the heat this article received just for being controversial.

N4G is a goldmine for these type of writers that make a living by embarrassing themselves and shaming honest journalism.

By voting them down we can help make N4G a better source of accurate information.
hay  +   653d ago
Dear author of the article.

jorja303   653d ago | Spam
pixelsword  +   653d ago
@ gaffyh

Wars are made up of small battles, so if Sony won the war, then who cares about the E3 battle?


You have it.


About the story:

I don't see how multiplatform games constitute a "victory" only in that Microsoft made the public aware that they also have these games.

No offense to Microsoft fans, but the XboxOne lost on all possible fronts:

1. lack of exclusives
2. higher price
3. more restrictive platform (for both companies and consumers)
4. lack of technological gaming innovation (a great T.V. remote, though)
5. lack of proof/confidence of hardware functionality

There's more problems if you split hairs, but calling the "presentation" of games a victory is a moot point at best considering all they did was show great games that will be on both consoles.
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Foliage  +   653d ago
Get ready for Kinect + http://www.cbsnews.com/8301...
sinjonezp  +   653d ago
Games? What games? Outside of Titan fall, Forza, and Dead rising, what games? Killer Instinct? The game is only 720p in a generation where games should all be 1080p. I am sorry but they did not have enough games to make me accept the bar of entry. Who let these people sound off? The sega dreamcast had great games and look what happen to that system. Bottom line, with all the bs they are doing, no matter how many games they buy up won't save that disgrace of a betamax box. I am not saying sony has the best line up in the world, but at least they care about gamers and that will solidify the system in the long run.
BozoLoco  +   654d ago
Well, the author did write a piece on privacy about Xbox One that attacked Microsoft directly, so I think their coverage generally has been balanced.
NatureOfLogic  +   654d ago | Well said

"All of this represents a growing anti-Xbox One sentiment that is unfair, even in the face of Sony subtly saying gamers now need to pay to play PlayStation 4 games online. Once one of the most appealing aspects of Sony's online service, free online gaming is now a thing of the past. Yet barely a word has been spoken, probably because Sony managed to so well smudgily attack its closest competitor with opposing features that had neither been confirmed nor denied for Xbox One. It was all just a product of Microsoft's miscommunication."

That's some deep denial and bias. They attempted to make PS+ seem like an major negative and failed to mention the benefits. They also failed to mention that PSN is still free to play with f2p games, messaging and sharing. All in a attempt to make their console of choice look good. Not balanced at all.
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HammadTheBeast  +   654d ago | Well said
According to them Forza 5 is "brilliant and poetic" while Knack plays out like a PS2 game, and DriveClub is lame.

Yeah, credibility at its finest.
badz149  +   654d ago
how can you expect any credibility from a site named games.nine"MSN".com. au? it's a M$ infested site and guess what is at the top right corner...a bing search! so...of course they are going to defend M$ at all cost!
FrostyZipper  +   653d ago
I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head there. That the PS4 will allow consumers to play used games without a fee and not be required to be connected to the internet every 24 hours should not have had to be advertised as a feature when so many of us would have expected this to begin with.
hakis86  +   653d ago
What a complete 100% flamebait headline - not even clicking it to read.
Donnieboi  +   654d ago
Microsoft paid all of those 3rd party companies to show off their games at e3. But they were multiplatform games lololol.
Tctczach  +   654d ago
Lol Because All Those arcade Games That Are Timed Exclusives And Watch Dogs, Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny, Final Fantasy And Kingdom Hearts Are All Exclusives? Someone Needs To Watch That E3 Conference Again.
S2Killinit  +   654d ago
Can you count? Should I really write the games down for you so you can count them? Sony has more exclusives. Also I think we all know by now who brings more exclusives over each generation and let me tell you, its not Microsoft.
Reverent  +   654d ago
@Tctczach, why are you typing like that? I read that as if you were some sort of monotonous robot.
BABYLEG  +   654d ago
I would like you to lust all the ps4 games and I guarantee I dont like any of them besides infamous. 8gigs my ass. First Sony fooled gamers with the gigs talk, now its the restrictions talk. Sony has effectively removed Games from the discussion
rainslacker  +   654d ago
Huh? The PS4 doesn't have 8 Gigs of memory? Do you know something the rest of the game sites don't know?

Also, it's MS who removed games from the discussion. They wanted people to focus on the games, people were wanting to know what they hell kind of abomination the X1 was with it's restrictive policies. Because of MS, this is the first E3 where most people went in wondering about something other than the games, and even now, it seems the games mostly don't matter.
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fsfsxii  +   654d ago
MS paid Geoff Keighly to say this: "People think that Sony is the white knight of gaming"
And turns out Sony IS the white knight of gaming. Really wanted to see the look on Geoff's face after Sony's E3
malokevi  +   653d ago
"and even now, it seems the games mostly don't matter. "

and that's where I disagree with... all of you.
PFFT  +   653d ago
lol funny thing is that most if not all of those said PS4 "EXCLUSIVES" were nothing more than indie titles. Yay for you. All else will too come to the XBO.
waltercross  +   653d ago

It was MS Talking about TV/SPORTS/Kinect....even now, Sony did talk quite a bit about games, at the REVEAL to!.
dedicatedtogamers  +   654d ago | Well said
The amount of goalpost-moving I've seen in defense of the Xbox One is truly staggering.
jmc8888  +   654d ago
What's really funny is he says he saw both consoles goods'.

No the author hasn't. He's seen PC games and PS4 games.

Thus he is comparing a high end PC to PS4...so yes, PS4 doesn't look as good as those.

The key thing to remember is, how much worse will Xbox One look like compared to what you saw from the PS4? Because that is what will happen. How big a gap will it be between E3 and what the console struggles to put out? That will be his first comparison.

Xbox is clearly behind, and the rumor says about 6 months in game development, and nothing that we've seen goes against that assessment, even if it may not quite be like that.

Looks like their cloud service isn't going to be as good or as available to other regions. Not a big surprise.

Also what Microsoft did isn't a misdemeanor, it's felonious.

People do realize that here in America we got Nixon to resign before impeachment over something less significant to what a single Xbox One with Kinect 2 sensor does and will be exploited against its users.

I'd say my opinions are quite based off numerous facts that the author haven't caught. Thus he wishes to pause before allowing people to have conclusions, when if the person has been paying attention they know there is already quite enough information to make a legitimate determination.
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S2Killinit  +   654d ago
lol true that. Didn't we just see the pictures of PC's in the Microsoft booths? I've always trusted in Playstation to bring the games, and they have never failed to do so. Every generation, PS delivers and not just at the beginning of the generation (like some others). Playstation has games to the very end and they support their consoles for longer than any other company. To deny this, or to fail to credit them for this, is to betray gaming.
jmac53  +   654d ago
A year or two from now we will really see the difference that the GDDR5 RAM and the better GPU can do in multiplatform games. The cloud won't save MS then.
JsonHenry  +   654d ago
I simply can't wait for the PS4. I won't be buying an X1 unless MS reverses policy/terms of use.

But if I had to pick a "winner" at E3 it would be Ubisoft. They showed the most "next gen" looking games that are not rehashes with better graphics (Watchdogs, The Division!!) and they seem to be setting the bar for what next gen hardware will be capable of.

I just choose to have my pick of Ubisoft being played on the (better!!!) PS4 than the offerings from MS or Nintendo.
WolfOfDarkness  +   654d ago
Lets just look at the FACTs and happening now , Almost %75 of the polls all over the net is about purchasing PS4 , the guy who wrote the article might Be drank , What does he mean when he quoted " Xbox one won the capabilities and power ?! "
aceitman  +   654d ago
But they are just games,comment had me laughing isn't that what its about and having the power to make games run 1080p 60 fps more detail . and here we go again an article with some jokester defending the wrongs of ms , why is anyone bringing up ps + for ps4 online pay , ms still has it and still are going to charge for x1 so , y bash it its still free on ps3 and always will be . so they start with ps4 with a low price and charge for online play only , not to do everything else is which it should be on live. they have nothing they can say about ps4 to bash but the ps+ online games thing , pathetic fools . hell they bash ps3 for being to high now ps4 is to cheap if they took a hit on the console and need to make up for it on online ps+ eat it up at least u get free games out of it , if sony can take a hit to keep gamers happy , we can do the same and support sony and pay for online gaming .
jmac53  +   654d ago
What do you expect from a fool writing on a website sponsored by MSN.
wastedcells  +   654d ago
Websites looking for hits.... Nothing to see here folks. Just desperation.
imdaboss1  +   654d ago
come on now Sony have a lot of exclusive games ..Last gen PS3 murder the 360 with exclusive games..Sony will show more exclusive game this year and next..they have plenty no one have to worry about it..just check their track record last gen..
MRMagoo123  +   654d ago
Nothing to see here its a site run by MS lmao the guys not going to say yeh the ps4 is better. The ps4 is outselling the Xbone in preorders by a large margin here in Australia, you can go into any EB games or JB hifi and its the same story its at least 3 to 1 sony to MS.
rainslacker  +   654d ago
lol, kind of hard to take the article seriously when they say they wouldn't be surprised if Knack ends up an downloadable only title. Ignoring the fact that you can already preorder it at retail.
Zool 08  +   654d ago
And another thing M$ used a PC with the top of the range NVIDIA graphics cards to show off their games, so so it was the idiot who wrote this article that was fooled, not us.
Jazz4108  +   653d ago
Thats a huge lie. I was at e3 and thdy both had dev kits hooked to pcs. People lucky enough to get private demos played rigbt from the xboxone. Unless you were there you would know all dev kits use a pc.Just some stupid Fanboy shot a pic of a pc and u can see the dev kit rigbt next to it. I guess its okah touse psmaina site as proof of the best controller. Cant wajt for both consolss to come outas e3 was a lot of fun wjthout all this whose betterr they leave that for hits on there sites. Have fun arguing or bashing ms jf thats your thing.
showtimefolks  +   654d ago
Yeh I rather let Sony fool me instead of MS lying to me

Don't forget MS have us on its core base for last 3 years to chase kinect casual gamers. So now all of the sudden we are important again. Nintendo and Sony have a long history of supporting gamers while MS have a 10 years trak reord of giving up on its console when a new one gets releases

But it's ok Xbox defense force is out to defend MS even though MS is out to fool people like them into buying their system

Ps4 is more powerful yet cheaper but Xbox one costs more

Sony from day one with ps3 wifi,built In hard drive in every system and bluray now ms is trying to join in to say we are making a true next gen system when it's Sony actually making a more powerful machine
chuckyj1  +   653d ago
Well of course the Xbox One will cost more... Because, every box includes an extra piece of Hardware... The Kinect 2.0

If you bought the PlayStation Eye toy and the 2 or whatever controllers you need to play it. The cost would be roughly the same.
showtimefolks  +   653d ago
I am glad we are given a choice on whether we want it or not, ms on the other hand is banking on kinect 2
Phoenix76  +   653d ago
@chuckyj1 The PS Move controllers that you are referring to are no longer an essential part (or parts). As now the Dualshock 4 pad has built in move features.
itBourne  +   653d ago
My biggest thing is the games, and Sony always has and always will win on that. M$ throws out tons of money to buy games for the first 2 years, but they have no studios. Case and point, the Last of Us, OMG maybe the best game ever, and its the end of the ps3 life cycle. Because Sony has the best, and some of the best devs int he business.
dale_denton  +   653d ago
of course this idiot would bash sony, he works for MSN... microsh!t
N311V  +   653d ago
Ninemsn is a 50/50 joint venture between an Australian TV channel and Microsoft. Nothing they publish can be taken seriously.
Gamer1982  +   653d ago
I think the guy who wrote this article has been fooled as if he did his research he would realise the Xbox One games he had been playing were played on top of the line PCs on W7 with Nvidia cards NOT Xbox ones. Thats why he saw a difference in swing of Xbox.
GrathiusXR  +   653d ago
If you look at the picture it's taken at the LocoCycle booth.

Killer Instinct on the floor had Xbox One kits right under the TV open to the public hooked up to TV's.

Forza 5 behind closed doors was shown with an Xbox One clearly visible to those in the presentation.

Don't believe everything you hear and read.
mi_titan27  +   653d ago
I also thought I saw somewhere that the xbox games at E3 were played on PC's with NVidia graphics?, PS4 games were played on PS4's. So did he truly see the real power of the X1?
Syntax-Error  +   653d ago
I understand
What he is saying by gamers have been fooled. He's referring to the controls and games he has played on display. Granted, some aspects of the PS4 don't concern me because I dont care about games being traded or loaned, but I do understand the seriousness when it comes to buying used games. I also feel that the $60 yearly fee for XBL is out of line. There's no reason for such a price hike. If you break down the the price of the system, they are virtually the same. Some gamers have been drinking the Kool Aid and are so invested in MS bashing that they don't really see the obvious. XBOX ONE is $100 more because it comes with Kinect. PS4 comes with NOTHING. If you add the PS4 eye, it would more than likely come close to the same price tag. I preordered my PS4 on Thursday because I enjoy Sony exclusives, but I don't really understand a lot of hate considering Sony was the first one to give the thumbs up on DRM. Of course they backed out of their plan at the last minute, but they were the forerunners 2 years ago. How quickly people forget.

Death  +   653d ago
It really is amazing how ignorant people can be. READ your USER AGREEMENT in any game you like. Your illuion of rights is based on misinformation. It is clearly stated in every user manual. I would like to think I own my $60 game and can do as I like, but the publishers state otherwise. The software we play is leased and comes on disc media. Digital content adheres to the actual "Rights" we have. Digital content is not traded, sold used, given to our friends to borrow, or even returned. It's amazing none of you knuckleheads that think you have "rights" with software have questioned why downloaded games aren't burnable. We pay for the experience, not the plastic.

Hitting disagree is easy. Taking the 30 seconds to read your user agreement is the first step to knowing what your "rights" actually are.
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Bobby Kotex  +   653d ago
The linkbait sites ruined N4G. There could actually be gaming news here.
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GT67  +   653d ago

is he serious?? was he really at E3 or smoked some STRONG shit and imagine he was there.
only FOOL here is whoever believe this crap for writing this shit.
#1.23 (Edited 653d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
nosferatuzodd  +   653d ago
indeed he claimed Xbox one edge out ps4 with graphics he didn't tell anyone that Microsoft was so ashamed of their own hardware that they were showcasing their games on a high end PC using nvidia graphics card get the hell out of here with this crap yes Microsoft showcase a lot of games but running on some nvidia graphics card give them 0 credibility of what the system can do
#1.24 (Edited 653d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Syntax-Error  +   653d ago
LOL@"ashamed of their own hardware." -SONY FANBOY
NextGen24Gamer   653d ago | Spam
ZombieKiller  +   653d ago
WTF?! MSN is a Microsoft site...did anyone even read this butthurt fanboy shit?!

Oh no Sony lost! Yeah...looks like it doesn't it? What was that other article I read? Gamestop preorders double that of Xbox? Guess they lost huh?

Honestly, I could give a shit less who wins and who loses. I was still a PS fanboy when they we're the so called "underdog" to Xbox. You know won this E3? I did when I preordered my games and next gen system....the PS4.

Flamewars are for flamers.
BallsEye  +   653d ago

Why you all do this every day by having facebook accounts? where all your private info is shared...you have there NO RIGHTS AT ALL, yet nobody complains. You don't think clearly.
donkeynutz  +   653d ago
Not really. sony stated they wont put any restrictions on first party games. but third party games are free to put any restrictions on the game if they please.Im still buying the ps4 though !
a_bro  +   654d ago
Microsoft dollars at work. Hey brah, your poll says otherwise lmaooooooooo
#2 (Edited 654d ago ) | Agree(62) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
vector415  +   654d ago
lol... that's just hilarious
N311V  +   653d ago
More true than you might realise ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...
Moonman  +   654d ago
Maybe that's why I know a legion of PS4 future owners and zero Xbone ones. And I know many with a 360. Go figure! ;p
T2  +   654d ago
Same here its not coincidence
Zool 08  +   654d ago
Even a friend of mine who hated Sony and was a staunch 360 person is getting a PS4 next time round, anther one absolutely slagged off M$ on face book, M$ won nothing as far as I'm concerned, not even showing your games PC using NVIDIA graphic card.
PirateThom  +   654d ago
"Gamers have been fooled" = "No one is buying Microsoft's crap any more"
GreenRanger  +   654d ago
Sony won my money, and Microsoft lost it.
Belking  +   654d ago
Can't lose what you never had.
GreenRanger  +   654d ago | Funny
@ Belking
So THAT'S why I can't seem to lose weight!

Thanks for enlightening me.
FrightfulActions  +   654d ago
Are you kidding? Green is in his name, I'm sure he's loaded. Zordon pays well, have you seen the kind of mechs they get to pilot? You're just jealous you don't have an enormous mech dinosaur.
zeroskie  +   654d ago
I thought you were making fun of Tommy for being poor, but then I realized you just aren't the biggest MS supporter.
M-M  +   654d ago
What the heck is a Belking?
SilentNegotiator  +   654d ago

I found something in the archives about such a creature...
The technical name is Microsoftius-Bulls**ticus. They think that everyone that doesn't love everything someone does, never liked it ever. A truly primitive creature.

Related image(s)
#5.1.5 (Edited 654d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(1) | Report
Thegamer41  +   654d ago
Probably means King of bell ends, judging from his comments.
EcoSos3  +   654d ago
"The Forza Motorsport 5 demo I saw was very eloquent, almost poetic. As far as I'm concerned, Sony didn't delve quite as deep into demonstrating its games like Microsoft did. The Forza 5 demo made me want to elope with it. It looks outstanding, and is a far more appealing racing exclusive than Driveclub, although that is looking great on its own accord. Just remember it's a launch title being offered up for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Expect people to forget about it within 12 months of launch. Forza is maturing at an impeccable rate, and its frequency and improvement I feel are giving it the edge over Gran Turismo."

^This had me laughing for a wile.
Felonycarclub8  +   654d ago
LMFAO that had me rolling especially the part about giving it the edge over gran turismo
jerethdagryphon  +   653d ago
As far as I kmow no auto company approaches turn 10 to run sim data on new cars or asks them for dashboard graphics. Polyphony is still asked for that help and gt-r dash board dials are made by polyphony which means that gt5s gt-r is a polyphony gramic of a polyphony graphic..
BuffMordecai  +   654d ago
Oh really?
NihonjinChick  +   654d ago
"Only it's not. Microsoft has no obligation to a market as small as regional Australia, and Australians need to stop crying foul"

Woah, no wonder why people hate us Americans. I can't believe someone can be so ignorant.
SALT  +   654d ago
The author like myself is Australian - his point is valid its a big country he was having a crack at some peoples sense of entitlement when essentially common sense would have sufficed instead of attempting to high hat a perceived negative that is not MS problem
NihonjinChick  +   654d ago
Oh, you are right. He is Australian but that doesn't mean that what he said was right.

Believe it or not, gamers are all over the world. If MS wants to succeed they need to appeal to more people. If you reach more people that equals more money. At the end of the day, it's not going to be US sales that matter, it's going to be how many consoles they push worldwide.

All this is doing is losing potential customers.
N311V  +   653d ago
The author is also employed by ninemsn which as an Australian I'm sure you're aware is a joint venture between a TV station and Microsoft.
blind-reaper  +   654d ago
that is just stupid coming from an AUSTRALIAN gaming site.
Rhythmattic  +   654d ago

Its all in the Name..

A web site in which Channel Nine and MS are in partnership.
NihonjinChick  +   654d ago
You are right. It is an Australian sight with an Australian author but I don't take my comment back. What he said was ignorant. All MS is doing is pushing away potential customers. Developers are not going to develop for a console that doesn't try to reach certain consumers. They are going to want to develop for a console that reaches as many consumers as possible.
Rhythmattic  +   654d ago
I agree 100% with your comments

Just wanted to point out the power behind the publishing.
SALT  +   654d ago
Why? Australians are able to see value in the XB1 like anyone can. Just as i see that with PS4

Just as im loving MS innovation and tech in a console 10 times more powerful than 360 - its gonna do stuff im interested in.

When i spend my money on a PS4 then theyll have won me over. I have choices -

Ill prob get both systems but im gonna enjoy the XB1 first or not? Cant see how i wont
Rhythmattic  +   653d ago

Fly That MS flag kiddy.
HammadTheBeast  +   654d ago
Microsoft is relying MASSIVELY on the US to pull them through with the Xbox One. Region locks, TV only in US at launch and other things prove this.

However, don't most Americans have cable TV or some form of alternative?
SALT  +   654d ago
Well thats ok - thats MS choice. I dont understand why world domination is so important? Competition and variation/innovation is great for gamers. We have 2 diff systems in front of us offering diff experiences.

Personally im looking forward to the social aspects that open you up from the closed XBL network. Id be able to send you a skype call or record a video msg bang it across the net

Both will play BF4 the same and many games will be identical identical in terms of performance

If PS4 starts pulling ahead noticeably down track ill invest
Belking  +   654d ago
it ain't over til it's over. There is still months to go before the consoles are released.
TheEvilWithin  +   654d ago
Keep telling yourself that. I'm sure Microsoft has locked there self's in the bathroom sitting in the corner rocking saying the same thing.
MasterCornholio  +   653d ago
You expect Microsoft to make changes to the console 6 months before release?

Are you hoping that Microsoft will beef up the specifications and make it more powerful than the PS4?

Neither of those two things will happen because if they were to redesign the hardware they would have to delay the launch of the system by a year or two. And thats something that Microsoft cant afford because Sony is launching their PS4 at the end of this year.
Thundercats713  +   654d ago
Let him get the X1 and in a year tell me how you feel about it then.
#10 (Edited 654d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
jcnba28  +   654d ago
I agree with this article, sony used xbox 1's flaws to win in the pr department. While I will never buy an Xbox console the X1 showed better exclusives than ps4 and Nintendo had the most out of the big 3. The only exclusives for ps4 on launch day is killzone, drive club and knack... these games are not systems sellers.
Metfanant  +   654d ago
you might be right about those games not being system sellers to some...but I would wager the better looking/performing versions of Battlefield and CoD will sure help....

manny1up  +   654d ago
Correction MS showed "TIME EXCLUSIVES" games which inevitable come to PS4 ! ..Remember Mass Effect , DeadRising , Bioshock just to name a few .
TheEvilWithin  +   654d ago
YOU NAILED IT! Bubble up for you my friend!
AdrianHD  +   653d ago
Dead Rising 1 never came to PS3, did it?
Parapraxis  +   654d ago
PS4 launches with 5 exclusives right now.
Infamous: Second Son
Killzone: Shadow Fall
Drive Club
The Witness

Along with:
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag — Early 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online — Early 2014
Warframe — Early 2014
Tom Clancy’s The Division — Early 2014
Watch Dogs — Launch title
Battlefield 4 — 2013, Possible launch title
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Early 2014
Dying Light — Early 2014
Wolfenstein: The New Order — Launch title
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Early 2014
Destrania  +   654d ago
Go to IGN for the real games list. You're missing quite a few.
VforVideogames  +   654d ago
Keep all of those games just give me FORZA 5
SpinalRemains  +   654d ago
Second Son isn't a launch game.

Just throwing that out there. I thought it was too, but it's not until next year that we will get to play it.
Daz  +   653d ago
some pc games nice
overrated44  +   653d ago
And Infamous is not a launch title, it is "launch window" but you will not be able to pick it up on day 1. The only reason I know this is because that game looks damned good. Can't wait for the PS4 launch.
Destrania  +   654d ago
PS4 has the dominant launch line-up by a landslide.
#11.4 (Edited 654d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
AngelicIceDiamond  +   654d ago
Please don't kid yourself. MS showed more original titles.
AdrianHD  +   653d ago
No it didn't. Forza is a proven series, we have no idea about Drive Club so far. Knack looks cool, but that's about it. Killzone, well it's Killzone; which has never been a system seller.

Ryse looks pretty cool. While I admit the quick-time events look overdone, I have hopes they'll fix it.

Dead Rising 1 was a big game for Xbox 360, I can only imagine with the huge popularity in zombie stuff that Dead Rising 3 will be great.
Hicken  +   653d ago
Killzone sells about as well as Forza, which you call a "proven" franchise, so, uh...

Oh, and Drive Club has a proven developer behind it, which is just as weighty as a proven franchise.

But no. Let's diminish the import/impact of the PS4 games to suit your argument, and NOT talk about how generic Ryse looked, or how Dead Rising will probably make its way to the competition's hardware like its predecessor. Yeah, DR1 never made it, but Mass Effect 1 did, when it was supposed to be exclusive.

I could be wrong, but wasn't Bioshock the same?

Bah. Who can be bothered to look at things objectively.
ylwzx3  +   654d ago
Even if MS pulled back all that crap I still wouldn't buy it. Who is to say they wouldn't try to implement it again.
zeroskie  +   654d ago
So this is what denial looks like.
Williamson  +   654d ago
We know Sony will deliver with the games, that's been the case since the ps1. Not to say the Xbox one games revealed were bad, but infamous second sons looked better than anything Microsoft showed IMO.
Rhythmattic  +   654d ago
I must say, having watched this Video in 1080, Wow...

PS. Loved Infamous 1 and 2.

#14.1 (Edited 654d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
SpinalRemains  +   654d ago
It is beautiful and fun looking isn't it?
AnteCash  +   654d ago
XboxOneHundred more dollars
edonus  +   654d ago
BMWs cost more than Fords.

The ONE is a fully stocked console the Ps4 is a stripped down console with less features and innovation.
Kujii  +   654d ago
Good luck playing your innovation offline.
MariaHelFutura  +   654d ago
"The ONE is a fully stocked console the Ps4 is a stripped down console with less features and innovation."

That doesn't make sense. The PS4 is smaller, has better specs, is less restrictive in every sense of the word and to top if off is less expensive.

I'm not sure how that equates to "stripped down".
edonus  +   654d ago
Me and 90% of the gaming market has not been offline in over 8yrs no luck needed I will be enjoying the crap out of the innovation

I feel sorry you let Sony Jedi mind trick you into thinking the internet is bad. Its funny because you are on the internet right now but some how you are scared of it. Irony.

The specs comparing likes are better, like ddr5 vs gddr5.
But things they never factor in in those spec charts is eSram and cloud computing. Too be fair I would say current cloud computing models. They also bnever factor in the fact that since the discs play from the hard drive it transfers faster than from disc. And if we just skip all the tech stuff the ONE showed games that looked better than what Ps4 had. At this point the Ps4 has to prove its power no free rides.

And it less expensive because out the box there is no video chat, voice command or gesture support and functon on the controller are non functional like recognizing player position and light bar Move functions. and thats just what it loses that it could have that the ONE has. The ONE also has more features on top of those that even a maxed out Ps4 doesnt. You can tell me you dont like them or want to use them but it doesnt matter because they are still functions and they are still there.
#15.1.3 (Edited 654d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(20) | Report
MRMagoo123  +   654d ago

"Me and 90% of the gaming market has not been offline in over 8yrs no luck needed I will be enjoying the crap out of the innovation" 90% huh thats kinda odd considering more than 30% of the 360s sold where never used online so even at a push it would be 70% that have never gone off line right?. You xbone fans are so funny, do some research kid then come back and talk with the adults k

"And if we just skip all the tech stuff the ONE showed games that looked better than what Ps4 had" the only game that looked AS good as the ps4 games was that titan game or what ever it was called but we later found out it was running on a far more powerful pc than the consoles.MS games wont and cant look better than the ps4 games the cloud wont do sh!t and even if it can it wont be for years and years probably after the next gen is out,you need to get MS out of your mouth and wake up.
#15.1.4 (Edited 654d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(11) | Report
saint_seya  +   654d ago
Hey edonus, stripped down console that its more powerfull, has better price, more support #because besides all big studios u have the full indie support#, showed games on dev kits #not windows 7 computers with nvidia video cards#, has an online with more value #u pay less, get free games, has no paywall for apps like nextflix, hulu, youtube#, f2play games are still free to play without psn+ and last and not less important, exlcusives are EXCLUSIVES (not shared with pc or time exclusives)...

Go back to MS, tell them to pay u more to do their propaganda, cuz getting owned for nothing isnt good =)
edonus  +   654d ago
Good observation but I never specified Xbox 360s. I said market (since i would believe the ONE is being sold to more people than just the 360 owners of the last 8yrs).

The market consists of 360s Ps3s Pcs Ipads and any other devices that go on the web and and I feel pretty confident in saying at least 90% of products designed to go on the web are on the web.

Your other point is moot considering there are no final builds yet. So we have to compare what we see as it is given and if it changes we can give props to who ever shows to be truly better but as of now... what MS showed as there goals for final project out paced what Sony showed as its goals for its final projects.

And you expose your self with the cloud cant do $h!t but you dont explain why.... I know what the cloud is and what it can do. Just saying it wont do $h!t doesnt change that. Are you saying you cant offload console data processing to a server and use the save processing power to push more of the local functions..... if so you fail and that is all people are saying about the cloud computing.

Uh oh I guess its time for the shill bombardment.

quickly more powerful only in theory comparing likes and not factoring other hardware and function like the cloud

Has inide support and will have idie support and quite frankly who give care about indie games at a console launch.

what it was running on is not clear specific and doesnt means the system cant reproduce.

box live has 300k servers backing it. It has been fast and powerful. Azure network ftw.

XBL has free ames, and removing the paywalls you speak of and has F2p games.

console wars are between console if you start talking PC Ps4 and ONE get crushed on most fronts. You cant just cherry pick what you want to debunk something if you use some you gotta use it all.

day ONE
#15.1.6 (Edited 654d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(14) | Report
rainslacker  +   654d ago
90% of the gaming market hasn't been offline in years? Care to post some link to back up that statistic. Even about 40% of MS own install base isn't on Live.

I don't know what happened to you edonus. You've always used the "media is evil, you're all stupid argument", but at the very least you could back up what you said with reasonably well thought out arguments. Now it seems like your just a PR mouthpiece clinging to hyperbole.

Edit:I'd also like to point out, there is out of the box voice chat. Sony is including a headset with every PS4. Also...like I"ve pointed out to you many times before, MOST GAMERS DON"T CARE ABOUT KINECT!
#15.1.7 (Edited 654d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(3) | Report
MRMagoo123  +   654d ago
"And you expose your self with the cloud cant do $h!t but you dont explain why.... I know what the cloud is and what it can do. Just saying it wont do $h!t doesnt change that. Are you saying you cant offload console data processing to a server and use the save processing power to push more of the local functions..... if so you fail and that is all people are saying about the cloud computing."here is enough proof about cloud edonus http://www.eurogamer.net/ar... its a good read if you can keep up with the technicals of it all, as they say in that article and 7 others i have read the internet isnt fast enough to do squat for the games in real time, the only thing it can help are static things so its not useful and it wont increase the power of the xbone by any amount what so ever. I know this article has been linked a lot but thats what happens when facts are shown and are explained, rather then the BS MS says like "the infinite power of the cloud" lmao. There is nothing infinite about the cloud especially if the net goes down or gets hacked.
Kujii  +   653d ago

Wow the Microsoft Marketing fairytails are strong with you.

That gesture innovation your talking about
Samsung have done for awhile now

Amazing graphics you saw at E3
Played on machines that are not spec'd the same as XboxONE

Power difference doesn't matter?
Not according to somewhat credible sources

Oh and Santa doesn't exist.

#15.1.9 (Edited 653d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(6) | Report
jessupj  +   653d ago
If by 'stripped down' you mean '50% more raw power' then yes, you are correct.

And if by 'fully stocked' you mean 'fully stocked with draconian policies and restrictions and numerous barriers interrupting your play' than you are also correct.
#15.1.10 Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report
unicron7  +   653d ago

So wrong man. The PS3 has better specs under the hood...that's a fact. Cloud computing is bullshit, and even then you have to be connected to take advantage of it. Way to alienate people offline...oh yeah, that's right, people without an internet connection are SOL anyway.

Also, the PS4 has a headset right out of the box as well. People don't need a gimmicky camera in order to talk with their friends. Thus the $100 less for a quality console. It does feel nice getting a BMW cheaper than the Ford with a shitty camera attached to it though.

The One did have some great looking software at their conference. Too bad I won't be buying any of it due to MS's crappy policies regarding DRM. Anti-consumer.
#15.1.11 (Edited 653d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
FrightfulActions  +   654d ago
Why did this get approved?
#16 (Edited 654d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Nocando  +   654d ago
Yeah, how DID this get approved on N4G? Amazing.
BallsEye  +   653d ago
Was thinking the same. N4Sony Fanboys only approve Sony friendly articles.
aaron5829  +   654d ago
his opinion...

what matters to me most is... Sony has won for me... again.
MRMagoo123  +   654d ago
Sony has won for nearly everyone the only ppl saying other wise are either invested in MS or are part of MS themselves like NINEMSN. The ps4 is out selling(pre order) the xbone world wide by a large margin now.
#17.1 (Edited 654d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Sabres  +   654d ago
I think that portraying Microsoft as the "victim" here is laughable. The big bad consumers are the real problem here. Riiiight.... Drama queen.
Belking  +   654d ago
I don't need to read that to know MS had a much better E-3 showing than sony. They brought the games and that's what I care about the most.
SpinalRemains  +   654d ago
Transistors clouds sports tv tv Spielberg future family

Ad nausem.

Gran Touring  +   654d ago
I find it especially strange, that very little credit is being given to Sony for continuing to support their "Last-gen" system, ala PS3. I didn't see any mention of exclusives for the X360 or Wii, (well I guess we can't expect much of the latter) while the PS3 is still pumping out heavy-hitting titles later this year, possibly even past the launch of the PS4.

Beyond and GT6 could have easily been moved to the PS4, in an effort to persuade consumers to "make the jump" to next gen. And let's not forget The Last of Us which just released, and is almost unanimously being heralded as PS3's greatest exclusive; some going so far as calling in game of the generation.

As a PS3 owner, I'm grateful that Sony still sees potential in extending the portfolio of games for a system, even while it's successor is to technically replace it, in only a few months. I just thought I'd make this little point, after so many people criticized Sony for having a lackluster showing of games for E3 this year, and even some articles I remember reading last week going so far as to say "Someone should tell Sony this generation is over..."

Really, I honestly wish Nintendo and Microsoft had as much faith in their older consoles as much as Sony does.
OrangePowerz  +   654d ago
TLoU is without a doubt for me one of the standout games this gen alongside MGS4, Heavy Rain ( I know it has it's flawes), Red Dead Redemption, Uncharted 2 and a few others.
Belking  +   654d ago
"I didn't see any mention of exclusives for the X360 or Wii"

Well you didn't look hard enough. They did announce exclusives, plus the next summer of arcade titles which are also exclusive. And that's not all. They haven't even announced that we will be able to connect the 360 the the xbox-one yet.Sony made a mistake by not including a HDMI in port. It's gonna come back to bite them.
OrangePowerz  +   654d ago
A gaming console doesn't need an HDMI in port. All it does is add costs to the console. People need to stop being so lazy that they cant press 2 buttons on a remote to change the channel.

Edit: The HDMI in forces you also to have 2 devices turned on instead of just one because you need to have the device running that feeds into the Xbone and the Xbone itself. So waste of energy.
#21.2.1 (Edited 654d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report
Rhythmattic  +   654d ago
The HDMI input allows Microsoft to overlay data inc Ads.

My thoughts are , Imagine Watching ANY free to air or cable tv program , and 'between' Ad breaks ,MS overlays ads tailored to you..

It wont effect original TV Advertising spots in any way..Thats the beauty (evil) of the system .

MS are going to add more Ads......

Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads
#21.2.2 (Edited 654d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report
Hicken  +   653d ago
Oh, they announced em? Why didn't you name any of them?

jerethdagryphon  +   653d ago
Hdmi in is for the cable box so xb1 can do its tv stuff thats it no secret joining 360 and xb1 together even if you could all it would do is allow 306 voice turn on ....
iceman06  +   653d ago
That's a great point. While MS had to bring the games for it's next gen console, Sony was charged with showing what it's next gen console could do AND also prove continued support for 3 consoles on the market. Sony attempted to appease ALL corners of the gaming market with it's E3 show. It showed further development in the exclusives that it revealed. It showed that PS Vita would have more games. It showed that PS3 is still a viable choice. It showed 8 indie games live on stage. Plus, to try to sway some of the Xbox fans, it showed some multiplats being played as well. MS might have showed some great exclusives (opinion), but Sony showed that it is truly listening to gamers of all types.
FRA85  +   654d ago
lol funny article.

it was a joke right?
Jihaad_cpt  +   654d ago
sad thing is no, no it wasn't a joke
jambola  +   654d ago
I have seen countless comments about xbox 360 users saying they'd be getting ps4. I have yet to hear from anyone with a ps3 planning to switch to xbox one
Destrania  +   654d ago
The launch line-up on PS4 completely decimates Xbone. And that's just the 1st party titles. Including all the exclusive F2P titles and indies, there's simply no competition. Best versions of 3rd party titles will be on PS4. There's far more games in development on PS4 than Xbone. Far more EXCLUSIVE games in development for PS4 than Xbone.
gamertk421  +   654d ago
Not even close, but the vogue is to say Sony is better at everything, when that is simply not the case.
Hercules189  +   654d ago
and yet none of them are as interesting as the microsoft exclusives.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   654d ago
I kept telling people that those speds on paper meant nothing that was just pr stuff and the talk of it being powerful than a PC. The gaming gods have unveiled the truth.
Edit @ below this message for you.
#24.2.1 (Edited 654d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report
xkevmandc  +   654d ago
The TRUTH have been told...
GraveLord  +   654d ago
Nope. Sony won E3. If you can't see that then you're blind.
This E3 was about more than just games. It's about which console we're going to have under our TV for 5+ years. Sony convinced us that the PS4 will be that box.
Belking  +   654d ago
"Sony convinced us that the PS4 will be that box"

They didn't convince me....lol if I'm going to pay for online i'll just stick with MS dedicated servers. I can wait till 2014 for ps4 since that's when gaikai will supposedly be ready. But knowing sony it probably won't.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   654d ago
The article is spot on ps4 games dont have that pizzaz. Several writers from Neogaf thought the games were underwhelming.
Neogaf Reported that Drive Club is the worst racer of them all.
Destrania   654d ago | Trolling | show
rainslacker  +   654d ago
What if Sony has dedicated servers also? I mean MS will provide that through their Azure cloud, why couldn't Sony. After all when it comes to game engines, they'd be more prone to provide their online components in a similar fashion. Just wondering, not saying Sony will do that.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   654d ago
That's right MS does have dedicated servers with the X1.


"Perhaps most intriguing, however, is that Xbox One gives game developers the ability to access Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform. That leads to a few obvious and immediate applications: All your downloaded and installed games and achievements are synced to the cloud and can be accessed and played without interruption on any Xbox One you sign in to; stable, dedicated servers for every multiplayer game rather than the notoriously fragile practice of hosting matches on one participant’s console; even multiplayer matches that can grow to 64, even 128 participants, rather than the usual limit of 16 or 32."

If that's the case then COD will have dedicated servers on X1. If Infinity Ward is smart, they would opt to this.
AdrianHD  +   653d ago
That point is giving the Xbox the benefit. If you are going to have it under your TV for the next 5 years, you'd want the one more built for the future. While amazing PR, the PS4 is a straight-up gaming system. What this site and everyone disagreeing with all of the pro-Xbox comments don't understand is that some of us do more than play games. I like to use my Xbox for more than just games, it's only obvious that I want to do more on my next Xbox.
GraveLord  +   653d ago
...and PS4 can't be used for more than games? Netflix/Hulu/VUDU/Amazon Instant Video/Redbox/Music Unlimited/Video Unlimited/etc/etc.

PS4 has every single app and service that PS3 has and it will only get more over time.

You are falling into the Microsoft PR spell. They are giving you tons of useless apps that you will never use. It's time to put on your thinking hat and ask yourself, how many of these apps and services will I really use? Will they not be available on the PS4?
OrangePowerz  +   654d ago
Awe poor MS, why won`t those bad evil gamers stop bashing them? They are just misunderstood. /sarcasm

After playing The Last of Us I`m not sure MS can even beat the best PS3 games on their next console. And thats not because DRM and so on but because of the development studios MS has.

I do think that MS had a good show games wise, but they lack variety you got your shooters and you got Forza. In the meantime Sony still didn`t show what Naughty Dog or Santa Monica are doing.

Dead Rising 3 looked ok, Watch Dogs and inFamous looked a lot better in my opinion from every aspect. And being able to go and look for your tablet or smartphone while being surrounded by Zombies to call in a mortar attack isn`t a great feature.
Destrania  +   654d ago
I agree, nothing even comes close to comparing with The Last Of Us. Everybody who says they're a gamer needs to play that game. Can't wait for PS4.
AdrianHD  +   653d ago
Killer Instinct? Ryse? Project Spark? D3? LocoCycle?
NeoTribe  +   653d ago
All those games you just mentioned look like trash.
AdrianHD  +   653d ago
@NeoTribe Uh no. I know a ton of Playstation fans who are super excited for D3. I can't wait for Quantum Break. Saying those games look like trash just means you're close-minded :) I can't wait to play every platform's games!
TheKingslayer  +   654d ago
This is a fantastic article. Paying attention to both conferences Sony basically had a reveal like Microsoft did on May 21st. They spent close to over an hour talking about games (they didn't show any new ones or first party titles), movies (They had the head of Sony movies on stage) and music. They showed mainly third party games which are multiplatform, along with mainly the games they showed off all the way back in February. We didn't see one game that showed off the so-called 50% more power that the Playstation 4 is supposed to have.

The fact that they are still supporting the Xbox 360 with games like "World Of Tanks", exclusives that will be on the system as well Xbox One. Microsoft showed more of commitment to games that I didn't expect. Especially when all we heard after the reveal on May 21st was that they needed to show games at E3. I say they delivered, regardless if we all don't agree with their policies.

I found it even more ironic that Microsoft opened the show with Metal Gear Solid 5, which looked absolutely gorgeous. Even a game like Infamous Second Son didn't capture gamer's attention like the exclusive TitanFall. Spark was unbelievable with it's potential for creator made content. We didn't see anything on or equal on that level from the PS4 titles. People are praising an HD remake of Kingdom Hearts. Really? It doesn't even matter if it's timed exclusive, because even if it is. The latest it will come to the PS4 will be late 2015 or early 2016. By that time there will certainly be more exclusives for both consoles.

So yes Sony has trounced Microsoft in terms of policy, used games plan, and PR. Yet, if we are talking strictly games, and who showed up to E3 with exclusive games, as well as third party games. Microsoft with Xbox One dominated across the board gaming wise. Which system people get is totally up to them.
#28 (Edited 654d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
OrangePowerz  +   654d ago
We are talking about launch titles that have been developed based on the old specs of 4GB RAM so dont worry.

For how many years are people playing World of Tanks now on PC?

TitanFall is CoD with Mechs and the main reason why it got so much attention is because it's made by guys who worked on the best selling console games ever. And how many games shown at the MS conference are developed by them compared to just throwing money at publishers and devs?

KH3 is not a HD remake.

Sony has a lot of devs that didnt show their games yet like MM, Naughty Dog and Santa Monica.

MS mainly showed shooters ( after all they aim the console at the average american Joe) while Sony has a huge variety of games from shooters to racing, platforming, action and a huge amount of indie games and they still support the PS3 with 4 big games this year from their 1st party.
TheKingslayer  +   654d ago
I'm sorry Orange. As much as I respect your opinions. I can't let you make up your own facts. If E3 is about the games then every company has to show up with them in some form or fashion. You can't simply tell me about Sony's studios, them having great franchises, and they show up with none of these games they are capable of during E3. Then turn around and try to discount Microsoft showing up with games.

If you want to "try" and discount TitanFall that's up to you. We have never seen a game like it. It has essentially become one of the most talked about games around the world. Sony is also throwing money at developers and publishers. You can't get exclusive content from Activision on Destiny without forking up some money. You can't get an exclusive bundle for the PS3 with third party games for free. Sony is dipping into their money chest. How do you think they are getting exclusive content even from indies? They are making deals Orange.

Microsoft also didn't just show shooters. Forza is not a shooter, Spark is not a shooter, Quantum Break is not a shooter, Killer Instinct is not a shooter. They had variety, and again you add in some of the indie games they showed. I believe they showed off a variety of game genres.
#28.1.1 (Edited 654d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(5) | Report
jetlian  +   653d ago
king I think quantum break is a shooter but the idea is good either way. I'm getting ps4 but XBO does have the better games shown so far.

I'll take ryse over knack, I'll take titan/halo over killzone, I'll take forza over drive club. They haven't shown a fighting game and I can't comment on QB vs infamous yet

But MP games are expected to be better on ps4 and most my games will be those. AC4,WD,BF4,COD cant go wrong with those
#28.1.2 (Edited 653d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report
xkevmandc  +   654d ago
All Sony fans crying...want to play uses games on a new consoles...lol
dc1  +   654d ago
CNN, MSNBC,BBC and various State side newspapers remind us that this was not/is not a "fanboy" issue.

You should really remove that word from you vocab as makes you sound like a 13 year old...unless..
oxcar1  +   654d ago
Doesn´t matter, i just don´t care about Microsoft or Xbox anymore, xkevmandc are you deaf, blind, stupid, drunk or something? The fact is simple: you buy it you own it. Plain & simple, plus console specs help a lot.
SpinalRemains  +   654d ago
well yeah. Renting saves thousands of dollars.

Smart gamers rent and experience all titles for ¼ of the cost, minimum.

You cannot do that. You wouldn't need to though anyway since you'll be playing cod ghosts for the next 13 months.
gehasoku  +   654d ago
ninemsn ← see.
Veni Vidi Vici  +   653d ago
That's why I selected "WTF" and "No" for the link. Get this crap off of N4G. I don't mind differing viewpoints but I don't like them when they come from the company. Can we say biased?
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