GTA4 Pre-Orders "Ahead Of Expectations"

TVG writes:

"We all know GTA4 is going to sell well. The first in the series to enjoy the benefits of a simultaneous launch on both major formats, GTA4 is widely expected to surpass sales of even the mighty San Andreas, which currently stands at 21.5 million units.

Still it seems Take Two are predicting higher than expected sales with claims amidst a recent conference that "pre-orders are ahead of expectations"."

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rbanke3491d ago

First game ive ever pre-ordered.

masterg3491d ago

The users have voted.
This is not the first title you have pre-ordered... LOL Priceless.

Even though GTA4 will sell tons it will not get near 21 million.
The install base is simply too low.
GTA4 (Part two) has a shot of getting there.

sonarus3491d ago

Yea i kind of see your point but i feel it will get there eventually. Only time will tell but in general once GTA4 arrives, both the Xbox360 and PS3 automatically become more attractive consoles. So the install base will grow. By yr end the combined install base of both platforms should be close to 50 million so 12 million isn't really that far fetchd

rbanke3491d ago

@masterg HAHAHA apparently they know more about me than i do!

mikeslemonade3491d ago

You guys can hype this game all you want but in reality it won't sell as well as the GTAs on PS2.

Danja3491d ago

I kinda agree with that Mikeslemonade...

but it will probably be the best selling game on both consoles this year though

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The Killer3491d ago

and the opposite in USA!!

rockstar better make this game good on ps3 and uses the extra features on ps3 if they wanna get more gamers, because am thinking to wait for GTA5 on ps3 because i have a feeling it will be exclusive or time exclusive which will give them the chance to use the potential of ps3 power! what u think guys wait 2 years or just buy this one?

VaeVictus3491d ago

to ensure stockholders don't bend to EA's buyout offer. There's no doubt that GTA4 is going to move millions of units, but in light of recent events it is apparent what is going on with a story like this.

iceicelandic3491d ago

I think it is very unlikely that the sales of GTA IV is going to surpass the 21.5 million sales of San Andreas for at least a year because there are only 28 million consoles out there that can play GTA IV right now and not everybody is going to buy a copy. But i am sure some weirdos are going to buy it for both there consoles.

Xi3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

will also be released on pc... So I'd expect them to allow preorders for the pc right now too.

also, I think that many people might be buying a console to play the game.

Frnicatr3491d ago

When I had my 360 I pre-ordered for both 360 and PS3. But then I gave my stupid 360 to my girlfriend :) So now it's only on pre-order for PS3.

OOG FunK3491d ago

or it could be the fact that it actually is preordering really well.....if not dont you think this so called shareholer story would be um trying to push how well it is selling in the states and not be downplaying it???? dont be a fool

VaeVictus3491d ago

spin stories? If you would have read my 2nd sentence, you would have gathered that I agree this game will sell very well. Now that I've updated you on the comments of my entire 1st post I'll ask that you use your noodle a bit. Yesterday, T2 was imploring their shareholders not to bend. Today, this story hits. The link is not that hard to see.

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