Retrospective: Sega's Consoles

In the latest edition of the Double Edged Sword, 411's Vincent Chiucchi takes a look at Sega's consoles and decides which were actually good, which were bad, and which were somewhere in between.

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INehalemEXI3492d ago

I almost bought a Dreamcast last night for Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and Shenmue.

InMyOpinion3492d ago

The Master System ruled! Golden Axe: Warrior, Phantasy Star, Y's Adventure and Wonder Boy III were among my favorite games.

triarii853492d ago

its too bad you didnt buy one, because dreamcast was the sh**.if you can remember it came out when ps and N64 were still out, so people with dreamcasts got to experience next gen graphics 2 years before everyone else. not only that, so many good games. i actually think the only game i bought for my ps or n64 after i bought the dreamcast was perfect dark. dreamcast was all i needed baby. i later bought the xbox, ps2, and gamecube. and although i wouldnt put it above the ps2, i enjoyed it more than the xbox, and it was on par with the gamecube.

slowlearner3492d ago

It had a great library of games that kept me gaming for many years.

Street fighter alpha 3, virtua cop 2, and fighters megamix ftw!

BigKev453492d ago

Saturn sucked, I'm sorry. But dreamcast was the s**t.

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