E3 2013: Finding that Superhero Spirit in Infamous: Second Son [SideQuesting]

Steven Strom writes:

"Sucker Punch has already proven they can pull spirit of comic book characters, plot, and powers. If they can bring that same personality to the environment players will protect or destroy — with a whole new cast, to boot — Infamous: Second Son stands a chance of being the best superhero game ever."

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KillrateOmega1800d ago

And I shall help it get there :)

JewyMcJew1800d ago

It's already there! (just hope there is less melee combat)

S2Killinit1800d ago

its looking real good this

SpinalRemains1800d ago

I'm already missing the lightning tether.

Coolest superhero power ever!

I hope this new Navajo kid has some badass moves too. I'm thinking he will.

inFamous really does capture the comic book superhero in a very fun and satisfying way. The characters are likeable, and they whoop some ass.
What more could a gamer ask for?