Unreal Tournament 3 Map Pack Released

Epic sends along an Unreal Tournament 3 bonus pack, adding three maps to the PC version of their multiplayer shooter. The 160 MB download includes Unreal Tournament 3 versions of the classic UT maps Morbias and Facing Worlds, as well as an all-new Capture the Flag map titled Searchlight.

A PlayStation 3 edition of the map pack will be available as a PlayStation Store download later today.

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INehalemEXI3620d ago

Right on, When can I get them skins?

Drekken3620d ago

Cook them up for the PS3, k thx...

njd823620d ago

Where are they for Ps3??? eh??? huh Epic? Can't hear you!!!!

St03620d ago

"PS3 users can download it directly from the PlayStation Network."


gw4k3620d ago

Actually play this game on the PS3? I bought it and play very little. In most cases the servers are fairly empty.

It could be an awesome game.

What do you all think?

Erethond3620d ago

Nice. Facing Worlds is my favorite UT map.

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