SimCity Getting Fifth Major Update, Focused on Multiplayer and Regional Gameplay

While some of the most staunch critics of SimCity consider its multiplayer aspect like the worst blight on the franchise (and on humanity), today Maxis released the patch notes of the fifth major update that will affect the game starting on Tuesday, and guess what? It’s main purpose is to improve multiplayer gameplay and inter-city communication and interaction.

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SIRHC131804d ago

No city limit expansion? No deal.

HammadTheBeast1804d ago

The mutliplayer is supposed to "expand" the game, but its the very thing that kills it.

ironfist921804d ago

Has this gone offline yet?

Anthotis1804d ago

The game hasn't, but i'm sure the server often does.

ElementX1804d ago

I'm having fun playing Sim City. The online only doesn't bother me because I have plenty of other things to do if it goes down :P

Anthotis1804d ago

That mindless attitude is the reason the gaming industry is heading the way it is.

ElementX1803d ago

I'm not going to let DRM keep me from playing a fun game.

blackmanone1804d ago

Sim City cracked on Skidrow... not promoting illegal distribution of games, but if you bought the game and want offline, here's your chance.

It's still legal to obtain a copy of a game you currently own as a back up, isn't it? Was a few years back.