Yoshida: Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Will 100% Launch on August 27, 1.5 Million Players in Beta

While Square Enix already announced a launch date of August the 27th for Final fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, there have been quite a few questions from the press and from the fans on what would happen if some serious problem or catastrophic bug surfaced during the latest phases of the beta. Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida has always been rather conservative when asked that kind of question, saying that the possibility of delaying the launch in that case was indeed on the menu.

Today the Japanese website 4Gamer published a new interview in which he seems a lot more confident about the set release date.

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NatureOfLogic1927d ago

The beta is extremely fun. I've decided to pre-order this game so I'll have it at release. Also, I'm so happy that phase 4 characters will carry over to official release. I hope that doesn't change.

Abriael1927d ago

From what Yoshida said, that's unlikely, even if they can't 100% promise it won't happen because somethig could always screw up badly.

And yeah, the beta was awesome this weekend. The only flaw is the fact that some armor paints are too opaque, but they already said they'll fix it.

Xof1927d ago

Is it really that fun? I bought XIV at launch, played it for about a week, and found just about every aspect of the game to be abysmal.

I find it really hard it's improved much at all.

Abriael1927d ago

It's not "Improved" literally. It's a completely new game.

Of the old game they kept only the story (that is now the prequel), the classes (just in name as the abilities have been redone) and some models for characters, monsters and equipment (that are now much expanded and redone anyway).

They scrapped everything else replacing with completely new stuff. New engine, UI, gameplay,game world and so forth.

It's a completely new game. You could call it a sequel, but sequels normally don't change as much as this one did.


maybe you need to try it again. it got better towards the end of ver 1. ARR is much much better, its closer to ff11

Xof1927d ago

Hm... guess I'll try and give it a shot this summer. I'm approaching my LAST SEMESTER, so I don't really have the time for an MMO, but I'd love to see a real successor to FFXI.

Baka-akaB1927d ago

I'll be redondant but yeah , it's a new game entirely , with mostly chain combos elements , the lore , plots and artstyle being similar

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nick3091927d ago

The ps3 beta is very laggy. Square puts awful work into it..... Look how the last of us runs on ps3 square... Fix this by ps4 ver and ill buy.

Abriael1927d ago

Comparing a single player game with a MMORPG is *always* very fallacious.

MMORPGs have to put a lot more elements on screen, and the number of characters to render at any given time is very unpredictable.

For a MMORPG, it runs awfully well on hardware like the PS3 that has a fraction of the power of a PC and, a ton less memory.

R_aVe_N1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

This was the first round of beta for the PS3 so you expect problems like that as long as the problems get reported they should be fixed by phase 4. They have been doing really well with bug fixes. You can not compare a MMO to a Stand alone game either that just makes no since. With the last of us all the information is on a disc, with a MMO that is not the case. A lot of information is on servers so that factors into you overall playing experience. Sounds like they just need to speed up the servers abit. Personally if you are going to play a MMO it is better to get it on PC in the long run will save you a lot of frustration.

Firan1927d ago

Did you just compare a single player game to a MMORPG?

nick3091927d ago

I compared the multiplayer, and i saw other mmos on ps3 runnin better anyways, game is out soon so its late beta

Baka-akaB1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Those other mmos ran worse in their beta , closed and public . And your comparison still doesnt make much sense imo .

Launch DCU and beta Cu werequite different in perfs . And yet it was a late beta too . A few months does make lots of difference , especially if you were purposely given an older build

Abriael1927d ago

In multiplayer shooters you still have a LOT less people running around.

despair1926d ago


agreed, DCUO was buggy as hell, slow running and crashed often in the beta. It was way better for launch.

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StanRaimondi1927d ago

@nick309 Just curious what other mmos ran better? Please don't say DCUO or Defiance. Because both of those freeze, lags and disconnects from server alot. FFXIV ran pretty damn smooth not perfect but good. Might just be my experience but i played up until the severs went offline this morning and didn't have lag like your saying.

nick3091926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Dcuo didnt really lag or freeze on me. Defiance wasnt laggy either for me. and i played a bit of dust 514 and it was solid even in beta. Its just that some developers dont wanna optimize mmo's for the hardware, trust me ps3 can do better look at other stuff. On ps4 itll be different though cuz of the ram itll run smooth.

Redempteur1927d ago

That was probably your connexion as the beta wasn't laggy for me.

NOt much than the usual lag when loading an area that all the MMos have.

The only thing the need to do is to fix the main instance quests ( those lines dammit ) and enable the duty finder.

The game is awesome.

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If you have a decent PC id skip the ps3 version.

NatureOfLogic1927d ago

It's not that bad. My current PC which is "decent" and lags so much more than the PS3 version, also I expect the PS4 version to be better once it releases.

jjb19811927d ago

I'm going in on the ps4 version in 2014.

Yukifumi1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

I been reading a lot of reports and I don't know if the ps4 one will be better. I know it will be better spec wise but the sub fee will be more expensive because there is no cross servers. Most people will want to play on the PC that's one of the main reasons for the cross server So to cut cost for gamers and the company have more players online then having a few for the ps3 they wanted to have a more enjoyable experience. From what I have read the PS4 will have a completely new server so you will only have a small fraction of people to play and pay on the server. Also I don't think players can log in to their existing account so why would players who have spent money and leveled their characters start over from scratch.

NioRide1926d ago

My rig isn't that good but I ran the game maxed out *all settings high at 1920x1080* on my rig.

8GB DDR3, and this is with Eyefinity enabled, playing a movie on one screen, my browser on the other and FF14 running on the last one.

Really I did't have any graphical bugs stutters or slow downs.

R_aVe_N1927d ago

I spent a lot of hours in Phase 3. It was really enjoyable and kept me wanting to keep playing it. I pre-ordered the collector's edition on PC as soon as the beta was finished.

Martywren1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Awesome game i just hope this game have a high install fanbase when it come too p2p, i hope this game never go to f2p.

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