Dark Sector on the PS3 and 360. Which version is better?

You can usually tell when a company thinks one version of the game they've worked on is better than the other; just look at what copy of the game you're given to review. In many cases, you'll be given the 360 version only, and that's usually a tip-off that some corners were cut while making the game run on the PlayStation 3.

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wolfehound223711d ago

I just don't understaind how some developers still leave out multiplayer aspects. Like ranked games or quick game. I meen Warhawk did this great why can't other companys.

sonarus3711d ago

because sony should be handling it on their console sort of the way msoft does. Probably developers way of telling sony to get their act together

kevoncox3711d ago

Everyone champins the open network aspects that Sony has created but they don't understand alot of the reasons MS as decided to go a standard route. Issues like these are a non issue on 360 something that I'm happy about.

I love the fact that sony's online is free but it needs refining and there is almost nothign Sony can do about it because they said i would be based on developer discretion.

wow4u3711d ago

Sonarus, that is the most rational thing I've seen you write. Bubbles for you.

Clearly, the development environment, middleware (software and service) relating to Xbox LIVE enable the developers. That is what MSFT has been saying all along: to take care of all the back-end stuff and just let the developers create great games.

The problem with the PS3 is the software libraries that require developers give up a good deal of memory and CPU resources if they want to enable featuers on PSN in the same way as Xbox LIVE.

The stories covering these issues -- from the development perspective -- are all over the internet.

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OoLegendoO3711d ago

I have to disagree. Not every multiplatform game is better on Xbox 360, even EA managed with AoT to create a game which is equal on both consoles.
Ah, I think Oblivion is better on Ps3, not sure.

sonarus3711d ago

Army of 2 equal?? Was thinking it looked better on the 360. Graphics on the ps3 version were very inconsistent. Characters always looked detailed but not the environments. Overall a lame game

Honeal2g3710d ago

Army of two was made by EA if only they were motivated to make use of there resources (money,Developement studios they held Captive)....but seriously the only game they have made that i really enjoy is BattleField i just love that game to death ...and Madden but only cause thats the only football game kinda forced to deal with it

BigKev453711d ago

How about this for a answer, neither!

games4fun3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

how pathetic it was to stare and look for small imperfections and how biased everything was but i dont have the motivation, anyway crow away at this game nobody cared about but all of a sudden they do now wonder why?

lol @Altis i have to say my wallet tells me not to waste it on a game like this when i will barely be able to buy the good Sony exclusives not including the good multiplats