E3 2013: A Look at Bungie and Activision's 'Destined' Newborn | Hardcore Gamer

Hardcore Gamer: A closer look at the game will show you that what may seem like a regular shoot-em up can also be a delving RPG; what may seem like a mix of Master Chief and Modern Warfare can also harbor Street Fighter-like on the fly online matches and the ‘loot’ of the Borderland universe.

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This game is gonna be awesome also The Division looked sweet as well for my CO-OP fix.

Commodore_1832d ago

The Division demo ended was amazing. Running into another team online look to scavenge some good out of no where with no cut-scenes in between. And that public event at the end of Destiny was too much. I loved it.

MizTv1832d ago

I wonder how many players online?