17 New Battlefield 4 Vehicle Customization Screenshots Surface

As we draw closer to Battlefield 4 hitting consoles and PCs around the globe, several new screenshots of BF4′s vehicle customizations are surfacing on the web and pushing us towards the conclusion that boats will just be OP.

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Wormwood1774d ago

Liking the Looks of the level of customization that we'll have. And those Boats...plz nerf...

caution41774d ago

I agree, boats are totally OP. haha

elhebbo161774d ago

same thing can be said about tanks. but they all have there flaws know... boats cant run on land.

Omar911774d ago

I wasn't a fan of battlefield 3 after playing and after I platinum bad company 2, however battlefield 4 looks amazing! Might be one of my launch titles.

mistecheese1774d ago

dude, they NEED to bring back the AT4!

AT4/rpg = skill

Stinger/Igla =/= skill

xseven1774d ago

I know it's likely goin to be on next gen, but did DICE say anything about the new platforms at E3? This was like the worst week to be living in a cave (aka buried at work)

NegativeCreepWA1774d ago

Runs at 60 fps, with 64 players on next gen consoles.

xseven1774d ago

Nice! Thanks for the update

Skate-AK1774d ago

What Creep said. No mention of resolution yet though.

KwietStorm1774d ago

There's plenty of videos on YouTube from PlayStation coverage, IGN, Gamespot, twitch replays..

GamePeace1774d ago

How very exciting! The new vehicles! Holy shit! The only good thing about this game is the feature of running at 60fps at 1080p, so I can think: "If this game can do it, the games I will wait for can do this aswell."