Video: PS3 Eject Button Exploit *Update*

A couple of days ago, Spiker debuted his hack on Sony's PS3 system files, which he accessed under firmware 2.17. While a lot were impressed, there were also a good number of doubting Thomases that milled about the news.

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crillyconlig3767d ago

have to say this made my day, all fairness, this is pointless

happywozere3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

My ps3 ejects discs when i press it, but it doesn't when i RUB it. Watch the video again, first time round he was pressing the eject button and second time round he rubbed it. Nothing to do with a exploit.

Skerj3767d ago

Yeah man, I tried rubbing mine that fast too and it didn't work either. Shenanigans still called!!

tethered3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

It's complete BS.
This guy thinks people are fools and they wont check it out for themselves. lol

If you have a PS3 go ahead and try what he just did.
Slide your finger back and forth across the eject button and see if it ejects. It wont. Now place your finger on the eject button. It works!

Marceles3767d ago

Not to be an ass...but why do all the guys with exploits and hacks for the ps3 have the cheapest gaming setups of all-time? Those in-game xmb pics with a blurry camera and an sdtv...this guy's setup...oh well, at least this is a video for once

Premonition3767d ago

I agree, just enjoy the system as is, if you wanna mess around with stuff use a PC or something lol, i never want to mess with a 600 dollar system.

gw4k3767d ago

That is a funny observation right there. This guy is hacking his brains out in his trailer. Working on an old 17 inch tv. haha

Naturally he doesn't work....namely because he stays at home figuring out how to get the PS3 to malfunction and prevent the discs to eject. Again, awesome hack.


Marceles3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

lol yeah, i have to admit i was on the same boat day i'm just expecting some hacker jerk in a mansion who owns a yellow Hummer will hack a PS3 with his hi-def 1080p camera on a 70" Bravia screen with surround sound

edit: LMAO @ trailer

djroberts3767d ago

Because that's all they do, they don't make any money...

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gw4k3767d ago

IS that guy talking about. So this hack makes it impossible to eject a disk by hand on the system? Sweet. I will do the same to my system.


molsen813767d ago

I agree with happywozere. He's pressing it the first time and the disc is ejected. He then tries to rub the eject button without adding any force. We're not stupid and this is indeed pointless.

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