Nintendo Boasts Most Fun Slate at E3

Hardcore Gamer: Nintendo may not be aspiring to revolutionize the medium, but they’re proving to be a crucial haven for our sanity amongst the onslaught of mature, overly-complicated video games.

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Hadoukameha1769d ago

Nintendo actually has mature titles (Fire Emblem) and even its more easy-going franchises (like Pokemon and Mario) have had some relatively dark-ish themes, something I'd like to see expanded upon.

Knushwood Butt1768d ago

Depends on whether you believe it's only possible to have fun playing Nintendo games.

FlyingFoxy1769d ago

I'm not liking the fact many games are becoming more gritty and realistic, because it's not just the graphics but the gameplay going that way as well.. now that works for a few games, but i found others like GTA IV boring compared to San Andreas and Vice City because of that.

This is why i really like Nintendo lately, also MK8 looks really good even if the Wii U is below PS4 technically.. still looks great with that style it uses, good enough for me.

Going too far with realism ruins a lot of games i think.

TongkatAli1769d ago

Ok, you aren't smug at all Nintendo /s.

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