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Is P3P worth playing if you’ve already played Persona 4?

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ApolloTheBoss1835d ago

On my second playthrough of P4G in order to get the true ending. When I'm one with it I'm definitely trying this out.

Protagonist1835d ago

Cool, it can be hard to get the true ending, but the game is awarding with at least 10 more hours gameplay.

Protagonist1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

A P3P review?? greatness!!!!

Anyway I´m one of those who feels P3P is the best persona game because of the characters, storyline and the ability to control the whole party in a battle like in P4 but in contrast to the PS2 version. The missing cutscenes does not make any difference (just watch´em on youtube) and pointing around in the city (as in P1 & P2) instead of running around (as in P3 and P4) was a releaf for me, as it becomes very trivial to run around all the time through the game. There is is also the female protagonist in P3P which makes you want to play P3P at least twice.


See the gameplay on the PS Vita here.

Dianne1835d ago

Its an excellent game.
I felt the point and click took personality away from the city, probably because I had become accustomed to being able to walk around the town in Persona 4 Golden so it was a difference I felt from the start.

Protagonist1835d ago

Excellent indeed! actually P3P is my all time favorite game.

Bimkoblerutso1835d ago

Yeah, I missed the immersion of the 3D environments. I wish they could combine the best features of the PSP version with the best features of FES.

Still an incredible game, though.

ONESHOTV21835d ago

this guy is late to the party lol ....... but yeah both P3P and persona 4 are very good games to try both are different in the own way..

Protagonist1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Just shows what great games can do ;)

6 years since it initially got released and it is still getting top reviews.

ONESHOTV21834d ago

yeah ur rite man i finished both on the vita had to replay both 2 times..... i also tried persona 3 fes on the PC don't have it for the PS2 ... lol don't hate me for downloading PS2 games to my pc

Protagonist1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

No hate at all. Btw Persona 2: Innocent Sin the enchanced version for the PSP which can be bought through PSN is worth a try too, even though the battle system is not as good as P3P/P4G... (Persona 1 is too outdated)

Watch Persona 2: Innocent Sin on the PS Vita here.

Dianne1834d ago

I'm considering trying Persona 2, I heard its difficult to get a balance in the fighting. If you talk your way out of fights you get items but are too weak and if you spend your time fighting you miss out on the items so its been said you have to spend a lot of time purposely getting into fights so you can have a balance of both.

ONESHOTV21834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

yeah im trying out person 2 rite now on vita its a bit confusing because its so different from persona 3 and 4 but it has good music and a good story i think persona 2 is connected to person 1 because how could the clown know the main character i never play person 1 so im just questing here..