GamesBeat: Call of Duty: Ghosts brings Splinter Cell-style stealth and a drone-like dog

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi describes what's good and not good about the first previews for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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darkronin2291736d ago

I feel like they're emphasizing the dog too much. Too many Peter Molyneux flashbacks to care...

FrightfulActions1736d ago

As someone who never played or had any interest in the CoD games I have to admit the dog actually did make me interested in this one. There are so few games out there that utilize having an animal 'sidekick'. Dead to Rights, Fable, Haunting Ground, Skyrim and Fallout are only the couple of games I can really recall having pet dogs (though Im sure theres more).

Only thing that turns me off a bit is the fact that I know its CoD so the story, AI and mechanics of the singleplayer are likely going to feel bland, lackluster and tacked on just to avoid selling it as an multiplayer-only game since that's obviously their main crowd. From my understanding the majority of people who purchase the CoD titles don't even touch the singleplayer bits.

I like stealth, I like dogs. Maybe I'll enjoy the singleplayer of this game.

Donnieboi1735d ago

So u think a dog, of all things, is enough to change your opinion and buy COD? A dog.

Well, okay then...

FrightfulActions1735d ago

I didn't say I'd buy it. Just that I'm more interested in it. Which is saying a lot considering I've never been interested in a CoD title.*

*Though I will admit I watched a few lets plays back in the day when they brought in Robert Englund as a playable character in one of the zombie maps. I'm a huge Freddy Krueger fan so I had to check that out.

Also, yeah. Its just the dog I'm interested in. It's CoD, it doesn't have much else going for it for me. The only thing that seems different is the dog. Still skeptical over them actually handling it well though since the single player parts are typically glossed over and tacked on when it comes to such heavy MP-focused titles.

Huge stealth fan too but I doubt it'll be very good. I can just see the dog AI messing up stealth kills by barking or walking out of cover. Unless they can polish it and make it decent its just going to feel like a tacked on gimmick.

Long post short, if it looks like I'd have fun playing through it then why shouldn't I play it? I don't care if its CoD if it looks like it might be fun. I have low expectations due to the brand name but that doesn't mean I should just overlook it completely.

KillrateOmega1736d ago

As a guy who has played Call of Duty and Splinter Cell, I'm very skeptical about this kind of statement.

Shadonic1735d ago

As am I COD and stealth from what I saw and experienced is like COD the fish raw laced with Rich vanilla Ice cream.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1735d ago

i heard the dog has a dog... we can send dog out to revive soldiers... and the terrorist also has a dog that trys to out do your dog... you heard it here first!!!

NameRemoved00171735d ago

Call of duty dog ain't got shit on Crysis 3 Toad.


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