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Submitted by StinkiWan 970d ago | news

PS4 Pre-Order Bundles at Amazon: Only Way to Get a PS4 at Launch

DailyGame: "With Amazon’s stand-alone launch units allocated, the online retailer opened up a host of PS4 launch pre-order bundles, which are now racking up orders just as quickly. If history is any indication, you’ll want to head over to Amazon right now and get your PS4 pre-order bundle ASAP." (PS4)

iGAM3R-VIII  +   970d ago
I cannot wait until this beast launches!
abzdine  +   970d ago
I preordered mine yesterday and I can finally sleep in peace!! I'm still impressed x1 is in second position! Doesn't make any sense after all this drama.

Greatness awaits
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infamous-butcher  +   970d ago
ME too. I can't wait for this.
The local game store in our town, only had 4 PS4 pre-orders.
As in 4 people pre-ordered it out of about 14000 people in my town). This makes me sad.
BF4 here I come.
jmc8888  +   970d ago
It's because the PS4's numbers are split between about 6 or so different versions to xbone's 1.

If you look at all the games, controllers, PSN vs Xboxlive cards you'll see that PS4 is blowing Xbone out of the water.

The PS4 camera sold more than the top rated Xbox One game.

PS4 has four games in the top 20. Xbox One has 0. Their best, again, is Forza at #22.

Xbox One was the most 'wished for', while PS4 was 3rd. Which means the xbox one was expected to be better and when it turned out it was as horrible as it is...specs..price...drm...NSA spying...etc...that people forget their initial wish and switched to PS4.

Forza 5 is #22
Battlefield 4 is #28
Dead Rising is #31
Call of Duty is #33
Ryse is #36
Destiny on xbox is #47
Watch Dogs on xbox is #69
Kinect Sports: Rivals is #77
Titanfall on xbox is #99
Madden on xbox is not listed in top 100

On PS4
Watch Dogs is #11 (58 spots higher)
Battlefield 4 is #14 (14 spots higher)
Killzone Shadow Fall is #17
Desinty is #18 (29 spots higher)
Infamous Second Son #26
Call of Duty is #32 (1 spot higher)
Final Fantasy XV #41
Kingdom Hearts III #42
Knack is #56
The Order: 1886 is #63
Madden 25 #81
Fifa 14 #92

Compare the multiplatform games and you see, the same games, but on different systems are all being bought massively more for the PS4. Hell even Call of Duty has sold more on PS4 so far then Xbone...which is really saying something.

PSN network cards are #7 and #12 compared to #15 and #16 for Xbox live.

Dual Shock 4 controllers is #9
Xbox one controller is #23

Plus it's early. As time goes on all those other units and games will have their lead increase vs xbone.

What's funny is that the xbone pre-orders actually came out first, thus they have the better portion of a day advantage in potential sales.

I don't think they are doing good. I expected a response, but I figured the initial sales would be fairly close with a PS4 lead and then over time as more people figured out what the crapbox is it would skew in favor of the PS4.

Instead PS4 is literally blowing the Xbone out of the water.

You need to understand what that chart means, because once you do, you see xbone is getting slaughtered.

I still say many people don't yet understand, and overtime as they do, it will trend even more towards the PS4 then it is now.

I mean who should trust MS after all the data they've given the gov't. They've already admitted they'll give your info away to gov't. They'll trade that data with other corporations as well. They've had backdoors in their OS since Windows 95, oh and the newest revelation....

That MS purposefully tells the NSA and other gov't organizations about bugs, then waits on fixing these Windows and other bugs, so the gov't can spy on you.

Only a complete fucking moron, a 33rd level dipshit, would trust Microsoft.
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AngryEnglish  +   969d ago
@JMC stop with the NSA spying crap, I can't wait for a PS4 to be in my home but to say the x1 is an NSA spying device is just ignorant...

If your worried about NSA spying then make a sure you:

1. Throw away your mobile phone

2. Have your internet disconnected

3. Give away your tablet/laptop/home PC

4. Live off the grid

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Divine  +   969d ago
im sooo happy my ps4 got pushed up to launch shipment, because of their larger launch edition stock
Prcko  +   970d ago
lol bestsellers:
1,3,4,6,8- PS4
2- Xbox One
top 20 only ps4 games
this is total sony domination
ps2 era returns in full glory!!!
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xPhearR3dx  +   970d ago
Kinda makes sense considering the PS4 has all sorts of bundles were the X1 only has one edition.
Prcko  +   970d ago
and where are xbox one games?
don't see any preorders in top 20
HammadTheBeast  +   970d ago
Technically that one bundle should then just be dominating, considering PS4 pre orders are split over 6 bundles.
dboyc310  +   970d ago
When you pre order on amazon do you have to pay full price or you pay it throughout time like gamestop?
xPhearR3dx  +   970d ago
You pay nothing. I have both the X1 and PS4 pre-ordered. That way, when it comes closer the launch and all the details are out, I'll cancel the one I don't want, or just get both.
dboyc310  +   970d ago
alright and it charges the card once they send the item?
HammadTheBeast  +   970d ago
Yes. As soon as they start shipping it to you, you're charged.
Cyfyxtfg  +   970d ago
wooooow that puts this into perspective. u dont even have to give a dime to preorder, no wonder why ppl are goin in on these preorders
BLAKHOODe  +   970d ago
As much hate as there is for GameStop, that's what I love about them most. I'm lousy at saving money - every time I do, it seems like "life happens" and I end up having to spend it on something other than what I want. So, an Amazon preorder would likely not work out too well for me. But at GameStop, I can make payments and not have to worry about it. That's helped in getting me a lot of games and that's helping me get a PS4 at launch.
romancer  +   970d ago
for the record (June 15)
As of today, Amazon shows XBox One as leading in pre-orders; PS3 in second place.

No sales figures given (pre-orders can be cancelled, of course). It would be too glib to say that game sales will evenly reflect console sales; as some games become enormous favorites and are played mainly in multiplayer mode -- time will tell.

It's even possible that fans of one particular console may place numerous pre-orders for mischievous reasons and then quietly cancel them later on. A pre-order without a deposit does not mean much.
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FamilyGuy  +   970d ago
Both systems are going to sell out of their initial stock at launch, no matter what the numbers are.

Lots of early adopters are eagerly awaiting these consoles, it'll be months into this gen, after a few restocks, before we really see a console (PS4) pull far ahead of the other.

And yeah, the fact that you can pre-order on amazon without actually spending any money (till it ships) makes all their pre-orders less substantial.
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AliTheSnake1  +   970d ago
No, One of the PS4s is First
Moonman  +   970d ago
Hotcakes best served with warm syrup and butter... ;p
StinkiWan  +   970d ago
Mikelarry  +   970d ago
there's also they have never disappointed me on launch of any items i have pre-ordered
StinkiWan  +   970d ago
There are a few fringe places to get a pre-order, but man, I'm surprised at how fast these things are going.
Foxgod  +   970d ago
At least theres a good thing on liking the XB1, the odds that il get one this year will be bigger.
If everybody is indeed pushing lines for the ps4, il be saved a lot of frustration.

Hope it launches even sooner then november 21, i want to get my hands on forza and dead rising.
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jmc8888  +   970d ago
Doubtful, if the rumors are true, buoyed by the use of much more powerful PC's to run the E3 games, then Xbox is way behind and having major troubles with chip yields along with heating issues.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the xbone delayed. Wouldn't surprise me to see it pushed back into 2014.

They really only have about 4 months before they would need to start shipping those units.

If they do make it by launch time, they're going to
a) lose a lot of money by not being able to fix the problems and so instead of say 1 wafer giving them 100 chips they might need 3 wafers to give them that much
b) they then might need to reduce it's power by 10-20-30 percent
c) even then they risk RROD or other similar failures
Foxgod  +   969d ago
Those rumors where all debunked by Major Nelson.
It was just more hate campaign against the XB1.
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DragonKnight  +   969d ago
@Foxgod: They weren't debunked. He's a PR rep that said they weren't true. What do you expect? That he's going to come out and say it's true and throw the Xbox One further in the PR trash heap it's already in?

This is a guy that said the rumours about X1's DRM weren't true and they were revealed to be absolutely true.

This is a guy that originally said MGSV was exclusive to the X1 and then had to recant. The guy doesn't know anything, he's paid to make the brand look good.
Nodoze  +   969d ago
ANYONE that buys an MS launch console after what happened with the 360 is an idiot!

You remember the issues that MS stated did not exist (right before class action lawsuits). Then they invested over a billion dollars to fix the issues they denied they even had. Yeah MS cares about you.

Karma is a bitch MS enjoy the 3rd gen console curse. I don't think the bone will even hit GameCube sell through numbers.
Relientk77  +   970d ago
I just preordered the Killzone bundle, so now I technically have 2 preorders for PS4s lol off Amazon
Aces17  +   970d ago
I'll likely end up walking into a local game store and getting mine, I'm not really the type to pre-order months in advance when I know I can get one regardless.
DeeZee  +   970d ago
Better safe than sorry. The PS4 will sellout and Amazon doesn't take ANY money upfront. Don't risk it if you truly want one on day one.
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d3nworth1  +   969d ago
I hope your not planning going launch day. Cuz if history repeats itself. Just like every console launch there are most likely a line of people camped outside the retailers. I remember when the ps3 launched it was like 25 degrees and people were line up outside waiting. Not me I waited till spring and got mine. This time I preordered online and let the mailman bring it to me.
Jarhead1776  +   970d ago
Just ordered my Battlefield 4 ps4 bundle. I'm done with Xbox. I'm been with the Xbox brand since the first Xbox. The Ps4 will be the console of choice I believe.
Nodoze  +   969d ago
Welcome to the PS family! I think you will enjoy the switch. I switched over after my 2nd 360 gave up the ghost and never looked back!

Game on!
GamePeace  +   970d ago
Will buy it at GameStop day one. Will trade my Ps3/Xbox 360 and pay the difference, so I probably end up paying 200 Euros.
jjb1981  +   970d ago
Well anyone buying a ps4 will need games so yeah..
ReLLiK  +   970d ago
Where is everyone seeing these bundles? I have a ps4 or ordered on amazon, but it's just the launch day edition.
jmc8888  +   969d ago
They didn't add them initially, otherwise I would have gotten one.

They only opened them up probably a day or so after the launch editions were all sold out, and for the previous day or so people had been ordering the standard edition.

But it's only like 10 bucks savings, so not a big deal.
MusicComposer  +   969d ago
You can see them on the best seller's list:
jmc8888  +   969d ago
You know now that I think about it, the PS4 game sales are blowing the Xbone out of the water even more.

Because remember people, the games inside the bundles aren't being double counted.

Meaning for all the people that got the Killzone bundle, or the BF4 bundle, or whatever bundle is getting those same games that are selling so well, but not being counted in the bundle.

So even though these bundles are taking away from the single game numbers on Amazons top sellers, they are still absolutely thrashing xbones.
R_aVe_N  +   969d ago
These bundles are not made by Sony. Amazon made these bundles with stock they are getting just like Gamestop are doing. They make these bundles to make sure people get those games from them. So those games that are in the bundles do count is the overall count of pre-orders for those games. Double counting no, but they do factor in overall.
kingmushroom  +   969d ago
picked up that PS4 + BF4 Bundle
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elhebbo16  +   969d ago
F me for not pre-ordering -_- at E3. is it to late to still get it at launch if I pre-order over the weekend? I dont think Im going to use amazon though, probably my local best buy so Im gonna go check it out today see if they still have spots left.
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Drekken  +   969d ago
It looks like the game bundles with it are launch editions. If you want something right away from amazon order a bundle.
RiPPn  +   969d ago
Anyone else find it weird that "The Maw" a 4 year old XBLA game at regular price is sitting in the top 20 and has been all week?
MultiConsoleGamer  +   969d ago
I have my pre-order paid in full. And because I'm not getting the Xbox One at launch I had enough extra money to pay off some games and one extra controller.

My wallet is ready.
Reportillo4  +   969d ago
what about if i was to pre-order it straight from the sony website
Flames76  +   969d ago
That's a lie because gamestop and walmart still has a bunch that's not pre ordered yet.The Xbox One is sold out at gamestop though.Still wont be buying either.Gonna stick with the Xbox 360 for a couple of more years and hope next gen wont last but 4 years.That way maybe microsoft can bring gaming back again and get off that high horse their on.Yes when your the big dog you think you can get away with anything but sorry a spying device like kinect is where i draw the line.As far as a PS4 no thanks
kylemac89  +   969d ago
Can I pay full price when pre ordering ps4 cuz I want to
kylemac89  +   969d ago
On amazon?
kylemac89  +   969d ago
Can I pay full price when pre ordering ps4 on amazon?

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