Sony: 'Of Course' PS4 Can Do Cloud Computing

Shacknews writes: "Microsoft has been keen to promote Xbox One's use of the cloud. Xbox One's official website, for example, states that "thanks to the power of the cloud, Xbox One will keep getting better." Cloud computing supposedly makes Xbox One four times more powerful. It also justifies why Xbox One is effectively an always-on console."

"But what about Sony's next-gen machine? Sure, it can stream games via the cloud-powered Gaikai. But can it also follow Microsoft's step in offloading computation to the cloud? "Of course," Sony's Shuhei Yoshida said."

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iGAM3R-VIII1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

So I guess this is another thing that PS4 has matched the X1 with, well then One can only assume that the PS4 will annihilate One product...

^gif seems appropriate...

US8F1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Consumers first, Gaming second, and everything else last, that would be the reason for PS4's success. Xbox One, well, they got it all backwards.

Destrania1524d ago

Consumers/developers first

Army_of_Darkness1524d ago

Is it really necessary to chop off xbone's last leg to stand on??! Do you really need MS to crawl it's way to Next Gen?? :-D

abzdine1524d ago

This is where gaikai will show the world how cloud really works.

Greatness awaits

SonicRush151524d ago

I think shuhei wouldn't have said anything about cloud unless some one asked lol

fr0sty1524d ago


That's because he knows that offloading computation to the cloud in this day and age is so limited in use that it is pretty much worthless. Where people do have the bandwidth to perform limited computational tasks, it isn't always steady. Rural areas do good to get 3mbps with terrible latency. Why hype features only a percentage of us will actually get to enjoy? Why hype them beyond what they are actually capable of? I know why... He knows the hardware in PS4 is more than adequate. He doesn't have to blow clouds of smoke up everyone's ass to make us think PS4 will hold it's own. No smoke and mirrors, just simple math. 4>1.

dcbronco1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

So we've gone from the cloud being a marketing gimmick to it suddenly being a viable tool. I guess it doesn't exist until Sony says so. At least fosty is consistent.

FITgamer1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

@dc did you even read the article? He just said it could be implemented. It's not like SONY is banking on the cloud like M$ going around spreading BS saying their console will be 4x as powerful because of the cloud. The PS4 will be more powerful than X1 because of hardware and no one can deny that. Even the author said it's all still "rubbish" at the end.

Hicken1523d ago

Slap yourself.

Sony saying they're capable doesn't make it any more viable. And, frankly, nobody's saying that it does.

Well, except you.

ABizzel11523d ago

I've been saying this for the longest since it's what Gaikai and Onlive were doing to begin with. The PS4 has the benefit of having Gaikai as it's service, because they can follow the same method Gaikai used. Run all the games on top end PC's and stream them to the consoles.

That prevents the need for cloud computing to begin with if you can simply stream the game for a PC that runs the with higher settings. The cost is games will likely on run in 1080p @ 30fps streaming and may have suffer from lag depending on your connection (which will also effect cloud computing).

PS4 has the advantage technology wise with the cloud, the advantage X1 has is the sheer number of servers they'll have, but this will become less of an issue now that PlayStation 4 gamers are required to purchase PS+ to play online (which will likely increase Sony's server count, but they still have to play catch up with MS who has 8 years of XBLG backing them).

dcbronco1523d ago

I don't need to read the article. I'm commenting on fake people that claimed it wasn't possible. That is until Sony says they could do it too. It's just like every other made up complaint.

MS makes you pay twice for your game because of charging for Live. Oh Sony's doing it too. It's not a big deal. I understand it cost a lot money to run servers and provide those services.

I like that game. No longer a Sony exclusive. It doesn't look that good, I'll skip that one.

thereapersson1523d ago

The difference here is, Sony isn't charging to access things like Netflix, et cetera. MS is the king of making you pay twice just to access services you are already paying for. Someone who never plays multiplayer on PS4 will never have to sign up for PlayStation Plus if they don't want to, nor will they have to keep a persistent internet connection active.

Ritsujun1523d ago

It hurts to watch MS slapping themselves.


MRMagoo1231523d ago


None said it wasnt possible ppl have just been saying and showing with evidence that it wont work the way MS keeps saying it will, it wont increase the power of the console by 4 times thats a fact, the only reason they came out with this crap was because sony revealed a more powerful console than they where expecting so they had to make some BS pr to dribble forth and hope ppl eat it.

I dont think sony could do what MS says they are gonna do either. There is way to much involved for MS plans to work the only things it can benefit is static things in games that dont need real time calculations.Even in 10 years from now they wont be doing what MS has claimed they will do.

badz1491523d ago

the PS3s around the world has been taking part in the [email protected] project which is a derivative of cloud computing to assist in research for disease and cancer early 2007! the PS3 has done cloud computing like 6 years ago, so why doubt the PS4? like they said...OF COURSE PS4 can do cloud computing!

jon12341523d ago

it should be developers first, because if they get treated right, we get good games :)

wellard1523d ago

lets discuss the ms business model.

Shareholders, NSA, NFL, PBS, ABC, BBC, ITV, Sky, Kinect shovelware, Developers then games and
gamers. I dont understand why its getting so much bad press /s

Baka-akaB1523d ago


Do you even lsiten to yourself ? Any online machine can do cloud computing technically . The difference lies with the claims and BS about what's realistically possible with it .

One dropbox or sky drive account , and suddenly now everone is an expert in an old tech with a new coat of marketing mpainting geez ...

Kleptic1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

^i see what you're saying...but cloud storage and cloud processing are two completely different animals...

My opinion, mostly because i work for a cloud processing start up through Cisco...this is NOT relevant to gaming...yet...

I almost guarantee there isn't a single person on this website that has access to a residential connection that can utilize any degree of cloud processing in a real time processing is currently a great way to mimic a rendering farm, not a real time 'super computer' that will quickly interact back with you...

and before people start up the 'my ISP has 100mbps down!!!'...not relevant...thats a peak download speed, and doesn't address anything in terms of network latency...residential connections are not built for this...ISP's like the control of slowly dealing with 'requests' (an uploaded packet from your devices), but then quickly plumbing what you requested back to you (like streaming a video)...No current ISP's handle requests and pushes the same, which creates a situation where your device is extremely slow to be heard, but then given what it wants relatively quickly after...the conversation between your device and the 'cloud' is extremely lob-sided...even with a 'fast' connection...ISP's have fundamentally built their infrastructure this way, there is no secret way to fix this without fully rebuilding it...which, oddly, is something both MS and Sony have side stepped when talking about it...

and this is simply why neither Sony, nor MS, are anywhere close to a cloud processed real time gaming way to spin that in any positive way...MS loves saying 'well the cloud will process the fog in the back ground' or some shat like that...if the cloud is doing it, it will be such a low priority bit of processing that it won't be noticeable...and could've easily been done by better optimization to begin with...

Sony and MS may be ready for it...but your, and my, ISP isn't anywhere close...and they aren't going to budge on this situation any time soon...

MWong1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

^ good bit of info there Kleptic and it makes sense.

@ badz149 ... I copletely forgot about that, when they had that E3 conference and everybody was like WTF Sony.

I would assume anything the XBone can do the PS4 can do. Sadly anything the PS4 can do the XBone cannot do. I was planning on getting both consoles agin this generation, but M$ has truely shown me they don't give a damn about me as a consume.

If I don't have internet I should keep playing my 360, that right there shows me your head is so far up in the clouds you don't give a damn about me.


dcbronco1523d ago

@Baka-akaB and your comment sounds like you know a lot. Maybe you have the ability to read a book and remember how some things work, but I have a feeling you lack vision or the ability to push technology forward. You're one of those let's stay in the cave, keep moving no food will grow from those seeds people.


Well reasoned argument. But I think from the wording of some of the comments that MS has something different they are doing. And looking at Some of the patents they have filed. You seem like a smart guy so I'll throw this at you. They filed a Patent for a system where two GPUs wrote to the same scene. Would it be possible to have part of the game rendered and streamed from the cloud and then have the consoles GPU produce more urgent code handled itself and then added to the stream? Basically like a green screen effect. Kind of like a proximity rendering for the console and the cloud rendering for everything else. I also think they have made some new compression techniques. I believe the move engines and ESRAM might be more about the cloud and less about bandwidth. That is why I believe they are so determined to have it always connected.

Kleptic1522d ago

^thanks man

Well i should've first said, the company i work for does nothing with graphics rendering...but does do a lot with modeling. I'm a DB admin though, so i don't really know the ins and outs of the actual coding...just what boxes to put them in haha.

But, i have seen that patent listing, and that does relate to what MS used as an example with 'fog being rendered by the cloud'...On paper that does seem entirely possible...however, in my experience, having two lines of gpu related instructions that out of sync with each other (one would be nearly instant, the other would be WAY behind it, and there for need to be requested WAY before it...if that makes sense) will create a procedure for doing it that would be more work than necessary...on the developer side i mean.

So what i'm getting at, that from where i'm sitting, the cloud would only be able to do processing that was so simple, and so out of touch with anything real-time, that i just can't see how it would be any real benefit.

The fog thing for example. If a gpu in cloud was processing that, you immediately lose any dynamic nature it might have. It would have to be just a back drop with its own sets of physics and procedural wind or something, that could not be changed by any of your actions. Scripted situations like that are not taxing at all. Current gen consoles can already do many effects like this locally without much trouble (killzone 2 for example), so i just see it as a complex way of doing something that isn't all that resource heavy to begin with.

They also said the cloud could do 'lighting', which would impose the same problem. If the cloud is doing it, completely out of sync with the real time local rendering, you'd have to compromise the dynamic nature of it. It could only do a global lighting system that slowly changes through a written script, not lighting that has dynamic nature, like firing a weapon and the related muzzle flare, or explosions, etc...the cloud would have so much latency with that, they couldn't sync it with your actions...

but we'll see...i'm no expert...its just i find this heavily laced with marketing, more than concrete technology that is ready to be implemented...

dcbronco1522d ago

Thanks for answering Kleptic. I understand what you explained. I just have a feeling this is more than a marketing campaign. It's like many said streaming a movie wouldn't be possible. Then it was a HD movie at today's speeds. I believe they have something up their sleeves. But I respect your expertise. We'll all see in the coming months and years.

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jmc88881524d ago

The cloud is vastly overrated.

But xbox has nothing to stand on, so they breathe some fumes, get delusional, and start talking about the cloud.

Dlacy13g1524d ago

Overated? Is that why Sony is launching Gaikai sometime in 2014....a service 100% dependent on the cloud?

Hicken1523d ago

Gaikai is meant more for streaming content than computing, though I imagine it could be set to the task competently enough.

The difference is that MS is banking much of their system's future and potential on the supposed capability of the cloud to compensate for what their console lacks.

MRMagoo1231523d ago

I think jmc8888 should have phrased it , the way MS says cloud will work for games is BS not overrated.

first1NFANTRY1524d ago

All these features and the ps4 still manage to be cheaper than the xbone

TheFamous11523d ago

Probably would be the same price if Microsoft wasn't so dependent on including the Kinect.

1523d ago
BattleTorn1523d ago

Just putting this out there - anyone else wonder if the price point reflects the fact that a few most ago Sony had its' top 50 execs give up their bonuses?

DOOMZ1523d ago

Except their cloud is nowhere near the size of Xbox one's!

sonic9891523d ago

did you believe that 300,000 server marketing stunt
btw virtual servers are very common these days

JamieL1523d ago

@ sonic
Well if they're so common then why is that 300,000 number just a PR stunt and so hard to believe? Also $499.00 is "ridiculous", what was your view when the PS3's price was $599.00? I’m sure that was well worth the money right? Everyone likes to hate on only 1 company here. I hate to see such close minded people spreading bullshit like their opinion is law. We still need to see MS implement and prove its plan, but at least they have the BALL'S to try something new. All Sony is doing is perfecting their already existing formula(not that that’s bad), just doing the same thing better, but it’s still the same thing. Last gen Nintendo had the balls to try something new, and we see who won that. Sony is pretty much cloning what made the 360 successful. If you disagree with that then you are an average n4g user, but the friendly architecture, check, reaching out to indie developers, check, charging for MP, check. I am excited to see what Sony comes up with, and to be honest I feel the always online thing on the XBone will ensure