Retailers to face criminal sanctions for mis-selling games writes: "Videogame retailers could face possible criminal sanctions for selling videogames inappropriately, according to DCMS Minister Andy Burnham."

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ben8063766d ago

i want to know what happens to the parents who buy the games for their kids anyway...

cloud 2793766d ago

i agree with u there, y should only retailers be the ones facing these charges, y can't the parents be charged as well?
In US retailers r not allowed to sell violent video games to minors, & parents are the ones buying games to the parents and then complain to retailers about the violence in video games. "am looking at u soccer moms"

pwnsause3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

this is so dumb.

JsonHenry3766d ago

Because this is so much more important than traffic patrolling? WTF are the parents anymore?