OXM: TiQal Review

Block-dropping puzzle games usually force you to act fast and think faster, but TiQal really doesn't require you to do either. At the beginning of the tediously unchanging Adventure Mode (the only mode in the game), you have nearly unlimited time when choosing where to drop a block.

That removes any sense of urgency…and you really don't need to employ any strategy to succeed anyway. The game gets tougher after several hours, but even then, it's not engaging. The presentation and technical aspects are both well done, but the gameplay just isn't enjoyable. Save the 800 Microsoft Points ($10) and skip this one.

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zornik3674d ago

I think this game is good.After Puzzle Quest i was in need of another puzzle game but i play these games to "relax".TiQual is a relax game to play.If you'r looking for a challenge then you better skip but overal i give it a 7/10.
I don't like it when reviewers tell me to skip a's a good thing you can donwload the trials and judge for yourself.