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Jack Trettton On PS4 Used Game Policy: ‘If It Isn’t Broke, Why Try To Fix It?’

"Sony literally caught everyone off guard by announcing the price point for the PlayStation 4 last week. Selling the most powerful next gen console a full $100 less compared to your competitor and without any draconian DRM policy led to perhaps the greatest E3 ovation ever by the audience." (PS4, Sony)

mushroomwig  +   804d ago
Hurray for common sense.
iGAM3R-VIII  +   804d ago
I guess common sense is common...until you add an 'e' to the word common and remove the 'comm' loool
US8F  +   804d ago
"but but but, we wont make money if they sell their Games to their friends!?" Microsoft. I can't believe with all their success, they are making the same errors others suffered from, just to make extra money.

Apple brought innovation to the table with smart phones, and microsoft are trying to do that by shoving connect down our throats. They want Apple's success, and they sure as hell wont get it. The closest they can get to Apple is going to a grocery store and buying "One". If it is not rotten by then that is
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Timesplitter14  +   804d ago
ok that joke was so bad it actually made me laugh anyway
Army_of_Darkness  +   804d ago
This is why I always support Sony, They listen to their customers.
" I think this generation we did a better job listening to our consumers, finding out what is important to them and also to the development community"

Now I can't understand why there are still a few xbox owners trying to defend MS's new policies one the xbone to the very end even though they clearly didn't bother to listen too their customers at all?! It's like they enjoy paying MS to tell them what they should do next?? LOL!
But hey, whatever turns you on;-)
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Lovable  +   804d ago

Those are called blind fanboys/consumers.
MikeMyers  +   804d ago
Then I guess free multiplayer was broken.
iGAM3R-VIII  +   804d ago
@MikeMyers You see, PS+ is a much better value than Xbox Live. I really do not care if I have to pay online. Also it is ONLY for the PS4 and it helps support the advancements such as Gaikai and SHARE button. Unlike MS who charge unfairly.

-2 free games every month (forever)
-Cloud Saving
-Gaikai PS3, PS2, PS1 backwards compatibility
-Instant Game COllection
-Cross Game Chat
-And A LOT more features
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NateCole  +   804d ago
Add reasonable and fairness as well.
Heartnet  +   804d ago
This is why ps4 wont change anything and will literally just be another ps3... "oh look ive got 2mill more polygons in this game" literally all ps4 is. Might aswell get a gaming PC lol
GentlemenRUs  +   804d ago
Love how Sony still stands by this, Why should you fix something which is harming no one?
LOL_WUT  +   804d ago
Yea but they did add an online pass to their first party games let's not forget that. ;)
Destrania  +   804d ago
Can still play games offline for free and without ever having to connect online. Also, online passes are only $10.
Yodagamer  +   804d ago
That is understandable though, it hurts the online for people who actually paid for it since the people who bought it used are taking away money that could be used for servers and server support. Offline used games are hurting anyone though.
Sitdown  +   804d ago
EA thinks it's harming someone.... And big Sony has that law suit where they tried to fix cds. Anyhow.... Surprise us once again and release the first week in November.....preferably the 1st day.
Heartnet  +   804d ago
This way nothing would ever change or evolve... and eventually... they will lose out because of it
CalibriSerif  +   804d ago
"Love how Sony still stands by this, Why should you fix something which is harming no one?"

Well it is now harming "ONE".
Tzuno  +   804d ago
God damn man i just love this man. Next gen PS4 for the win. Words from a pissed off 360 user. Peace.
chasegarcia  +   804d ago
The worse of n4g has come out since e3.
Reborn  +   804d ago
Well, bad policies based on poor research, tend to ignite that.

I would say the feeling is the same across the globe, literally.
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Omran  +   804d ago
Who Said ?!
adorie  +   804d ago
N4G? This is going on all over the internet;world.

PS4 is literally soaking up mindshare and going by pre-orders, an early indication that market share is going to follow.

The hype train is unstoppable and seems like it is going to continue well into launch.
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Heartnet  +   804d ago
Agreed... Its not even gaming news anymore.. just flame articles... i dont think ive seen anything about a game on the homepage in like 1 week
Studio-YaMi  +   804d ago
Welcome to 2006-2007 when the PS3 & SONY were bashed to hell! :)
Heartnet  +   804d ago
i cant remember that :P..

Ah well ill support the underdog till the day i die :D ps3 this gen XboxOne next gen ^^ cause im nice :P
theWB27  +   804d ago
On what system can't you play used games?
Son_Lee  +   804d ago
Xbox One.
Foxgod  +   804d ago
You can play used games on the XB1, you have been ill informed.
Destrania  +   804d ago
And pay a fee.
SmokingMonkey  +   804d ago
forgot the *
Yodagamer  +   804d ago
@foxgod yea you can if you go through certified shops. You can't sell them to other people or give them to friends unless your friends online. You can say it plays used games, but you better put a huge asterisk by a statement like that.
Godmars290  +   804d ago

So far no one knows what's going on with XBO and used games. MS especially.
jmc8888  +   804d ago

You cannot play used games as easily as you could in the past.
DragonKnight  +   804d ago
I feel like the Xbox One should have a commercial with all the fine print the bottom.

"With the Xbox One, you can play used games.*"

*Some restrictions apply.
HammadTheBeast  +   804d ago
Most of the time PC. But its not really a system.
theWB27  +   804d ago
Oh I didn't know that about the PC.

Cant't believe people agreed with you...you can buy and play used games on the XboxOne...they're leaving it up to publishers just like Sony.
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Destrania  +   804d ago
Not even close to the same way. Don't spout bs like that, it makes you look like an idiot.
NameRemoved0017  +   804d ago
PC games are "different" they usually cost far less than the used version on consoles anyway so nobody complains.
Yodagamer  +   804d ago
The difference between pc and xbox one is half the time most games are bought for far cheaper than their console counterparts. it's a give and take type of thing, but in the end of the day you get more value out of it.
LightofDarkness  +   804d ago

No, it isn't nearly the same. Regardless of whether they're first or third party titles on XBone, you can't simply lend the game to a friend or sell it to them without going through XBL or a participating retailer. End of story.

With PS4, it works the exact same way as it does now. If the developers want to put in online passes, they can, but it will work exactly as it does now. With XBone, it does not. Ever. There's a pretty big difference.

Now, I don't know if you just don't understand that or you're willfully ignoring it, but in any case, do NOT try to mislead people like that. It's down right insulting and despicable.
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TheEvilWithin  +   804d ago
aww its cute how in every SONY news the two of you come in and defend Microsoft... you guys can stop anytime on trying to sell yourself an Xbox 1. No one else cares for the system so you can ALSO stop trying to convince others to buy one as well. The system is garbage END OF STORY! Down vote me all you want still wont get rid of the fact Xbox 1 and Microsoft are trash.
Sitdown  +   804d ago
Think you are confusing "care" with purchasing......xbox articles would not continually the get posted and commented on if it was just those two that care......Then I could rant on about preorder showing that at least more two people care.... Unless you are suggesting their bank accounts alone are doing this.
theWB27  +   804d ago
Cool story bro...you know what's even cuter? How many Sony guys flood Xbox articles constantly about how much they don't care and won't support the system, including you.

Roughly 250 million total systems sold this gen and you think this tiny bubble of preorders and online comments will influence what people do. When will you get it through your thick skull that gamers do not make up majority of system sells...the system may be garbage to you which doesn't bother me at all. I'll be there to buy an XboxOne and later a PS4 just like I did this gen. I won't think twice about how TheEvilWithin feels about it or how many systems Micro sells...I dont get a cut of it.
Imalwaysright  +   804d ago
And the award for the dumbest thing anyone has ever wrote on N4G goes to theWB27!!

"When will you get it through your thick skull that gamers do not make up majority of system sells."
nthstew   804d ago | Personal attack | show
Jazz4108  +   804d ago
Tradeing games works the same one both system. Just read the press statements. Its also better on one as ms announced today up to friends can be lended any game in your library and you can play it with them. Dont believe me I could care less as when the bs clears the truth will come out. This has been confirmes on ms prsss page and gamestop employees a ms rep and today at best buy. No diffrence in trade ins on first party used games. The restrictions ate on third party and ms already stated they dont make a dime of what third party pubs do. I know its positice news for one but for goodness sake the lies need to stop. Ms also confirmed today you can sell the console to anyone. Ms feels digital is the future and thats why ten gold members all on one account with NO price increase and game trades to ten people at a time digital. Physical copies however can be traded once to a friend but no limitations on tradeibg to game stop andd no fees unless third party doss as the same with sony. Do someresearch guys before bashing whatever you think is popular. Im a gamer and have both preodddred and cant wait but I sure as heck do t hate. Happg gaming and remember look this up or google it and you will see ezactl what i stated
TheEvilWithin  +   804d ago
Hey WB... Guess what? The people who flood the Micro story's are once Xbox 360 fans (at one time including myself Gamer Score of 275K)are pist that Microsoft is screwing us over and taking our rights away and are now jumping ship to SONY. Granted I own like EVERY system to come out but I will NOT be buying an Xbox 1 cause its GARBAGE! I have seen all 7 gen and the 8th gen is Bullsh*t. Xbox 1 should NOT be getting ANY sort of defense for the crap there pulling. If ANYTHING Microsoft owe US for getting them to where they are today. What do THEY do? SPIT IN THE FANS FACES. You can defend them all you want but it still wont change ANYTHING about the system still being GARBAGE! You can buy your Xbox 1, you can BUY your new headset, and you can BUY yourself Xbox Live for the year and then BUY your self new games for it and when you look and see that $800 price tag then don't say anything to anyone on N4G who warned you. OH and for the system sales! Nintendo has sold the most and SONY has the second most system sale and where does that put Microsoft DEAD LAST and being DEAD LAST this gen with everyone leaving them for SONY. That is not GOOD NEWS. Once again! END OF STORY!
Studio-YaMi  +   804d ago
I hear that you got an award ..
Check out with "Imalwaysright" for the info!


Sorry for that,but you're basically asking for it with uninformed/twisting/spinning comments like yours.

I mean if you're going to stick to your company,make sure it's worth it! a blind loyalist is all I can think about when I read your comments.
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Godmars290  +   804d ago
And yet game companies, including Sony, have only complained about the used game market. Done thing like online passes and DLC to combat it.
Sitdown  +   804d ago
You sir have too many bubbles to be making such a informed and common sense post. Can you share your secret....
NihonjinChick  +   804d ago
DLC isn't really made to combat used games. It's used to give players more content and continue making money after sales start to die down.
Godmars290  +   804d ago
It was originally proposed to extend a game's life. Make it harder to get tired of a game, thus make it less likely that it would be traded.

That it became a abused option, with some companies cutting out content from a full game to them offer as DLC, is besides the point.
MasterCornholio  +   804d ago
What about on disk DLC?
CrescentFang  +   804d ago
Exactly... I don't trust or am dedicated to any company completely. They all have their good and bad sides.
sak500  +   804d ago | Well said
M$ should learn from them. They F#$#K up every 2nd iteration of windows and recently after successful windows 7, some retard said well people have been so much used to start menu so why dont we innovate and remove it so that 99% of non-touch screen enabled Desktop users just curse and abuse us. We'll make them squirm for few months and once we lose sales of windows 8 and short of having another vista we'll just introduce the start button.

Same guy fired from software side comes to xbox division and said well, 360 seemed to be a huge success and now let's try to alienate all our hardcore gamers and introduce so much restrictions on usage of console and content that they'll curse and abuse us. We'll let them.... and so on.

FU M$, I was core gamers and fanboy for xbox since 2006 jan but no more with your restrictions and ignoring your loyal gamers with your B$ policies just to make few more billions for your execs. I hope the customers show you what the power of wallet can do to a product and if you dont listen to us then you'll have another VISTA on your hand. Astala vista
XabiDaChosenOne  +   804d ago
I know this is basic common sense but it is so refreshing to hear after all the lunacy that has been going on lately with the Xbox one.
jamesgavin06   804d ago | Spam
jamesgavin06   804d ago | Spam
from the beach  +   804d ago
It is broke though, publishers lose out and more importantly gamers lose out, every time they sell a game to a store for a fraction of what the store sells it on for.
Hicken  +   804d ago
How do publishers lose out?

What percentage of used game sales are guaranteed to be new game sales instead?

Oh, that's right: none.

Conversely, what guarantee do gamers have that the money they're spending on a new game will be well spent? That they won't be buying a DNF or Colonial Marines or something even worse?

Look at that: none.

And it's all but impossible to return opened software in the US. So if you buy it and it's crap, that's $60 down the drain.

This argument against used games is weak and backed up by NOTHING.

Please, PLEASE stop using it.
from the beach  +   804d ago
Ridiculously loaded example, lol.

What percentage of used sales have the potential to be new games sales instead?


Neither my extreme or yours is anywhere close to reality, but what's clear is that SOME of that revenue is lost - and that a better system is possible.
Hicken  +   803d ago
Actually, no. It's not loaded. It's just the truth.

Used games are the same as pirated games, in that respect: you cannot assume that either a used or a pirated copy would have been a new copy, had the used or pirated option not existed.

Naturally, there is SOME potential that SOME of these might have been new, instead. However, as that revenue was never assured in the first place, it cannot be thought of as lost revenue. A missed opportunity for further profit? Sure. But that is rather different than money being taken from them, like they want to portray.

Let's not even get started on how gamers DON'T lose out.
from the beach  +   803d ago
Of course it's loaded. I know it's fact, but so's my example.. they're both completely divorced from reality though.

"Lost revenue" and "a missed opportunity for further profit" are the same thing.

"Money taken away from them" suggests theft, and that's not how I regard used games!
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Sadist3  +   804d ago
Exactly. That's why we have all these micro transactions and dlc. Because publishers are losing out on revenue because of used game sales. Look how popular all these free to play, but pay for content games are on the App Store. Look at how DLC is on online games. You have to pay for new maps because you won't be able to play with everyone else if you don't have them. You actually end up paying like $100.00 for a game nowadays because of DLC. And that's because publishers want to make up money lost for pre-owned game sales. So while all you people who are brain dead are cheering for the continuation of GameStop and the used game policy, just remember when every game has payable DLC and micro transactions, you asked for it. When you're paying $100.00 for a game at the end of its cycle, don't get mad.
ExCest  +   804d ago
I thought MS was leaving the used game policy to the publishers. Also, didn't Sony also say that they would do the same? Sony just isn't enforcing it for their own first-party games and MS is.
LKHGFDSA  +   804d ago
I love that he added "try" to the saying.
Implying MS aren't fixing anything.

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