British Tabloid Lists Both PS4 and Xbox One Release Date on November the 21st

Officially, the Xbox One has a November release window, while the PS4 will drop on the shelves in the “holidays”. The British tabloid The Sun seems to have a more precise idea, as it went on print with a comparison table pegging the release date for both consoles on November the 21st.

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Mikelarry1832d ago

if they both launch on the same day i think it will be a crushing defeat for MS

Abriael1832d ago

Whether it'll be a crushing defeat or not, it's an almost unprecedented situation. It'll be interesting to watch to say the least.

Better stock up on pop corn.

abzdine1832d ago

Xbox has really no chance this time they're skipping way too many countries at launch.
PS4 will roll over them during that release period and I have a feeling that with that price and DRM drama their situation isn't getting any better anytime soon. It could actually sell way less than three first gen Xbox

Greatness awaits

guitarded771832d ago

Hell yeah... same day launch would be amazing. I just want to see all the fanboys talking crap in person while picking up their consoles. I don't care about that stuff personally, but it's oh so fun to watch. It'll be like the Jerry Springer Show at GameStop.

Burrito26a1832d ago

Same day wont work for Microsoft. Xbox buyers will be to embarrassed to get one with all the Playstation buyers there.

nirwanda1832d ago

I know people that are buying both, be honest if your into fighting games killer instinct looks good and the ps4 doesn't have a fighting game yet.
Also at the mo forza is the only racing sim due out for launch.

Foliage1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

If you consider Forza to be a sim; Driveclub is also a sim in that case. It's shipping free with the PS4.

Killer Instinct isn't a system siller; it's an unrefined spam fest; aimed towards a casual experience. The brand does not have a whole lot of weight to it; as they have a horrible developer on it (not even the remnants of what is left of Rare).

PS4 by a good 95% margin.

Although the ill informed and those not wanting to leave emptyhanded with no PS4; along with the flat out "xbox can do no wrong" crowd will still buy it.

Gamer19821832d ago

Getting the Xbox out before the PS4 could be the only advantage they have left right now going into this next generation as PS4 has all the momentum. Xbox may be more value for money in terms of what you get (maybe not in terms of graphics) but getting xbox fans to believe it is a hard sell especially those who don't want Kinect.

Abriael1832d ago

I wouldn't call a glorified webcam shoved down your throat "value".

turgore1832d ago

If ps4 launches first than it is even worse for them.

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Arai1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

Whatever the case it should make for a great holiday.
Hopefully the generation after next won't last as long as the current.

Fat-Milkers1832d ago

Interesting. But this same British tabloid gives financial/political opinions from a speech bubble coming from a topless glamour model..

Solid source.

Abriael1832d ago

Which is why it's a rumor.

nirwanda1832d ago

When a topless modle in the sun speaks she has my attention, definitely a solid source.

M83_1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

^ Well I think it's safe to assume there's something solid on your end anyway.. >_>

stage881832d ago

Yeah they won't launch then. It will be earlier because COD comes out earlier. I don't see them delaying the next gen versions.

turnerdc1832d ago

Already have my One preordered. Will definitely get a PS4, not sure if on launch though. Waiting on the complete launch line up.

turnerdc1832d ago

Yeah, I play games not consoles. Xbox One has a pretty compelling launch line up. If Infamous was a launch title my PS4 would have already been preordered.

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