All features but limited content in Drive Club for PS+

One of the first games to join PlayStation Plus' Instant Game Collection for PS4 is DriveClub. However, Plus subscribers won't get the full game. Instead, they're getting a restricted version of the game--essentially the "Prologue" version.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1680d ago

"Even if you will not get all the fancy cars of DroveClub with ths PS+ version but still you will enjoy it to the full potential."

I can't wait to play Droveclub! Lol

iGAM3R-VIII1680d ago


Getting it with my PS4 on Day one, already added up the calculations for another PS4 controller, the PS Eye, Watch Dogs, PS+ and some other launch day titles

abzdine1680d ago

I start with the PS+ edition and I upgrade if I get addicted like I did with motorstorm.

Greatness awaits

justastranger101680d ago

So Sony plans to nickel and dime PS+ users.

Spontogical1680d ago

A complete career mode and complete online experience is a 'demo' ok...

The only difference is the NUMBER of cars and tracks - which Will be available to PURCHASE on the PSN store at launch anyways..

You'd have to be an idiot not to get the PS+ version, you can upgrade later and the price will be cheaper. Use your heads.

dale_denton1680d ago

so if you're defining that as nickle and dimming what is Microsoft doing to LIVE users?

FamilyGuy1679d ago

This is a great deal and above anything I was expecting. It'll be exactly the same just with fewer cars and fewer tracks, hopefully there's a way to upgrade from the PS+ edition without paying full retail.

I was planning to get DriveClub anyway, Sony has always had a launch/near launch game racer. MotorStorm was all I really played for my first 6-8 months, this will be great for PS4.

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LOGICWINS1680d ago

Well, I know which version Im getting.

Abash1680d ago

I'm not even going to bother with the freebie version PlayStation Plus gives, I'll just buy the actual game

Bgibbs1680d ago

Why not? Sony stated they would have an option to upgrade to the full version at a discounted price. No sense in paying full price when you can easily get it for less

BiggCMan1680d ago

Well it still gives you a feel for how the game plays. Like if it's more arcade-y, or more simulation like etc.. If the modes are fun, and other stuff. So I believe it's still a nice thing to add, just a little odd since they've never given a stripped version of a game in the current PS+ instant collection. Perhaps cuz it is brand new.

Abash1680d ago


Because I want the full game, and Im not the kind of person that likes the idea of getting the rest of the game in purchases that are bits and pieces that make up just having the game on disc. Having the actual disc copy (and the ability to own the game thanks to no DRM) is well worth paying full price for the retail version

Bgibbs1680d ago

That's fine, but I'm saying that Sony is going to let you upgrade the PS+ version to a full retail digital copy. You aren't going to have to but the cars and tracks separately as DLC. Just a one time price to upgrade it to a retail version.

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dp2774071680d ago

I'll get it off of plus and try it out and if I like it which I probaly will since I like driving games of all kinds then i'll buy it.

Philoctetes1680d ago

That's reasonable. I don't think anybody could fairly expect Sony to fork over the full retail version of a brand new game (essentially) for free.

Confickercrash1680d ago

So you can do offline races too? Day 1 purchase for me, regardless of which version it is :)

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