The First Week Ends: PS4 Overpowers Xbox One Across Most Major Online Retailers Worldwide

The first week after the fateful E3 press conferences is now in the past. Shots were fired and returned, and preorders for both the PS4 and the Xbox One are open in many countries.

Who is faring better so far? DualShockers set out to search the top sellers and preorders lists of the most popular online retailers in quite a few of the countries where the two consoles will be available at launch.

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mossman1804d ago

From my perspective, there are three critical mistakes that Microsoft have made with the Xbox One.

The whole stance on DRM/Used Games is the strangest and most ironic of the three mistakes. In various articles I’ve seen the XOne called futuristic and forward thinking. But if this is true, why didn’t Microsoft realize that the DRM/Used Game issue will eventually disappear on its own? Currently I have a PS3. Sometimes I buy disc based games, and sometimes I download them when I can get them at a discount or for convenience. I expect to be able to sell and trade my disc games, and I don’t expect that of my downloads. And over time, I am downloading more and more. See? This issue will naturally go away as we move into the future! So if Microsoft was so forward thinking, why didn’t they recognize this and just leave the issue alone. Better to potentially alienate a segment of your customer base?

The unveiling event for the XOne was a colossal mistake. Not the event itself, but how they focused on the non-gaming aspects of the device. Much of this has been said already, but I think two things stand out for me and bear repeating. The most obvious is that the people who will buy the XOne are gamers, so that aspect always needs to go first and be emphasized. The media elements come next and should have been presented as a bonus. As with the first argument above, Microsoft seems to be tone deaf to their customer base for no apparent reason. But then there’s this: as cool as the media elements are, I can’t shake the feeling that there will be a box from Apple or Roku in a year to two down the line that will do the best aspects of what the XOne can do for $100. Why would I pay $500 for that? Well, I might if I were a gamer and the features were just an add-on to my system. Which again, makes Microsoft’s approach to marketing the console seem misguided and sloppy.

I can’t shake the wonder that maybe Microsoft doesn’t really want to be in the gaming market at all. Do I really believe this? No. Of course they want to be here. But the thought occurs to me when I see what Sony is doing. Let’s be frank here. Sony is a large corporation with a track record of bad decisions and trying to force customers into their way of thinking (especially as it pertains to proprietary formats and really pushing their media acquisitions). They didn’t look like that at the PS4 unveiling and at E3 did they? They look like an upstart company, doing whatever it takes to win. They know Microsoft is their target, thanks to Nintendo’s strategy of self-irrelevance. They can’t wait to talk about how their product is better than their competitors, and is probably making decisions directly based on what Microsoft has done (I wonder how many such decisions were actually made after the XOne E3 presentation?). Sony is the fighter that’s telling me “I want your business and will only make decisions that I know will make you happy”. Microsoft seems to be saying, “jeepers, we think we’re really cool and you should be on board with us”. An oversimplification of the two positions? Of course, but I’m not that far from the truth, am I?

Ultimately, I think Sony and Microsoft deserve to be in the position they are in right now. Sony is fine and can sit back and wait. Microsoft needs a direction change between now and November. If they continue to act the way I have described, there will be no change, and they will get crushed in 2013. If they can address these issues, then maybe they can level the playing field. It would all come down to whether gamers believed they were sincere or not. That doesn’t seem to be a question for Sony at the moment.

Abriael1804d ago

It's hard not to think "what the hell they're doing? They're just shooting themselves in the foot", and it's definitely hard not to wonder how the hell they can not see it...

Honest_gamer1804d ago

@your point 3 i have too thought this i think they are going for the TV crowd, which as we all know is massive compared to the gaming crowd, however they are also going for the gamers as they have the xbox 360 players who will buy the system to kick it of, however this has not worked as many 360 people are trading in there 360's for ps3's, jumping shit now or plan to jump ship next gen. BUT at the exact same time im not so surprised by this last gen they abandoned there user base, this gen the same thing is happening i have a 360, but have not turned it on ONCE this year as there's NO GAMES for it, last game i got was halo 4 which was a massive letdown and traded it in a few days later.

xursz1804d ago

Something on my mind, can some body more informed than myself answer this for me?

If I buy a game disc for the XBOne, am I just buying a digital license to play that game? I heard they will allow "game shares" but isn't that the same model used for digital distribution, being that every game needs to be mandatorily stored on your HDD?

pompombrum1804d ago

I don't think anyone fully knows the answer to that yet however it is pointing very much to you buying the game license.

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Destrania1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Technically yes, you are in essence buying digital licences when purchasing discs on Xbone. Consider you have to register online every disc based game you buy (even to play 'offline'), and, you have to install every game onto your hdd to be able to play said game. Discs for Xbone will be used only as game transfer devices.

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pompombrum1804d ago

Agree with everything you said but would also add

Forth: Poorly handled interviews and conflicting statements from various execs.

Still even now despite everything that has been said, I'm still not 100% certain on certain aspects of the console. By now for Microsoft's sake, they should have had every controversial topic addressed and completely cleared, instead they stewed in their own arrogance and refused to address rumours and then made it even worse post unveiling as they had five different employees say five different things.

Abriael1804d ago

Yeah, the interviews were very poorly handled, especially when major nelson came out and accused the press of inaccurate reporting, when the ones that were being inaccurate were his own executives. It was in very poor taste and didn't make them any friends.

Tales RPG addict1804d ago

Nooffense but Microshaft wont addresss the issues. Have you seen Angry Joe's interview with Major Nelson as the guy gets made a AJ saying the family share is DRM.
Dont beat around the bush, MS doesnt give a Fuck what you think, and they have no intention to remove the DRM policies since Major Nelson said it was publisher chosen or some Bullshit like that.
PS3,PS4,Xbox 360, and Wii U > Xbox DONE

mossman1804d ago

You could be right, but there's time for Microsoft to correct their mistake. Right now, not even a week after their e3 event, they are like a deer in headlights. They are momentarily stuck in place and will need time to think about their position.

It's possible that they decide to stick to their guns, and keep the core strategy in place. But I have a hard time imagining that based on the pre-order situation. The market is telling them, "we don't like what you are offering", and the message is crystal clear. The networking effect is critical, and no one knows that more than Microsoft. Their success with the 360 in America was largely based on getting out a year ahead of the competition, and Sony's blunders with the PS3 launch helped as well. So Microsoft knows that they can't spot market share to the PS4 out the gate or their climb back up the ladder will be slow, painful, and potentially futile. They have to try to stem the tide before launch, and limit the damage. Otherwise they risk losing it all from the starting gate.

If they can't get that, then they will truly be destined to fail. I don't know what will happen, but Microsoft isn't stupid, and given time, I suspect we will start to see a third attempt to get a better message across. Lots of time between now and November.

It's too late for me. I've got my launch day pre-order in place for the PS4. But the game has not yet been won in America.

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Moonman1804d ago

It begins. PlayStation mania is back baby (it really never left) but you know the level I mean! ;p

Fat-Milkers1804d ago

LOL What's going on in Canada? I know the PS4 is sold out, but come on! don't go to the dark side.

devwan1804d ago

The EB Games site has the ps4 listed as something other than pre-release, it's actually top of their current sales (link in other post below).

zeroskie1804d ago

Don't forget all the countries where the Xbox isn't launching.

Abriael1804d ago

Of course. In fact I've listed only countries in which both were ranked. Making a comparison with a no show isn't too fair :D

Honest_gamer1804d ago

as bad as the news is for the xbox one its sad to thing this is only about 20% of how bad the ps3 got it, aw man i cant help but look back at the early days of the ps3, who else remembers the comparisons where they would edit and use the best possible tv/settings for the 360 but use scart and the worst possible tv for ps3 etc aw funny stuff.

Why o why1804d ago

Yes. I was here then.... open zone days....zhuk and dark sniper days....those 2 were tru kings. Im still waiting for the same magazines dead on arrival front page they ran for the ps3.....smh

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