PS4 vs PS3 Size Comparison

Sony released the full PlayStation 4 dimensions and specs a few days ago, which means it’s now quite easy to compare with previous Sony consoles. A Redditor compared the PlayStation 4 to the PS3 and the PS3 slim consoles, as as you can see, the PlayStation 4 is about the same size as the PS3 slim. It’s a bit wider but a bit shorter as well.

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ShugaCane1805d ago

Oh I thought it was bigger ! That's a pleasant surprise. Sony always come up with cool designs. And the DS4 looks hot as hell.

MaximusPrime_1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

No, Xbox One is bigger. In fact it is roughly the same size and shape as my old VHS player

Excalibur1805d ago

Here is a size comparison of the PS4 and XBox ONE

badboy7761805d ago

And I still have my phat 80gig PS3. I use everyday!!!!!

mochachino1805d ago

I was hoping for more than just 2 USB ports but oh well. I just want my PS4 now.

mushroomwig1805d ago

Same here, that's the only disappointing thing about the design of the console. Oh well, hopefully a third party releases something like this;

Walker1805d ago

Sony really is pioneer in hardware technology ! PS4 looks super slim !

insertnamehurr1805d ago

The PS4 is only 2,3 inches thick (5cm), half the thickness of the PS3 which is a good thing.

ApolloTheBoss1805d ago

And just look how huge the original PS3 was. Sony's come a hell of a long way.

Fat-Milkers1805d ago

this is a great size.I really like the PS4 design.

For the next article you should compare the dimensions of the Bonebox to a washing machine. I'd guess not much in it.

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