The Indie 8: Polygon Talks to the Indie Devs at the Sony E3 Conference

There they stood, shoulder to shoulder across the wide semicircle of high definition screens at Sony's E3 press conference. Streamed live to the world from the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, the presentation showed eight indie developers demonstrating their games live while a crowd of journalists and enthusiasts cheered them on.

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xhi41646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

"It's been easier to get our game onto a Sony platform than it has been to get on Steam," said Cobb. That's how drastically things have changed these days."

Wow, imagine in a few years having as deep a library of awesome games as Steam with the ease of self-publishing as apple store on the PS Store and Gaikai. Good move Sony.

Arai1646d ago

Great read, especially for gamers it gives a good view of what goes on, how these guys struggle and only gives you more respect for them.

TheFallenAngel1645d ago

Lol ever since they gave The Last of Us that review, I've been seeing a lot from this website.

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FamilyGuy1645d ago

The sites name is just a lot more noticeable because of that review than it ever used to be. It wasn't well-known and now it's infamous. You and most of us here are noticing it now when before we wouldn't of given the site name a second glance like how we treat many of the smaller game site stories that get posted here.

ElitaStorm1645d ago

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good for gamers