KP Report - Dual-layer 50GB BD Confirmed, MGS4 PS3 Not Plastic and More

Ryan writes:

"Mark is back from vacation, Christine joins from the Mobile side, and crunch-mode exhausted Ryan host this MGO and MGS4-flavored session of the KP Report!.

Ryan also finally confirms dual-layer 50Gb blu-ray MGS4:'I can't believe it was almost going to come out on 2 25Gb BD discs'."

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Massacre3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

My most anticipated game this year. Great details.

EDIT: The MGS4 PS3? Is not plastic?!?!?!

fenderputty3620d ago

it's made from recycled warships. lol

sonarus3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

KP podcats are usually lame. But i listen to them anyway trying to catch the slightest bit of info on the game. Favourite podcast is 3 red lights:) Someone needs to ask if we will be insta;;ing 5GB on our hard drives. Also how will MGO ship as part of the 50GB or as a separate disc

HighDefinition3620d ago

MGS4 will show you what 50GBs can do for a videogame.

MGS4 will show you how badly MS/360 screwed up staying with DVD.

MGS4 will be the "line in the sand" between the PS3 and the 360 in terms of showing the future of these systems.

MGS4 will be great!

barom3620d ago

I like KP Reports. They feel kinda more down to earth. They answer a bunch of emails. And it's pretty interesting especially when you're a MGS fan.

AND! They confirm/re-confirm/comment/dis confirm (if there is such a word) rumors. Which is pretty cool. Plus you get to hear some of the MGS soundtrack xD

Violater3620d ago

MGO is on the same dual layer Bluray.
Which makes sense why they are almost running out of space.

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decapitator3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

Greats news. Wonder what it would be exactly ? either way...WANT..WANT..and WANT.


meepmoopmeep3620d ago

crazy, now i want to get one!

Violater3620d ago

They did not say it's made of steel, that would be insane.
The damn thing is heavy enough as it is.

fox023619d ago

"so the mgs "steel" ps3 is actually made of steel"
i bet the PS3's gonne weigh tons now

Marceles3620d ago

If the system can stay at OK temperature while having a steel case, then it's definitely a well-designed console

Massacre3620d ago

I hope its some sort of metal....OMG..

Also, he confirms that, they almost had to use 2 25GB BDs...WHOA!!!

Bonsai12143620d ago

it technically should stay at a lower temperature because steel is a better conductor of heat than plastic. see macbook vs macbook pro.

whoelse3620d ago

if it wasn't made of plastic or metal, what else could it possibly be made of?


THC CELL3620d ago

a steel ps3 hmm now thats heavy

i wounder why lol is metal gear solid going to be so hard u might end up shooting the ps3 hahaha

just a funny 2 min i had there lol come to Amsterdam and u will wonder why hahahha

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The story is too old to be commented.