Xbox One Launch Information Floundering, Support Lacks Information

"We’ve documented the lack of a clear message in Microsoft’s Xbox One marketing campaign. From used game fees being charged to the decision being left up to publishers and information on the Family Policy that Microsoft is pushing, the Xbox One is quickly turning into a PR nightmare for the company."

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xhi41801d ago

I just don't get how Microsoft thought this was a good idea?!

It's starting to make me really frustrated. I buy both Xbox & PS and I really just don't get it.

Why can't they just listen to what we want as gamers and execute on that? It sounds bloody simple to me.

The majority don't want Kinect, they're forcing you to buy a kinect with the Xbox and at E3 they didn't even show ONE single game that made the Kinect seem awesome or even worthwhile. The only reason I can see for the Kinect right now is to use the television with voice and a bit of motion control. You could have just stuck a microphone on it.

And DRM - seriously?! Even EA is getting rid of online passes...

Plus they're region locked, which means I can't buy cheap games from overseas anymore. They'll be losing out on SO many early sales with the lack of regions they're supporting while the PS4 will be selling through most of Europe and South America. It doesn't even make any business sense.

I just don't get it.

rezzah1801d ago

They'll just have to learn from their mistakes. The success of the 360 has gotten to their heads.

KillrateOmega1801d ago


I'm convinced that they were high off the intoxicating smell of money and greed when they were making these decisions XD

No FanS Land1801d ago

I think EA got rid of the online passes because top execs knew about the Xbox one's DRM policies.

Roper3161801d ago

"Why can't they just listen to what we want as gamers and execute on that?"

because MS doesn't care about the gamer and that is not their target audience with the XBone. They will use the gamer again early in the consoles life cycle and then move on to their target audience once they feel they have enough consoles in homes.

Why doesn't MS just buy a cable company or launch their own cable company? That would be easier then the route they are trying.

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xtremexx1801d ago

there is the whole getting banned information, where XboxSupport says you lose your games if you do while Major Nelson says you dont. This is just one representation of mis information in the company.

rezzah1801d ago

in that article, near the end, there was an update mentioning that the information for losing all access to your game was meant for the 360. Meaning that the issue doesn't apply to the One, unless it does apply to both but it was never properly clarified.

Daz1801d ago

you are right but i think people shouldn't always rely on xbox support twitter then make 20 articals about it then take it has FACT

Blackdeath_6631801d ago

the surprising thing is way more useful infomation came from Shuhei Yoshida @yosp twitter accounts since the reveal of both consoles than there has been from the entire xbox support on all social media sites.

rainslacker1801d ago

night and day difference there. On the other hand, it's not like PS has many things that need to be clarified to begin with. Just random details left out of the reveal or subsequent interviews/press releases.

urwifeminder1801d ago

The games are all I care about that was all the info I needed but I have been with them since day one and shall continue my tradition the perfect addition to my gaming family.

Excalibur1801d ago

I agree on so many levels, I too game on both platforms and I just don't get what MS is thinking with their anti-consumer surveillance system.

BTW I think the reason you aren't seeing anything game wise from Kinect but tacked on gimmicks to current games is Kinect only titles are not profitable and Devs have already figured that out.
I think MS themselves are seeing that and haven't commissioned any to be made.

I have ZERO interest in anything Kinect but I think it's pretty crappy of MS to have the voice commands in the next COD game exclusive to the XBone even though it is duel format, after all the current gen has Kinect and could just as easily be incorporated into the 360 version.

Mikelarry1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

the xbox one is just a messy affair. no-one seems to be able to come to a conclusion of what it is, how it will function, what benefits the consumer from getting this over what the competition is offering. this sounds to me like a rushed product and we know how that ended last time. i believe they need to take some time to find out exactly what this product is trying to achieve, who its for before going any further.

edit: to to the person who disagreed, could you atleast counter my statement as to why you think i might be wrong

thehitman1801d ago

I agree I dont think MS wouldve took the same approach either launching at 100 more than the ps4. It seems they were heavily caught off guard and they seem flustered in every department. They want to try to innovate the living room but its going to cost them dearly. Trying to use a gaming device as that means is a good idea in a sense but they are taking a very very bad approach to it. If you want to get people to get it you have to appease first and foremost the gamers who actually buy the console then everything else is tacked on. Kinect and hand gestures voice control with TV shouldnt be your main marketing tool like what we seen at their first conference. Then the drm + online requirements just doesnt help at all either. MS need to get their ship together ASAP because there is already irreparable damage done to the xbox brand and Sony is running away already.

Excalibur1801d ago

You won't get a reply because the know it's true and they have no valid argument, all you will get is phantom disagrees, I wouldn't worry about it.

Mikelarry1801d ago

@ excalibur sadly you are right, shame i was looking for constructive discussion one can only dream :)

Excalibur1801d ago

I hear ya bud, I gave up on that a long time ago around here.

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