250° Top 10: Confirmed PS3 exclusives

Yesterday brought you the news that Sony has dated Killzone 2 and LittleBigPlanet for September with Resistance 2 coming in November. This follows Haze, which is coming in May, and Metal Gear Solid 4, which is coming in June. All of a sudden, the PS3 is starting to look like it's worth forking out the hard-earned cash for. With this in mind, thought they would bash their Sixaxis pads together and come up with their Top 10: Confirmed PS3 exclusives. Time for all you PS3 owners out there to start salivating, and for those of you umming and ahhing about whether to take the plunge to start saving.

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Harry1903649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

the best exclusive lineup for a next gen
console ever.

INehalemEXI3649d ago

Thats just the half of it too. I admit its a good list and probably the best half.

Tempist3649d ago

Yeah the list is okay.... But you have to take into consideration that Nearly all of those where definitely know to be PS3 Exclusives.

As well that list pretty much spans from 2008 to 2010.

DRUDOG3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I'm looking forward to all of these games and will probably be buying every single one. I do think the list could have been expanded with some of the third-party games like White Knight Chronicles and Sega's Valkrye (forget the NA name) to just name a couple. This list is just the cream of the crop cause their are a lot of exclusives over the next year or two that look very interesting like 8 days or The Getaway.

longduckdong3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

better than COD4.

sonarus3649d ago

how did you come to that conclusion?

BeaArthur3649d ago

First off CoD 4 is great and one of the best shooters available period. Second, you are assuming that Haze is actually going to come out someday. Third, I have not heard anyone say anything really positive about what they have seen from it so far.

HighDefinition3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

My friends have played Haze and they LOVE it.

sonarus3649d ago

i really want to know how he came to that conclusion i am not trying to troll. Personally i don't even like cod4 that much. Maybe am a halo/resistance fanboy:p

ravinash3649d ago

Haze might be good, but so are the rest which are coming out like Resistance 2 and KZ2 (when it finally does come out) many shooters to choose from, such a terrible problem to have. :-(

BeaArthur3649d ago

Dora The Explorer...that would make 1.

Danja3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

prolly Haze will have a better single player campaign than COD4...

im sure MP will also rock...just dunno if you can say it's better than COD4 ..and it's not even out yet.....

but I already pre-ordered i'll be enjoying it ne ways...

EDIT:@ BeaArthur

I think it's already a given that Haze will trump COD4 in SP mode/Length over 1,000 pages of dialog ...seems like a 10 hr game to me which is fine for an FPS..

BeaArthur3649d ago definitely wouldn't hurt to have a longer campaign.

HighDefinition3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

"Dora The Explorer...that would make 1. "

How`s that?

I said friends.......plural.


learn to read, before you learn to converse.

@bearthur (#16)

no, you said

"First off CoD 4 is great and one of the best shooters available period."

Your right, available is the key word in that sentence.

"Second, you are assuming that Haze is actually going to come out someday."

I`m pretty sure it`s May 22nd

"I have not heard anyone say anything really positive about what they have seen from it so far."

This is what I was responding to.

Edit: why did you change your comment? #16

Edit 2(below): sounds good

BeaArthur3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Dora The Explorer...excuse me I didn't realize I was in the presents of someone that doesn't make mistakes. Obviously if I didn't see the "plural" than I didn't see the "they", but thanks for pointing that out I'm sure it makes you feel like a big man. Anyways the point I was originally making is that he was saying that Haze (a game that hasn't been released) is going to be better than Call of Duty 4 (which is played more than any other online game on both consoles); I was simply wondering how he figured that was the case. But in any case I'm sure your friends that have allegedly played it know more than me, so we will have to wait and see.

Since you seem so concerned about responding to me...I changed it because I forgot to click the reply button so my comment to you was all the way at the bottom of the page.

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Marceles3649d ago

I love that God of War 2 makes imagining what GoW3 will look like even sweeter

iAmPS33649d ago

There are rumors that the "Linger in Shadows" is a tech demo for GOD OF WAR 3 engine.

We can have an idea of how awesome might be.

sonarus3649d ago

lol those aren't rumors that is just the conclusion dilusional fanboys came to because it said santa monica in front. However is santa monica working on anything besides GOW3? Only time will tell.
Anyways if that is the engine they plan to use, i can't say i am very pleased. Maybe i have to see how kratos is rendered in engine first

picker3323649d ago

Well good news for us ps3 owners i guess.

The rest of them was kind of expected to be exlusives so...

But by ff13 do they include versus aswell?

Danja3649d ago

Nope only FF13...there's really not much known about FF put it on the list..and FF13 is the real system seller ne ways....but im looking forward to you can see with my avatar.

ash_divine3649d ago

that's not true. both FFXIII and Versus are exclusive.

HighDefinition3649d ago

Do have any idea how many consoles are selling right now in EU because of this game?

Answer: ALOT!!!!!!!

Also, they missed alot of games.

-FF Versus
-White Knight Story
-Heavy Rain

to name a few

White Knight Story will be huge in Japan and worldwide.

I think Infamous is the best game that has gone quiet and people have forgot about, I can`t wait to see more. Suckerpunch is sensatitional. Infamous could be a huge "sleeper hit" as it nears closer to release.

INehalemEXI3649d ago

I think they are calling it White Knight Chronicles now.

Harry1903649d ago

will be out in 2009.because of the arduous translation process and all.
hope not.

HighDefinition3649d ago

will come out this year.

They need to get a big RPG out this year, either WKC or FF13.

kingOVsticks3649d ago

you also forgot tekken 6 why does every one 4get tekken 6? tekken is awesome! personally on the list i would switch either haze or motorstorm 2 with tekken need atleast one fighting game on the list0.o

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