Footage Of Microsoft Employee Trying To Sway People At Wii U Best Buy Event

We heard rumours earlier this week that suggested that Microsoft had begun sending representatives to the Wii U Best Buy events in an effort to sway gamers to get an Xbox One. Now footage has surfaced of the company doing this exact thing at an undisclosed Best Buy store in North America. Seems as though he wasn’t expecting the response he got.

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Rrobba1526d ago

Not sure if this is actually Microsoft arranged (seems too stupid that they would make him wear a shirt that actually says Microsoft on it), but if true this is real low.

iGAM3R-VIII1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Agreed, I don't think it is true though since the MS employee is wearing a bag or knapsack on him, but if it is true, MS have gone to the extreme and a bit to far to persuade people, it really would be on a whole new low.

BUT he did give the people PERFECT reasons TO actually BUY a WiiU lol

papashango1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

I don't see him doing anything wrong here...

just another rep at a big box store. How is this bad?

loulou1526d ago

lol i doubt that was real

probably few fanboys from n4g doing this is more likely

iGAM3R-VIII1526d ago

@loulou are you hating, how and why would someone of N4G, make up this story, then go to BestBuy with a MS shirt and do this. That is a total waste of time.

Mounce1525d ago

@Papashango - You have to begin seeing it for what it is.

Misinformation being spread as Damage Control by Reps.

And Sabotage of Nintendos' attempt to try to reach out to their fans. It's despicable, desperate and pathetic.

3-4-51525d ago

it's been reported at multiple locations...not just this guy..

Dagobert1525d ago

You know these reps of either Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo usually do go to stores with a backpack since they carry their laptops etc. in them. Not sure how that seems unbelievable for a rep to wear a backpack.

UnHoly_One1525d ago

"despicable, desperate and pathetic"


It's freaking ADVERTISING.

I swear, if Microsoft developed a game that could cure cancer there would be an article on here about it, and people in the comments bitching because it wasn't multiplatform and MS was this terrible company. (And they would have 9 to 1 ratio of agrees to disagrees)

It's ridiculous. I get that you guys would walk a mile through broken glass to kiss Sony's feet but come the fuck on, seriously?

If they want to pay some people to advertise their console what is the big goddamn deal? If this was a Sony rep at an Xbox event, you guys would be whooping and hollering and cheering them on, filling the comments with LMAO's and every other damn thing. But MS does it and it's this huge terrible thing. Gimme a break.

I'm no huge supporter of the XB1, but the fanboy hypocrites on this site are out of control. Seriously guys. Stop and think about things from the other side before you jump on the hate bandwagon next time.

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WolfOfDarkness1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Angry Joe interview with Microsoft , almost a fight was going to start ! LOL

Bzone241526d ago

Umm, people were talking to him. He doesn't really seem like he's trying to sell anything. He just commented on what they said.

It's so funny that a vast majority of the negative news on the Xbox One on this site isn't really anything but an attempt to trash Microsoft. And most people on here just lap it up.

KillrateOmega1526d ago

If you have a problem with all the negative Xbox One news, then go out and try to find some positive news for it and then submit said news.

cr33ping_death1526d ago

Microsoft is doing a good job at trashing itself.

Realplaya1526d ago

BUT you don't see when he walked up and the convo started. So how can you assume anything. My guess is he tried to sale on the benefit of the xbone they do it all the time at best buy.

Bzone241526d ago

Thing is that any news regardless if it's negative or positive or even not news like this video is made into negative by people that don't want to be left out of the trashing of Microsoft. Gotta follow the flock I guess.

Lol. You say how can I assume anything and then your very next sentence is an assumption.

Realplaya1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

@ Bzone24 I said my guess also when connect came out had two different reps trying to get me to stand on the carper and jump up and down for that game where you are in a f=raft going down a water course. So you are wrong a representative tried to sale me and others on the kinect.

Bzone241526d ago

And I said it seems.

Did I ever say a rep didn't try to sell you a Kinect when it came out?

n4f1525d ago

its use to be wiiu not the wind is turn toward xbone

S2Killinit1525d ago

if you dont get what it is that upsets gamers, then you will not get it. Stay with an xbox one, I hope you have friends with PS4s so that you can gauge the difference down the line.

Death1525d ago

There is no positive news or negative news. The stories here at n4g are mostly bs and misinformation intertwined with opinion pieces based on rumors or sheer hatred for anything not Sony.

The PS4 with its PC architecture and subscription based online service is an Xbox. The only thing Sony in the PS4 is the blu-ray drive and now that it is the standard format it's in the Xbox too. Playstation fans are embracing everything they stood against for the last three generations. I would imagine next gen when Sony catches up to the XboxOne Sony fans will love it too. I remember Sony fans swearing up and down it was horrible to have broadband only, a standard HDD and paid online. now that Sony dropped custom chips like the Emotion Engine and Cell, the only difference setting them apart is the ram. Microsoft chose CPU ram and Sony went with GPU ram. Different speeds with different latency, neither best for doing everything.

ironfist921525d ago

He's a MS rep, he gets paid to do his job which is to market Microsoft products. Hate the Xbox One as much as you want, why would you dislike the man for doing his job?

RedHawkX1525d ago

dude the xbox one sucks. what do you not understand about that? the ps4 is just better and thats the fact of the matter. so why you trying to fight a battle already lost? join the ps4 side and all your stress will go away

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DragonKnight1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

This doesn't seem to be legit. He seems very unprofessional in the sense that he looks like he's chilling out and is more of an MS fanboy than a rep from the company. Then again, maybe that's what MS wanted, but the guy seems disinterested in actually "selling" the Xbox One. There are better salesmen on this site alone.

TOSgamer1526d ago

Since he's not actually selling anything and hence there is no measurable way to judge his performance he doesn't have to work hard.

DragonKnight1526d ago

He may not have actual items to sell, but that doesn't mean he can't sell the X1 to people. What I'm saying is that he doesn't seem to be trying to be convincing the way a paid professional would be.

TOSgamer1526d ago

He's probably a temp event staffer that's doing a one day job. I doubt he gives a damn whether MS sells consoles or not.

Death1525d ago

Hmm...someone at a BestBuy with a shirt that says Microsoft on it. It has to be a spy trying to sell a console not available yet crashing a competitors event. It's not like Bestbuy sells PC's running Microsoft Windows, or tablets from Microsoft. Can't be there to help with Microsoft Office or any of the other programs currently available. A Microsoft MVP maybe or just someone who is fan? Nah, has to be something else...

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TXIDarkAvenger1526d ago

Must be stupid to think this is real.

Spookshow1525d ago

Why is that Microsoft employee wearing a bra?

Spenok1525d ago

As someone who has worked in a big box retail store (Frys Electronics) and managed a dedicated gaming retail store (GameCrazy), which both had representatives of the big 3. They always wore shirts to represent who they work for, (Why wouldn't they?) I even worked at T-Mobile for a year. And cell phone company reps came in almost monthly. From Blackberry to Samsung, to HTC (They came in the most often) to even Nokia. All wore company shirts.

Not only does this tell people who they work for, but it also makes it easier to spot someone who "knows" what they are talking about when it comes to the product they are promoting. [Just to be fair I say "knows" because they often hire people who are just looking for a job, and give them a crash course on the products and information. I.E. NOT ACTUAL GAMERS. Though they do hire gamers here and there. (I have obviously looked into this job, even considered it when GameCrazy went under)].

This is more than likely real.

I obviously cannot prove it, as I didn't make the video. However there is NO reason to think otherwise.

I can understand why you might think that if you have never seen a company rep. But how about this, think of when you go into, lets say best buy, like the video. And go to the computer section. Have you never seen a rep for one of the computer manufacturers? Or even say Norton or AVG. Or maybe in the cell phone department, you see reps there all the time. Company reps almost ALWAYS wear shirts from the company they work for.

Godmars2901525d ago

Actually, kind of odd that this is the exact same guy who shown whenever this story comes up.

Might be the only instance of it, the only time someone had or thought to use their camera, but still.

-Superman-1525d ago

You blind? Look at t-shirt, it says: Microsoft