PS4 Grabs 95% Of Consumer Votes After Amazon Ends Poll Early

With nearly 95% of the vote (approximately 94.7% in favor of the PS4) Amazon has decided to end the user poll between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 early.

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DxTrixterz1774d ago

Two words: Complete Annihilation.

komp1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Unbelievable. I wonder why.....

XBOX ONE A Space Odyssey.

iGAM3R-VIII1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

MS set themselves up for this, MS committed suicide and Sony just lit them on fire and fed them to the sharks and then the sharks annihilated them, then Sony revisited them 5 years later and showed them a sales chart... you can guess who won, out numbered from 4 to 1

^gifs pretty much sums up the damage...

Blackdeath_6631774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

they ended it early because the newly appointed Microsoft's Damage Control Division (MDCD) asked Amazon to stop it in order to prevent further damage to its reputation.

EDIT: i may or may not have just made all that up on the spot*

Ezz20131774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

so that's why they called it xbox "one"
because only
Major Nelson is buying it

i kid i kid

ReconHope1774d ago Show
Spontogical1774d ago

LOL The Microsoft Damage Control Division!! - A fancy name for their 'reputation management' :D :D

Montrealien1774d ago

43k people? yup, very representative of how many internet console fanboys there are on the planete. Over 200 Million consoles where sold last generation.

so lets see. 40 000 ÷200 000 000 = 0.0002

0.0002 × 100 = 0.02%

So that's 0.02% of the people who like to argue about video games that are supposed to represent the market. Yeah, very logical. If I lose my internet do you know what I will do with my Xbox one? I will shut it off and play my Playstation 4.

DialgaMarine1774d ago

@ Montrealian I'm guessing you don't understand the concept of statistics, do you? There's no way on earth, heaven, or hell that Amazon could have recieved a vote from every single person who bought a PS3 or 360. That's why they set up a table comprised of completely random people to come to random percentage. That percentage is nothing more than an average that says for the average game who shops through Amazon, they will be more likely to buy the PS4 over XBone, as only gamers were following this poll. Does it state for a facet that PS4 will outsell XBone 19 to 1? Of course not. It just gives us general idea of how many people in that demographic prefer PS4 to XBone. It's a random statistic. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Montrealien1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

You lose all crédibilité with me the second you say Xbone. I was just pointing out a fact, and a funny one at that.

edit: I take that back, that was not nice of me. You seem like a really cool guy.

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ChrisW1774d ago

I'll tell you why:

Sony fans some how have more time to spend on the Internet.

pompombrum1773d ago


Yeah they have much more time on their hands and Xbox fans are all too busy playing their exclusive game of the year/ possibly generation contender that was just released on Friday.. O wait.

wellard1773d ago

Anyone else noticed how people are getting along better on n4g since the death of xbox?

braydox211773d ago

holy crap thats funny as hell

MikEyG1773d ago Show
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TheGrimReaper00111774d ago

Fatality =P

indysurfn1773d ago

LOL...for the record before the reveal I was a xbox360/Microsoft fanboy....but now fugk Microsoft. Fugk xbone. Fugk Phil....oh wait Phil is helping PS4 sales big time ROFL!

harrisk9541774d ago

You can actually still pre-order an Xbox One on Amazon U.S.

The PS4 launch edition, by contrast, is completely sold out and according to Amazon receipt of a PS4 at launch is not guaranteed at this point!

PS4: 38,984
XB1: 2,162

Poor Microsoft... :)

MysticStrummer1774d ago

"Poor Microsoft..."

It's the result of their own choices, and they are unrepentant so far. "Stay the course" isn't always a great idea.

Jazz41081774d ago

Gamestop still has ps4 launch additions as I ordered one yesterdah. They are out of xboxone but they only had eitht to sell.

stuna11774d ago

Those look like Japan sales numbers!

andibandit1774d ago

@MysticStrummer, im not sure "sinking rapidly" qualifies as a course

CourierSix1774d ago

Lol "Poor Microsoft..." no sympathy here.

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b_one1774d ago

votes are votes, lets wait for BUY-BUY and Gamescom and TGS

GentlemenRUs1774d ago

You lot said "Wait till E3" but look what happened, It's over now.

Nothing you can do about it, Sorry.

HammadTheBeast1774d ago

Sorry my friend, but Gamescom is where Sony will bring out the artillery, and MS doesn't do TGS.

b_one1774d ago

no need to sorry guys, but tell me why xbone is preorder number 2? Still so much customers?

wallet voting counts most, nothing more, so wait for BUY BUY numbers.

btw, japan flag in my avatar is for a reason...

nosferatuzodd1774d ago

first it was wait until Microsoft big reveal Sony is dead we all no what happened, then it was wait for e3 look what happened there now its gamescom and tgs Microsoft really did a number on their fans they still believe Microsoft have their best interests at heart face it man Microsoft is a greedy company that uses gaming to do something other than games you guys were just the guinea pig

Qrphe1774d ago

Amazon pre-orders also show total Xbone annihilation. Also...

"buy buy"


b_one1774d ago

buy buy = cash taken.

Qrphe1774d ago

Well congrats on coining such a childish term, I'm sure you're proud of it

fsfsxii1774d ago

Systems launch. You guys will say "Wait for E3" again

gamer78041774d ago


Microsoft is going to the TGS this year, they are releasing the XB1 in Asia in 2014.

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Dlacy13g1774d ago

Two words...Facebook hipsters.

In all seriousness, hopefully something like this is putting presseure on MS to make changes.

ssj271774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

is a shame how there is still %5 who want a xboxone .. sad :(
or maybe those are the ones that m$ paid..
so if is that i will smile :)

life is better when you smile :)

BladerunnerZX1774d ago

This is good news for both gamers and the consumers.

The Xbox One deserves the bad reputation that it has not only with gamers but with the "casual" consumers also.

The Xbox One implements user restrictions that are far worse than anything that has came before it with hardline DRM and 24HR CHECK IN.

Its also obvious that the core gamers have no use for the required Kinect either.

The Xbox One will not be Microsofts Dreamcast because that great home console is highly regarded by hardcore gamers.

The Xbox One will be microsofts CDi.

wastedcells1774d ago

This is very impressive. Nobody could have predicted this. What a crazy story this next gen has been.

NextGen24Gamer1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

I was at Gamestop today and I asked them how they feel about the Xbox One and the trade in restrictions. He said that he pre ordered an xbox one and was at E3. He also stated that Microsoft is ALLOWING people to trade in their xbox one games. Once someone installs the game to their console it uninstalls it from your console. He said he actually talked with MS rep at E3 and they have notified Gamestop that they will indeed allow trade ins. That is part of the reason you need to be always online. Also, the family share is another reason you need to have always online. This way 10 people can share their library of games with eachother. Which exciting to say the least. They gamer who installed the game, can play his games anytime he wants. The other 9 people he is sharing the game with can play any game in the library at any given time with no time limit restrictions. Only two (the owner of the game) and one friend can play a single player game at the same time. This is the future of game sharing. No longer do you need to hand your physical copy over to a friend and wait for him to give it back and hope he doesn't damage it in the process. Those days are gone. The stone age is over. While some will be left behind...The gamers with absolutely no internet or the gamers who enjoy the old fashion way of doing things...But for us gamers who are ready for the future and all it offers...It's an exciting time.

Also, I believe if we take this poll 1 month before the consoles launch...The results would be a lot different. There is a lot of confusion and misinformation out about the xbox one an it's mostly Microsoft's fault. But, I'm confident that gamers will know a lot more as the months pass.

rainslacker1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Random GS employees attended E3? How fortunate for them. I have an nice anecdotal story as well. 2 in fact. Went to one GameStop Wendsday and the guy working there said the stuff on X1 didn't bother him, he preordered it, and they were out of preorders. Went to another on Friday, guy said they sold out of X1 preorders because they weren't given many, but he isn't getting many people asking about them. Moral of the story, anecdotal stories from a random GS employee are rather pointless to enforce a point, because they are just opinions or made up BS, for the most part at least.

Also I find it rather odd that MS would give a random employee of GS information that they haven't given to the press. It's not like GS got press badges, so if this guy did happen to attend E3(which I will say he did because I can't prove otherwise) it seems he either misunderstood, or is full of sh*t.

MS would make that policy known to the know...the people who have the ability to get it out to people other than the ones that happen to wonder into the store. It seems like this would alleviate a lot of the pressure they're under right now. Not ideal as there are other issues surrounding used games, but at least it's a start for them to actually clarify the issues.

One last anecdotal story for you. While I was in GS Friday, both the manager, and her area supervisor(whatever title they use for it), said they have no clue what MS current trade in policy is, or how it will affect the stores.

Otherwise, MS 10 friends/family shared game thing sound dubious at best. It seems like that would be counter-productive to limiting used game sales, as you'd have more people doing just that. I'm not going to sing MS praises until I know more about that. Given what they've done so far, I doubt it's going to be as awesome as you're making it sound.

Otherwise, this poll is about in line with other similar polls floating around. It shows current interest in the system. A lot can happen between now and launch. What will happen 1 month before launch is unknown, and you're guess is as good as mine.

KMxRetro1774d ago

@rainslacker - "Also I find it rather odd that MS would give a random employee of GS information that they haven't given to the press."

They didn't. All of this was confirmed in multiple places. The only problem is everyone is passed caring. They're all straight out for Microsoft's throat.

Microsoft has confirmed multiple times that trade ins will be allowed at "participating retailers" (Gamestop, GAME, CEX, pretty much any game chain store) and that games published by Microsoft will not have an extra fee put on top of them if you buy them used. Trade a game in, its removed from your account. Buy a used game, its added to your account. Done. Publishers can charge extra for used, same as they can on the PS4. Its likely that none of them will.

As I say, all freely available information that has been floating around for about a week or more, but people have their ears closed. Probably fair enough.

The sharing games to 10 people thing is amazing. My friend buys GRID 2 and shares it to me so we can play each other online? That's just added value every time he buys a game, and he gets added value every time I buy one. But HEY...the console costs $100 more, so screw Microsoft? If my friend buys 2 games that I don't have and that I might like to play but don't want to shell $60 each on, that's $120 saved. Yeah, the Xbox One truly sucks alright.

I don't like the 24-hour check-in thing, but the rest is just fine with me.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1774d ago

Elite24gamer... how much does ms pay you?

swansong1774d ago

A whistle blower within MS will come out next year and say how the xbx1 is government controlled, so they can spy inside our homes. lol!

rainslacker1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )


Fair enough. I had to reread his post, but yeah, in the sense that MS is being so kind to allow us to use an approved trade in center, he is right. Generally when I see trade in I still hold on to the fact that that means there isn't any restriction on what we can do with the game, so I could trade it to a friend, then he could pass it on, etc. But I will concede, in the context Elite was speaking of, he's not wrong.

I'm very skeptical about the sharing thing. I think if it works as most people that are promoting it hopes it works, then it will be an amazing feature, and worthy of praise.

However, given how restrictive the console is in general, and the fact that MS has really not detailed it, even though being asked about it multiple times, makes me believe it's not going to be the feature that everyone is hoping it to be.

I also imagine this feature being up to the publisher. The feature itself seems counter-productive to restricting used games, as you've basically just had 10 people buy one game. Sony has had game sharing for quite a while. It was abused. Sony reduced the number of people that could use it from 5 to 2. So again, this shows me that publishers aren't going to be too keen on this feature. You even illustrate my point with your description of how it's an added value to the consumer.

I hope I'm wrong though, as I do agree it has the potential to be the best feature of the X1.

I have no problem with the price of the console. I would have spent that much easily if it offered what I want without the restrictions. Not even sure why you tried to make it seem like that was my argument. I haven't criticized the price once in any comment I've made regarding the X1.

MestreRothN4G1774d ago

One word sums your post. RESTRICTIONS. And you are a fool if you think they are perks.

Finally, either you made up some info, or you are even more fool for believing random guy over Microsoft announced, explained and confirmed restrictions. Only one people plays a game at given time.

Anyway, -bubble, disagree and I'll look for an ignore function around.

fooltheman1774d ago

In an interview with angry joe Major Nelson said something in the lines of: Family members can check it out // It's not like you buy a copy for 10 members.

There's something important that they aren't telling us about this feature and the sentences above refer to that unsaid part.

Beginning at 3.59.

wellard1773d ago

Thats a stupid justification to be always online. WHat were ms thinking when they made that lie up? Ms: "lets just tell them that they have to be always on so they can trade games" as apposed to how its done now where you can just TRADE GAMES!!

Greedy MS dropped the ball and tried to take advantage of us all, now lets sit back and watch what happens to greedy corporations when people stand up, join together and say NO.

moparful991773d ago

All of that DRM stuff aside the thing that I really take exception to is the online check in nonsense.. I personally believe that this policy is an effort to force people to buy live so they can have 100% Live subscription. Its all about profit.. No matter what lame excuse Microsoft feeds you that this will benefit gamers its just a ploy to increase profit margins.

Now on to this "Game Sharing" feature.. Microsoft clearly stated 10 FAMILY members.. Not friends or neighbors etc.. Meaning there is some kind of mechanic in place that will not allow you to share games with anyone you choose.. More then likely its restricted to one console or a home network.. Secondly you cant buy a game, gift it to a friend and you both play it.. Once you give it to a friend you cant play it anymore.. These policies are very anti consumer and it saddens me to see people justifying it for Microsoft.. SAD

indysurfn1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

@KMxRetro Your missing a major "DETAIL" on sharing games. Whenever you install a game it has to check online immediately to see if it that particular disc is active on another machine. If it is then only the latest one can play it, so if that person you want to play against will be stopped. Microsoft clearly, (vp Phil Harrison) said only one can be active at a time.

But if you want to share a xbox360 game 10 times you can. In fact you can share it a infinite amount of times. Just like PS3 and PS4 and Atari, and Genesis, and n64, and sega Saturn, and dreamcast, and 3do, and Snes, and well my finger is getting tired so it is easier to just say NOT xbone.

And when the servers for ps3, and xbox360 go offline permantly your ps3, and 360 will still play games. When the servers for dreamcast, and PS2, and xbox(original) went offline you are still able to play your games offline. NOT so with xboxone, every game becomes unplayable, forever!

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nypifisel1774d ago


Do you even understand statistics? A sample size of 40.000 would give an incredibly precise estimate. It's not the problem, it's rather the sample selection. Had the selection been diverse the polls result would've been 99.5% correct. This one isn't though but what we can take away is that the hardcore gamer is utterly disappointed with the X1.

How did you think they did let's say a poll before an election? Would they call every single resident of what ever country and ask of their opinion? 2000 people is more than enough to accurately represent a whole nations sentiments.

MestreRothN4G1774d ago

Actually I don't think you do understand statistics.

So you're saying that the poll is accurate because it had 40.000 voters that access and have accounts at that site, have seen the poll, care to answer, have an opinion on this matter, right?

Because this represents the entire market instead of some specific profiles, right?

We all get that the ps4 is way better in most aspects and the most liked, but you should really read and think before bragging about statistic methods.

nypifisel1773d ago


Read what I said again. I SAID "It's not the problem, it's rather the sample selection. Had the selection been diverse" <--------- DO YOU SEE?

I didn't say it was accurate as it is now, I was simply saying that it is FALSE that you couldn't get an accurate opinion from 40.000 people representing 200 million - CAUSE YOU CAN.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141774d ago

All that cash money MS spent advertising on Amazon too.

Such a waste.

ApolloTheBoss1774d ago

Just goes to show you that word of mouth is the best marketing tool.

1774d ago
Tei7771774d ago


lol, Sorry but there is no such thing as word of bad mouth. Word of mouth simply means information being passed between people, whether its negative or positive doesn't actually matter.

MysticStrummer1774d ago

That's right. The One might have gotten no votes whatsoever.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

coolasj1774d ago

Microsoft has completely lost the public opinion. I don't think a console has had this bad of a pre-launch before.

lukeb4dunk1774d ago

I agree. The closest I can remember is the PS3 with it's $600 price tag and "get a 2nd job" comments. But even then, it wasn't as bad as this one.

indysurfn1773d ago

I don't think ANYONE has had this bad a pre-launch. Even virtual boy, and jaguar, didn't. It did not have everyone including their own fanboys(me) turn against them and HATE their wicked greedy, grabby guts. Yeah I'm ashamed I was a 360 fanboy, but I get tired of sellout 360fantoys saying it is Sonyfan boys voting and making comments against Microsoft.