PS4 Grabs 95% Of Consumer Votes After Amazon Ends Poll Early

With nearly 95% of the vote (approximately 94.7% in favor of the PS4) Amazon has decided to end the user poll between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 early.

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DxTrixterz1526d ago

Two words: Complete Annihilation.

komp1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Unbelievable. I wonder why.....

XBOX ONE A Space Odyssey.

iGAM3R-VIII1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

MS set themselves up for this, MS committed suicide and Sony just lit them on fire and fed them to the sharks and then the sharks annihilated them, then Sony revisited them 5 years later and showed them a sales chart... you can guess who won, out numbered from 4 to 1

^gifs pretty much sums up the damage...

Blackdeath_6631526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

they ended it early because the newly appointed Microsoft's Damage Control Division (MDCD) asked Amazon to stop it in order to prevent further damage to its reputation.

EDIT: i may or may not have just made all that up on the spot*

Ezz20131526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

so that's why they called it xbox "one"
because only
Major Nelson is buying it

i kid i kid

ReconHope1526d ago Show
Spontogical1526d ago

LOL The Microsoft Damage Control Division!! - A fancy name for their 'reputation management' :D :D

Montrealien1526d ago

43k people? yup, very representative of how many internet console fanboys there are on the planete. Over 200 Million consoles where sold last generation.

so lets see. 40 000 ÷200 000 000 = 0.0002

0.0002 × 100 = 0.02%

So that's 0.02% of the people who like to argue about video games that are supposed to represent the market. Yeah, very logical. If I lose my internet do you know what I will do with my Xbox one? I will shut it off and play my Playstation 4.

DialgaMarine1526d ago

@ Montrealian I'm guessing you don't understand the concept of statistics, do you? There's no way on earth, heaven, or hell that Amazon could have recieved a vote from every single person who bought a PS3 or 360. That's why they set up a table comprised of completely random people to come to random percentage. That percentage is nothing more than an average that says for the average game who shops through Amazon, they will be more likely to buy the PS4 over XBone, as only gamers were following this poll. Does it state for a facet that PS4 will outsell XBone 19 to 1? Of course not. It just gives us general idea of how many people in that demographic prefer PS4 to XBone. It's a random statistic. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Montrealien1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

You lose all crédibilité with me the second you say Xbone. I was just pointing out a fact, and a funny one at that.

edit: I take that back, that was not nice of me. You seem like a really cool guy.

Ritsujun1526d ago Show
ChrisW1526d ago

I'll tell you why:

Sony fans some how have more time to spend on the Internet.

pompombrum1525d ago


Yeah they have much more time on their hands and Xbox fans are all too busy playing their exclusive game of the year/ possibly generation contender that was just released on Friday.. O wait.

wellard1525d ago

Anyone else noticed how people are getting along better on n4g since the death of xbox?

braydox211525d ago

holy crap thats funny as hell

MikEyG1525d ago Show
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TheGrimReaper00111526d ago

Fatality =P

indysurfn1525d ago

LOL...for the record before the reveal I was a xbox360/Microsoft fanboy....but now fugk Microsoft. Fugk xbone. Fugk Phil....oh wait Phil is helping PS4 sales big time ROFL!

harrisk9541526d ago

You can actually still pre-order an Xbox One on Amazon U.S.

The PS4 launch edition, by contrast, is completely sold out and according to Amazon receipt of a PS4 at launch is not guaranteed at this point!

PS4: 38,984
XB1: 2,162

Poor Microsoft... :)

MysticStrummer1526d ago

"Poor Microsoft..."

It's the result of their own choices, and they are unrepentant so far. "Stay the course" isn't always a great idea.

Jazz41081526d ago

Gamestop still has ps4 launch additions as I ordered one yesterdah. They are out of xboxone but they only had eitht to sell.

stuna11526d ago

Those look like Japan sales numbers!

andibandit1526d ago

@MysticStrummer, im not sure "sinking rapidly" qualifies as a course

CourierSix1526d ago

Lol "Poor Microsoft..." no sympathy here.

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b_one1526d ago

votes are votes, lets wait for BUY-BUY and Gamescom and TGS

GentlemenRUs1526d ago

You lot said "Wait till E3" but look what happened, It's over now.

Nothing you can do about it, Sorry.

HammadTheBeast1526d ago

Sorry my friend, but Gamescom is where Sony will bring out the artillery, and MS doesn't do TGS.

b_one1526d ago

no need to sorry guys, but tell me why xbone is preorder number 2? Still so much customers?

wallet voting counts most, nothing more, so wait for BUY BUY numbers.

btw, japan flag in my avatar is for a reason...

nosferatuzodd1526d ago

first it was wait until Microsoft big reveal Sony is dead we all no what happened, then it was wait for e3 look what happened there now its gamescom and tgs Microsoft really did a number on their fans they still believe Microsoft have their best interests at heart face it man Microsoft is a greedy company that uses gaming to do something other than games you guys were just the guinea pig

Qrphe1526d ago

Amazon pre-orders also show total Xbone annihilation. Also...

"buy buy"


b_one1526d ago

buy buy = cash taken.

Qrphe1526d ago

Well congrats on coining such a childish term, I'm sure you're proud of it

fsfsxii1526d ago

Systems launch. You guys will say "Wait for E3" again