Microsoft wins patent on wearable device that transfers data through your body

To be clear, this Microsoft invention isn’t your average smart watch with different time-telling faces. In fact, the patent makes no mention of the device’s ability to tell time at all. The technology, as outlined in its application, is all about making data transferring.

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komp1805d ago

This skin as network has been known for years... at least 8-10 years from what I remember reading that long ago.

So what they are doing is making it possible for a load of people to hold hands as some kind of VLAN with a ISP at one end and an xbox one at the other so that people can 'check in' to be able to play their games from non internet connected areas.

Software_Lover1805d ago

................ You need to put an /s at the end of that. I hope :)

US8F1805d ago

Electricity on my erection, no thanks.

Nothing is simple with Microsoft, even their patents.

KillrateOmega1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

But...but your body can be the FUTURE!

Vip3r1805d ago

When audio and visual won't do, let the NSA scan your mind.

mistecheese1805d ago

I hate the concept of patents, its like 2 kids on a playground

-"I call dibs on this!"

-What, are you actually going to make it?, but still, its MINE!

-pfft, okay. [walks away]

Fat-Milkers1805d ago

This is great,
Maybe we can encode the message "Shove the Xbone up your ass", then Don Mattrick can shove his thumb up his arse. Taking the core gamers message physically.

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The story is too old to be commented.