What Smash means for Mega Man

William takes a look at what the Smash Bros. series could do for Mega Man. Could Mario be a good influence for the Blue Bomber?

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ZoidsRaven1806d ago

Hopefully it means Crapcom will get off their lazy @$$ and make a dedicated MegaMan game. 7_7

PopRocks3591806d ago

Probably not much. Just because Nintendo is actually capable of making a game with Mega Man in it does not say much for Capcom's competence or lack thereof.

MorbidPorpoise1806d ago

Outsource Megaman to Nintendo, let Retro develop it whilst Ninty funds it.

araman1806d ago

No. Megaman needs to be multi-platform if we want it back in earnest.

Theyellowflash301805d ago

Better than not getting anything at all.

PopRocks3591805d ago


Mega Man is third party anyway. What does it matter if it's exclusive to anyone platform as long as a game gets made? Hell, I'll take an at least decent Xbox One Mega Man game before being content with no MM games at all.

WPX1806d ago

Altho Megaman is not a Nintendo franchise, I hope that it follows the Kid Icarus example.

akaihana86plus1806d ago

it means a huge opportunity to shine and let his fans know that he is here to stay, that being said, i hope it means something to capcom, looking at all the hype and crazy reaction all over the web should be more than enough to give him a second chance and start making more games, i can only wish :'-(

jcnba281806d ago

It means that Nintendo cares more about Megan Man than Capcom does.

jcnba281805d ago

I keep on typing Megan by accident lol !!

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