No Madden in 2009. Good!

Have the same cycle of paying 60 bucks a pop for a new Madden when football season got you down? Can't stand the fact that your old Madden title is worthless once the new version gets closer to store shelves? BG21 gives some food for thought as to why EA hasn't tried to step out of the box to keep up with the emerging trend of extending gameplay with DLC.

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Palodios3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

When EA can make a dime, they will. Unlockable content that's already in the game... for a price. Crummy sports games every year. Trying to buy out Take Two right before it releases the biggest selling game all year (I know its debatable, but look at past GTA sales). Let it go, EA sucks, stop buying their games.

khsmooth3735d ago

There's 2 parts to this

1. Gamers will continue to buy a new sports game every year.
2. EA knows this and will continue to make one with small improvements every year.

In my honest opinion, I feel like Madden games can truly be great, however it will only continually be marginal better then the last iteration for the simple fact is more time is needed for development.

sonarus3735d ago

well if madden 09 is better than madden 08. Why not. It sucks now that they have no competition but maybe back breaker will be willing to step up...but i doubt it

khsmooth3735d ago have to realize that if backbreaker is leaps and bounds better then Madden it won't matter because it doesn't have the Official NFL license and that's a pretty big deal. And what you have to ask is; is 09 going to be 60 dollars better then 08?

kevoncox3735d ago

Just do what I do. Get a gamefly account and rent Madden as 1 of the games I play. I still have an extra game to play any single player games I need to.

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fenderputty3735d ago

although I don't like sports games much at all which makes it easier.

BeaArthur3735d ago

fenderputty...I agree I like sports but I am not a big sports game fan. I used to buy college football every year but I eventually felt like I was playing the same thing over and over again. I will admit that I like their racing games but that is about it.

actas1233735d ago

I personally don't mind buying a new version of FIFA every year. Its kind of exciting. However, the last installment of the game FIFA 2008 has too many issues. I now play FIFA 07 more than 08, even if 08 has the better visuals.

name3735d ago

EA really is a company that needs to get boycotted. But they won't. There's too many people that don't really give a crap about what will happen to games if they controlled everything. This happens to every industry and they never recover from it.

gw4k3735d ago

Personally, I am not a big sports fan.

I think it is rather crazy to buy the new years edition for a few updated stats and features.

Personally, I would wait for a new, built from the ground up version. Or, at least a version that has fixed all the problems of yester-year.

Buying a new Madden is like having a Sega Genesis and buying a slightly more powerful 32x every year.

Sega you can keep your 32x and EA, you can keep your Madden. The one I have is good enough.

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The story is too old to be commented.