Killzone Shadow Fall E3 2013 Interview With Guerilla Games - Gamerhubtv

At E3 2013, Guerilla Games developer Arjan Bak talks PlayStation 4 exclusive Killzone Shadow Fall in this exclusive interview.

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awkwardhamster1803d ago

It's no Halo but at least this is better than COD.

Walker1803d ago

It's Killzone and at least this is way better than Halo and COD !

NewMonday1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

frome previews KZ:SF has very big changes in gameplay, it's like a diffrent game in everything but name.

- more open levels
- non-linear mission selection
- multi-range gun
- the OWL (flying droid)is used to detect enemies, set up a shield, extend wires to traverse areas and distract enemies.

cpayne931803d ago

Eh, kind of a mixed bag imo. Killzone 2 was better than halo 4, reach, and ce, but not as good as halo 3 or 2. I think sf will be the best killzone yet tho.

1803d ago
snipab8t1803d ago

I'm just not getting the same WOW Factor that came with Killzone 2. I don't know but the main weapon they have shown seems to have no impact other than the sniper shot.

creHEARTive1803d ago

This game looks amazing. Hopefully, its not the saem old shtick.

MizTv1803d ago

More like kz2 less like kz3 and ill be happy

esemce1803d ago

It's looks great I just will it ran at 60fps for the sake of multiplayer at least, I guess they chose visuals over tight responsive slick movement just like the other killzone games.

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