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Killzone Shadow Fall E3 2013 Interview With Guerilla Games - Gamerhubtv

At E3 2013, Guerilla Games developer Arjan Bak talks PlayStation 4 exclusive Killzone Shadow Fall in this exclusive interview. (E3, Guerilla Games, Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

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awkwardhamster  +   461d ago
It's no Halo but at least this is better than COD.
Walker  +   461d ago
It's Killzone and at least this is way better than Halo and COD !
NewMonday  +   461d ago
frome previews KZ:SF has very big changes in gameplay, it's like a diffrent game in everything but name.

- more open levels
- non-linear mission selection
- multi-range gun
- the OWL (flying droid)is used to detect enemies, set up a shield, extend wires to traverse areas and distract enemies.
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cpayne93  +   461d ago
Eh, kind of a mixed bag imo. Killzone 2 was better than halo 4, reach, and ce, but not as good as halo 3 or 2. I think sf will be the best killzone yet tho.
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DDDGirlGamer85  +   461d ago
Killzone! PS4! Yay
snipab8t  +   461d ago
I'm just not getting the same WOW Factor that came with Killzone 2. I don't know but the main weapon they have shown seems to have no impact other than the sniper shot.
creHEARTive  +   461d ago
This game looks amazing. Hopefully, its not the saem old shtick.
MizTv  +   461d ago
More like kz2 less like kz3 and ill be happy
esemce  +   461d ago
It's looks great I just will it ran at 60fps for the sake of multiplayer at least, I guess they chose visuals over tight responsive slick movement just like the other killzone games.
jagiii  +   461d ago
I played single player and it runs 60fps with a lot of characters on screen.
esemce  +   460d ago
Seems the game is still gonna be 30fps though they released a 60fps trailer.


So i guessing what you played had a rock solid smooth 30fps then.
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