Economic turmoil hits gaming industry

The boss of Aristocrat Leisure Ltd says the gaming industry has been affected by the meltdown in global financial markets.

Managing director Paul Oneile said no industry was recession proof, although the gaming sector was not as affected as other industries during an economic downturn.

"There are industries that are more resilient to economic downturns," he said at a business lunch in Sydney.

"Historically, the gaming industry has indicated that it suffers far less in a downturn than other sectors."

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gw4k3705d ago

Affect us all. No one is safe...unless you have TONS of money...Which I don't. If I did, I doubt I would be here posting this nonsense.

Ahh, Good times.!

Tempist3705d ago

I sincerely doubt that the effect is going to be heavily felt outside the US. I think long ago people stopped relying on the US economy to be their bread and butter.

Japan's still good, Europe's fine and little Canada has been having quit the boom with the falling US dollar.

GrooveChampion3705d ago

This article is referring to gambling style gaming. Like Vegas and the like. Not home gaming.

Bits like....
"Aristocrat, the world's second biggest poker machine maker, has products and services that are found in more than 90 countries, and it is looking to expand."


"The number of gaming machines in North America is expected to increase from its current base of 750,000 machines to about one million machines in the next five years," Mr Oneile said."

Reading is fundamental, but so is finishing the article you're reading. :)