8bitfix | E3 2013: MarioKart 8 Gameplay Impressions

MarioKart 8 plays similarly to its 3DS predecessor but it improves on the formula by adding more variety to the tracks in the form of anti gravity sections. All three tracks that I played with Jason utilized this new feature.

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Moonman1830d ago

This game is going to be amazing!

Starbucks_Fan1829d ago

I'm actually more excited for this than Smash Bros. This looks REALLY fun. Hope the online is improved.

jcnba281829d ago

This game is going to move a lot of systems.

Tiqila1829d ago

I hope it can match Double Dash; my favorite MK.

Mario Kart for Wii was a huge disappointment for me, too much item mayhem which made the races really random and the roads were very wide, I guess to compensate the inaccurate motion controls -> better to have luck than skill.

deafdani1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Not really, the reason behind Mario Kart Wii's was mostly because it had 12 racers, a first for the series (before that entry, it was always 8 racers).

I honestly think Mario Kart Wii is actually a much better game than most people give it credit for, really underappreciated. I'm glad the motorcycles are coming back for the Wii U version.

otter261829d ago

Can we have this for Christmas please!!!