The 5 Most Memorable Video Game Fathers

It’s Father’s Day 2013. Instead of taking a trip to the mall to buy dear ol’ dad a heinous tie or coffee mug, consider opening your laptop and showing daddy our list of memorable video game fathers. They may not be the best, they may not be the worst, but you’ll definitely remember them. Just like pops.

punisher991047d ago (Edited 1047d ago )

Naked Snake aka Punished Snake aka Big Boss is a very complicated man to understand.

caseh1047d ago

Big Boss isn't Snake's father though...Solid/Liquid are clones so in effect, they are not really brothers either.

oh how the mind boggles, Kojima you little gem.

Kyosuke_Sanada1047d ago

Haggar, still one of my favourite badasses in gaming!

andrewer1047d ago

mamma mia Giovanni Auditore da Firenze


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